Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 200

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 200

Light Novel: Volume 8 Episode 25Manhwa: N/A

Pyo-wol always considered himself as an assassin.

Even if he now has enough martial arts skills to stop hiding in the shadows and conduct sneak attacks he has not lost his identity as an assassin.

His reputation in Jianghu did not matter to him.

He would do anything even if it’s labeled as cowardly to achieve his goal. It doesn’t matter if people criticize him for it.

That’s just how assassins are.

He was born different from other martial artists.

Since the goals of assassins and warriors are different there is naturally a difference in mindset.

The biggest advantage of an assassin is that an assassin sees through the essence and nature of a person without being swept away by the atmosphere.

Others might be fascinated by her charming atmosphere and singing skills but Pyo-wol was not enchanted with her appearance. He immediately saw through her true nature.

There was contempt and superiority in her eyes as she looked at people.

There weren’t that many people who would show this kind of emotion towards warriors. In particular ordinary musicians and artists did not dare to show such eyes because they were afraid of warriors.

‘She knows martial arts.’

There is no law prohibiting a person from learning martial arts just because they are an entertainer.

Similarly there is no law saying that a warrior could not study music.

However it was extremely rare to succeed in both. It was even more difficult to learn both martial arts and music at the same age as Hong Ye-seol.

The reason why Pyo-wol thinks Hong Ye-seol’s martial arts is excellent is because the other warriors didn’t notice that she had learned martial arts at all.

She was hiding herself so thoroughly that Pyo-wol would have not noticed that Hong Ye-seol had learned martial arts had she not been in the same category as Pyo-wol.

Hong Ye-seol and his eyes met.

In an instant a bewildered light flashed across Hong Ye-seol’s face. But it was only an instant. Soon after she looked at Pyo-wol and smiled bashfully.

She was very good at hiding her feelings.

Hong Ye-seol’s eyes pursued Pyo-wol. But Pyo-wol no longer looked at her.

He knew that Hong Ye-seol was hiding something but he had no reason to interfere. He is better off pretending not to know.

He said to Soma

“Let’s go.”

“Yes brother!”

Soma nodded vigorously.

Pyo-wol along with Soma squeezed among the people.

The Wudang sect opened the grand banquet hall and several palaces to outsiders. People who joined the Wudang sect wandered around and watched the open space.

In the center of the grand banquet hall a huge podium was being built.

It was a podium that will be used for the Wudang sect leader’s birthday party tomorrow.

The people don’t know what kind of event the Wudang sect is planning but the size of the stage was huge enough for 10 people to dance.

Soma found a familiar face among the crowd

“Oh! It’s old man!”

The person Soma found among the people was Wu Jang-rak.

Wu Jang-rak was exploring the Wudang sect with his subordinates. Even such a person with rich experience was preoccupied and absorbed in watching the Wudang sect.

This shows how unusual and rare it is for the Wudang sect to completely open up their gates.

“Ah Master Pyo!”

Wu Jang-rak also found Pyo-wol and Soma and approached them.

Pyo-wol asked

“What about Bo-kyeong?”

“They are guarding the Buddhist scriptures instead of us. Thanks to you we got the opportunity to see the Wudang sect.”

Wu Jang-rak smiled.

The Shaolin Temple treated the Buddhist sutras brought from Snow Cloud Villa as treasures.

Not only Bo-kyeong but three more first-generation disciples of the Shaolin Temple were mobilized to protect the Buddhist scriptures.

With the Shaolin Temple taking over their jobs Wu Jang-rak and his subordinates were now freed from the burden of protecting the Buddhist scriptures. This is why they’re now using this free time to observe the Wudang sect.

Unfortunately they can only do so for one day which is today. If the event is going to be held in full-scale tomorrow then they would be the one to guard the Buddhist scriptures again instead of the Shaolin monks.

So Seol Hajin and the other mercenaries were busy watching the Wudang sect. Because the contract with Wu Jang-rak ended they were scattered and freely roaming the inside of the Wudang sect.

At that time Wu Jang-rak cautiously asked

“Did you know? Jang Muyeon a young master from the Rain Mountain Manor is now in the Wudang sect.”

“Jang Muyeon?”

“The Heavenly Silver Marketplace Hwa Yu-cheon is his maternal uncle. So be very careful. We will only be out in the sect until today and will not come out of our rooms tomorrow.”

