Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 210

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 210

Light Novel: Volume 9 Episode 10Manhwa: N/A

“What a load of bull!”


Jang Muyeon swung his sword.

In an instant his sword split into seven and aimed for Pyo-wol.

Seven Illusionary Killing Swords.1

It was the beginning of the Golden Dragon Emperor Sword2 he had mastered.

Only one of the seven swords was real the rest were just illusions.

However it carried intangible energy and possessed power that was no different from reality.

The Seven Illusionary Killing Swords caused a beautiful tree to break into seven pieces and fell. However he couldn’t see Pyo-wol’s figure who he was aiming for.

Pyo-wol had used Snake Steps to get out of the sword’s trajectory.

“How long do you plan on cowardly running away?!”

Jang Muyeon roared and chased after Pyo-wol.

He released the Golden Dragon Emperor Sword. Each time he did a large tree was cut down and a hole the size of a coin was punched in a rock the size of a house.

The Golden Dragon Emperor Sword truly has formidable power as the representative swordsmanship of the Rain Mountain Manor.

Jang Muyeon had never experienced defeat ever since he learned the Gold Dragon Emperor Sword. He had no doubt that he would win this time too.

Although Pyo-wol is a great assassin he is confident that he would be able to win against him since Pyo-wol had shown himself out in the open like this.


His sword continuously spewed out terrifying sword energy.

Every swing caused the whole area to be devastated.

Jang Muyeon was really doing his best.

He recognized that Pyo-wol is not an easy opponent he could win against if he conserved his internal strength.

Rather than aiming for a long fight he decided that it would be better to do everything in his power to win in the shortest possible time.

The energy in his sword became clearer and more intense.

He executed the Golden Dragon Emperor Sword again. However his sword blade passed Pyo-wol by a hair’s breadth.

He felt like if he stretched out his hand a little more he could reach him. Or if he just swung his sword more intensely he could finally slaughter Pyo-wol.

A little bit more.

Pyo-wol who was out of his reach seemed like a mirage.

However Jang Muyeon was too fixated on Pyo-wol and did not realize it.

He fell into devil’s hell.

Pyo-wol was dragging Jang Muyeon into his flow.

He is trying to kill Jang Muyeon in the ant hell he created.


Jang Muyeon’s sword passed him by a hair’s breadth.

The gap was as thin as a paper.

If Pyo-wol had miscalculated and was even a little bit late to avoid it he would certainly die.

It was a skill that could only be achieved with a sense of accurately grasping the distance between oneself and the other and a rational mind that could face even one’s own death.

Devil’s hell is a technique that ordinary people would never do even if they knew about it.

“Huff! Huff!”

Jang Muyeon’s breathing became visibly rough and his face flushed red.

He too had a feeling that something was wrong. But he has come too far to stop.

Even if he surrenders he knows that Pyo-wol will not let him go. Above all his father will not forgive him if he returns empty-handed.

He has to settle everything here dead or alive.


Jang Muyeon concentrated all his energy on the sword. Then a faint image of a golden dragon appeared on his sword.

Golden Dragon Demon Killing Illusion.3

It was the beginning of the Golden Dragon Emperor Sword.

Although he couldn’t fully master it its power exceeded that of other swordsmanship.


When Jang Muyeon performed theGolden Dragon Demon Killing Illusion a faint dragon-shaped sword energy flew towards Pyo-wol.

It was truly amazing to be able to create the shape of a dragon with a lump of qi.

It was amazing to make a sword fly like that.

If the warriors of Jianghu saw this they would all certainly be amazed at the sight. Because it was a skill not often seen in Jianghu.

However for Pyo-wol all of it seemed like a useless waste of energy.

Jang Muyeon was obviously learning great swordsmanship.

His sword blade was splendid and powerful. In order to release such sword energy properly preservation of internal strength and delicate operation were necessary but Jang Muyeon was completely lacking in that part.

It was a side effect that occurred because he had been consistently drinking the elixir since he was young to enhance his internal energy. He had no reason to worry about delicate operation or maintenance of energy because he had yet to experience a lack of internal energy.

As a result Jang Muyeon did not learn how to save internal energy.

So with how he continued to carry out unreasonable energy-draining swordsmanship with all his might he revealed the bottom of his internal strength which he thought to be infinite.

The Golden Dragon Demon Killing Illusion he had just performed was the last attack he could unleash.

Jang Muyeon hoped that he could end Pyo-wol’s life with this one move.

He really didn’t have any energy left.


However contrary to his expectations the Golden Dragon Demon Killing Illusion did not even graze Pyo-wol’s body. Before he knew it Pyo-wol used Black Lightning to move at incredible speed.

The place where Pyo-wol reappeared was right in front of Jang Muyeon’s nose.


A gasp escaped from Jang Muyeon’s mouth.

There was a faint fear on his face that was once full of confidence. The arrogant expression he had when he first saw Pyo-wol had long since been erased.

Pyo-wol smelled the scent of fear from him.

Like the other warriors who died first Jang Muyeon also feels fear and gives off the scent of fear.

He might have pretended to be greater and superior to others but in the end he was no different from them.

Without his background as the young master of the Rain Mountain Manor he would just be an ordinary person.

Jang Muyeon was not a strong person.

His nature was not so different from others.

He was similar to most people who died under Pyo-wol’s hands.

Before he knew it on Pyo-wol’s hand was a phantom dagger.

Jang Muyeon exclaimed as if in a fit

“If you kill me the Rain Mountain Manor won’t stand still! It’s not too late! If you hand over the sword Gongbu to me—”


Jang Muyeon could not finish his words.

The phantom dagger had already pierced his chin and penetrated his brain.

Like a worm stuck in a needle Jang Muyeon’s body convulsed before collapsing.

Pyo-wol retrieved the phantom dagger stuck in Jang Muyeon’s chin.

Although he killed more than twenty people not a single sweat flowed from Pyo-wol’s body.

As an assassin Pyo-wol had already reached the highest level.

He has reached the peak both physically and mentally.

Of course there was more room for improvement but it was also true that he had stepped into the top ranks of Jianghu.

Pyo-wol had confidence in himself.

The fight against Jang Muyeon and the White Tiger Sword Corps was just a way for him to confirm his capabilities. It was not a fierce fight in which he risked his life.

Pyo-wol looked at Jang Muyeon’s body for a moment.

Jang Muyeon’s eyes were wide open as if he still had a lot to say. But the dead could no longer say anything or have any influence on the world.

Once a person dies everything is over.

So he had to survive.

Only those who survived to the end could make their voices heard.

Pyo-wol turned his head and looked the other way.

It was the place where Soma and the White Tiger Sword Corps were fighting.

The fight there was about to come to an end.

Pyo-wol believed in Soma.

He didn’t worry about him because he knows Soma’s abilities. But Pyo-wol’s expression became more and more serious.


He then heard the sound of thunderbolts exploding from the other side of the forest.

* * *

Cho Yeong-shin’s entire body was stained red with blood.

The blood he shed was mixed with the blood shed by his subordinates.

A group of warriors were scattered around Cho Yeong-shin.

Their bodies had wounds like fish gills with their mouths wide open. It was a wound inflicted by Soma’s wheels.

He was also holding the sword Gongbu in his hand but what he was familiar with was the seven wheels. Because of that even when killing the White Tiger Sword Corps he used the seven wheels rather than Gongbu.

“You devilish b*stard!”

Cho Yeong-shin gritted his teeth and glared at Soma.

Soma was a demon in the form of a child.

He couldn’t even imagine how many people had lost their necks unjustly to him deceived by his innocent-looking appearance.

“As expected the ring is still more comfortable than the sword.”

Soma swung Gongbu with an innocent face.

His appearance looked contradictory.

“For Jianghu’s sake I will definitely kill you!”

“Are you an idiot brother?”


“Who would believe you if you said this fight was for Jianghu? Why don’t you be honest instead? Hee-hee!”

Soma’s ridicule blew away Cho Yeong-shin’s reason.

Cho Yeong-shin could not stand it any longer and rushed at Soma.


The swordsmanship that he unfolded with all his strength cut through the darkness. Unfortunately his sword blade did not reach Soma.

Soma had backed away and avoided it in time.

Soma who had crouched down like a cat rushed at him again with terrifying speed.

The sword in his hand was precisely aiming for Cho Yeong-shin.

Cho Yeong-shin could not avoid Soma’s attack.


The sword in Soma’s hands cut through his chest.