Wu Jang-rak could not hide the worry in his eyes.

The Rain Mountain Manor is one of the largest forces in Jianghu.

Even though Jang Mu-yeon is only a young master his role in the Rain Mountain Manor could not be ignored.

There is no evidence that Pyo-wol killed Hwa Yu-cheon. Even Wu Jang-rak who accompanied him did not see Pyo-wol killing Hwa Yu-cheon. However it was certain that Pyo-wol had killed Hwa Yu-cheon.

Wu Jang-rak doesn’t know how much Jang Muyeon knew about Hwa Yu-cheon’s death but there was nothing good about the two of them being in the same room for a long time.

Wu Jang-rak said it out of concern but Pyo-wol didn’t show any reaction. He felt it every time he saw Pyo-wol but he couldn’t figure out what the hell he was thinking.

‘Well it’s foolish for a person like me to try and judge him.’

Wu Jang-rak let out a small sigh without knowing it.

It was then.

“Master Pyo!”

A middle-aged Taoist appeared among the people.

He was Woo Pyeong.

Woo Pyeong immediately approached Pyo-wol.

Wu Jang-rak hurriedly greeted him.

“Taoist Woo Pyeong!”

“Oh Master Wu is also here. I’ll take this person for a moment.”

“Ah yes!”

Woo Pyeong then turned and said respectfully to Pyo-wol

“Could you go to the Shangqing Temple with me right now? The sect leader asked me to bring you. Can you spare me some time?”


“The sect leader wants to have a quiet conversation.”

It was rare for a person to have the opportunity to meet Chongjin the sect leader of the Wudang sect alone. Even more so for those who walked the path like Pyo-wol.

Pyo-wol looked at Soma

“You stay with Wu Jang-rak.”


Soma obediently went to Wu Jang-rak’s side.

Pyo-wol walked to the Shangqing Temple with Woo Pyeong.

Woo Pyeong looked at Pyo-wol’s side profile and said

“Did anyone bother you? I told the others not to stand near you anymore.”‘

“Everything’s good.”

“That’s a relief phew! You don’t know how surprised I was when senior brother Sang-jin confronted you. Please understand that senior brother Sang-jin was just very tensed about So-yeol’s death so he reacted sensitively. Don’t worry. The sect leader also said not to bother you anymore.”


“Why? What is it?”

“He doesn’t seem the type who would listen to other people.”


Woo Pyeong frowned slightly.

This is because Pyo-wol’s words hit the mark.

Sang-jin’s stubbornness and self-righteousness was known to everyone in the Wudang sect. Still it was fortunate that he at least listened to the words of Chongjin the sect leader.

In the end Sang-jin is also a member of the Wudang sect.

All of his ceremonies and actions were for the sect. But it was also true that he seemed dangerous because he tends to be quite extreme.

“If you don’t cause any problems then senior brother Sang-jin won’t bother you anymore. I guarantee that.”


Pyo-wol did not respond to Woo Pyeong’s words.

Because such an assumption is meaningless.

Information transmitted through the mouth of others is bound to be exaggerated or reduced especially after. Those who belonged to the same school such as Woo Pyeong and Sang-jin tended to say only good things unconsciously.

Therefore Pyo-wol only believed in his own eyes.

The conversation between the two stopped for a moment.

In the silence the two of them continue to walk.

After walking for a while a huge palace appeared.

It was the Shangqing Temple where Jang Sam-bong a patriarch of the Wudang sect was enshrined.

Upon entering the Shangqing Temple an old taoist was plucking the strings of a zither in front of him.

Tung! Tung!

The light plucking of the strings seemed to tune the sound.

The old taoist is Chongjin the sect leader of the Wudang sect.

He loved the zither so much that he was called a Heavenly Music Master. He touched it whenever he had time.

In front of Chongjin was a music sheet that Woo Pyeong had difficulty obtaining. He was impressed at the music sheet but it was his first time seeing it so he had no choice but to be clumsy.

Chongjin did not notice the arrival of the two since he was so focused on the music sheet. He soon tilted his head because he kept on getting stuck in the same part. But the smile on his lips did not leave his face. He was still having so much fun even if he didn’t know what to do.

A small smile appeared on Woo Pyeong’s lips as well. The music sheet he obtained with much difficulty was worth it.

The problem is that Chongjin keeps getting stuck in the same section.


In the end Chongjin gave up playing the instrument.

When he looked up he saw the two of them.

“When did you come? Without making a sound?”

“I only watched because it was nice to see you concentrating.”

“Does it look good? It only looked ugly. I keep on making mistakes in the same place but I don’t know what the problem is.”‘

Chongjin let out a sigh as he put the zither on one side. Then Pyo-wol opened his mouth.

“It’s because your fingers are too spread apart. Others seem to say that it’s because they’re widening it but when that happens the force isn’t applied properly so the sound is bound to be unstable. In my opinion that type of fingering doesn’t suit you at all.”

“Ho! You seem to be well versed in zither?”

Chongjin’s eyes shone with genuine curiosity.

Instead of answering Pyo-wol dragged the zither and placed it in front of him.

Woo Pyeong freaked out.

He knows how much Chongjin cares about the zither. The zither was so precious and cherished by Chongjin that he did not even entrusted it to the other disciples.

Woo Pyeong thought that fire would fall on Pyo-wol for taking the zither without permission but the reality was different.

Instead of scolding him Chongjin only looked at Pyo-wol handling the zither with a curious look.

It was a skill to hold the top note with the ring finger of the left hand raised and to press the remaining notes with the thumb tilted.

Just by looking at the way Pyo-wol handled the zither and his hand movements Chongjin could tell that Pyo-wol was very knowledgeable in zither.


The eyes of Chongjin looking at Pyo-wol changed.

Previously he had thought that Pyo-wol was simply a person who excelled in killing and martial arts. The actions he did in Sichuan so far were too cruel.

However when he saw Pyo-wol play the zither he changed his mind.


Each note was as heavy as a mountain and as light as the wind.

The change in the song was a thousand changes and the blade-like spirit was revealed as it was.

The mood of the song changes according to the heart of the performer.

The personality of the person is revealed in the performance.

Although Pyo-wol’s playing was ferocious and rough it was not vicious.

So Chongjin thought that Pyo-wol might be a different person from the information and rumors he got.

Pyo-wol reached the part where Chongjin was stuck and he changed his fingering. He curled his fingers a little more and applied more strength. Then the sound changed dramatically and resonated powerfully throughout the hall.


Chongjin unknowingly burst into admiration.

Because it was the very note that he wanted.

“That’s where you put some force for you to play it smoothly.”

Chongjin became clearly aware of his problem after watching Pyo-wol played the zither.

Sometimes a show is better than a hundred words. If a person has reached the same level of Chongjin then they can figure out their own problems just by looking at other people’s playing.

“This is good. It’s a really good song.”

Once he figured out his problems Chongjin was able to fully focus on Pyo-wol’s performance.

A satisfied smile appeared on his lips.

With his eyes closed he was clearly enjoying Pyo-wol’s performance.

Woo Pyeong was surprised by that appearance.

It is the first time that Chongjin has shown such a bright appearance in recent years.

Chongjin was the type of person who did not like celebrating his own birthday party in a big way. Although he allowed it for political reasons he was reluctant to bring in so many people into the Wudang sect.

When a lot of people gather accidents inevitably happen. There is even a high probability that it will become a muddy fight if something goes wrong. Nevertheless in order to show the world of the Wudang sect’s status he had no choice. But Chongjin who had been anxious and restless was now showing a genuinely happy expression.


Chongjin’s exclamation continued until the end of Pyo-wol’s performance.


When Pyo-wol’s performance was finally finished Chongjin applauded generously.

“It’s great it was a really good performance my ears were opened again! Who did you learn the zither from? Looking at your skills it’s clear that you studied under a master.”

Words came pouring out of Chongjin’s mouth.

Woo Pyeong could not hide his confused expression at the unfamiliar appearance which was far from his usual solemn appearance.

Chongjin was treating Pyo-wol not as a warrior but as a musician.

“That’s why… the fingering method earlier was like this…”

“You have to close it but make sure to stretch it out. Like this…”

Pyo-wol clearly captured the position of Chongjin’s hand. Then Chongjin moved his hands several times and learned the position.

“So that’s why the sound wasn’t coming out properly.”

Chongjin smiled with satisfaction as if he had gained a new realization.

He looked at Pyo-wol with a smile.

“Thank you! So did you read books in the Scripture Pavilion well?”

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