Cho Yeong-shin collapsed bleeding.

In the last moment of his life what he saw was Soma who was delighted with the sword.

‘Little goblin don’t think you will have a good end…’

That was Cho Yeong-shin’s last thought.


Cho Yeong-shin lay down on the cold earth.

Dealing with ten warriors Soma’s body suffered quite a few wounds. But Soma didn’t care about the wounds he received at all.

He could endure pain.

At the Xiaoleiyin Temple he experienced this kind of pain every day. This made his personality become twisted but nonetheless it helped him survive.

Soma couldn’t help but marvel at the sharpness of the sword Gongbu.

Aside from its feature of easily accepting qi it deserved to be ranked on top of Jianghu’s famous swords just for its hardness and sharpness.

Soma really liked Gongbu.

The appearance and sharpness that were different from other swords made it resemble himself.

When Soma was preoccupied with the sword for a long time all of a sudden

“That sword looks good. Can I see it for a second?”

A gruff voice came from behind.

Soma was startled and turned around.

There was an old man who looked like a wolf.

Gray hair and a long beard that covered his chest. Soma couldn’t tell if the old man had even washed his hair. The old man also had a gray uniform that seemed to have been worn dozens of times. Then he had an unusual sword on his back.

He looked no different from a common beggar on the street but Soma saw a wolf in his eyes.

A huge wolf who is wandering in the wilderness after losing its kin seemed to growl at him.

Soma shook his head unconsciously hiding the sword behind his back.



“Because it’s mine.”

“So the sword was yours from the beginning?”

“That’s not it!”

“The original owner of that sword is not you. From my point of view you are not ready to handle the sword yet. Why don’t you leave it to me? I’ll give it back to you when you grow up.”

The old man reached out and approached Soma.

Soma’s expression became distorted at his unstoppable appearance.

Soma was not afraid when he dealt with Cho Yeong-shin and the warriors of the White Tiger Sword Corps. After suffering numerous wounds he eventually defeated them all.

But now the same Soma was being pushed back by the old man’s momentum.

He instinctively realized that the old man in front of him was not an ordinary person.

It was an unpleasant gut-wrenching feeling.

He didn’t even know if the nasty stink smell from the old man had stimulated him.

Soma had already experienced meeting many monsters and evil monks while living in the Xiaoleiyin Temple but none of them gave off the same unpleasantness as the old man in front of him.


The presence flowing out of the old man was so terrible that it unknowingly made him feel sick.

“Ha who’s this grandpa?”

“Me? I am King Gujin. Have you ever heard of me?”


“Really? I thought I was pretty famous in Jianghu. I guess not.”

The old man looked disappointed. However his malevolent gaze towards Soma was still there. His eyes were particularly focused on the sword Soma was holding behind his back.

The strange shape that can not be seen in the current Jianghu was stimulating his greed.

Once he was greedy for something he had to get his hands on it.

His tenacious nature which he never lets go of once bitten earned him the name of the Wolf King4 one of the Eight Constellations.

Editor’s Notes

The Wolf King is briefly introduced in chapter 172! Anyways thank you for reading~ If there are any errors let me know!

Seven Illusionary Killing Swords. Raws: 칠검환영살(七剣幻影殺). 七 qī – seven 剣 jiàn – sword dagger saber 幻 huàn – illusion fantasy mirage 影 yǐng – shadow; image reflection; photograph 殺 shā – kill slaughter murder; hurt; to pare off reduce clip Gold Dragon Emperor Sword. Raws: 금룡패황검(金龍覇皇劍). 金 jīn – gold; metals in general; money 龍 lóng – dragon; symbolic of emperor 覇 bà – rule by might rather than right 皇 huáng – royal imperial; ruler superior 劍 jiàn – sword dagger saber Golden Dragon Demon Killing Illusion. Raws: 금룡마환살(金龍魔幻殺). 金 jīn – gold; metals in general; money 龍 lóng – dragon; symbolic of emperor 魔 mó – demon evil spirits; magic power 幻 huàn – illusion fantasy mirage 殺 shā – kill slaughter murder; hurt; to pare off reduce clip Wolf King. Raws: 낭왕(狼王). 狼 láng làng lǎng hǎng – wolf 王 wàng – king ruler; royal; surname

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