Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 199

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 199

Light Novel: Volume 8 Episode 24Manhwa: N/A

A large number of people flocked in front of the Wudang sect’s gates.

The rumor that a grand birthday feast would be held for the sect leader of the Wudang sect had already spread throughout Hubei Province.

All of the warriors who had learned of this started going to the Wudang sect. It was not common for a Wudang sect to open their gates and it was impossible to know when they would open their doors again.


“Oh my!”

The Wudang sect taoists were astonished at the number of warriors gathered in front of their gates. Those people were like a swarm of ants.

They expected that quite a few people would come but they never dreamed that it would be this many. It was as if warriors from all over Hubei Province had gathered in front of the Wudang sect gates.

They were clamoring against each other in hopes of entering the Wudang sect.

“Everyone line up!”

“Those who have received an invitation go to the left and those who have not received an invitation to go to the right!”

Woo-il a great disciple of the Wudang sect stepped in and sorted out the situation.

Woo-il gave priority to those who have invitations. Those who came to him recklessly expressed their dissatisfaction but when the Wudang sect taoist glared at them their complaint went away.

Woo-il said to the warriors who did not receive an invitation.

“Thank you very much for coming to celebrate the long-awaited birthday of the sect leader. However please understand that the sect is too small and narrow to accept everyone. We will first bring in the people who have received an invitation. And among the rest only those who have a clear identity will be let in next. Also for all those who will enter the sect you must all release your weapons to the Sword Pond.”

“No. How could you tell a warrior to disarm themselves?”

Someone protested against Woo-il. However Woo-il simply ignored his protests.

“It’s a tradition of our sect. If you don’t want to leave your weapons you don’t have to go in.”


The man who initially blurted out protests stuttered.

The legend of the Wudang sect’s Sword Pond1 was famous.

The tradition of entrusting weapons to the Sword Pond to pay respect to Jang Sam-bong the past leader of the Wudang sect has long since become obsolete.

This was also the reason why the prestige of the Wudang sect was weaker than in its heyday because there was a change in perception that this tradition did not have any good influence on the Wudang sect.

Weapons were like a lifeline to a warrior so no one liked leaving their weapons in the hands of others. So from some time ago the custom of leaving the opponent’s weapon in the Sword Pond has almost disappeared. However the practice could be resurrected as much as the Wudang sect wanted.

He said he would keep Jaffa’s tradition but others couldn’t say anything.

The warriors who did not receive the invitation did not dare to complain at Woo-il’s words.

Woo-il is a great disciple of the Wudang sect.

He might just be a second-generation disciple but he had a status higher than that of a long-time sect leader of a considerable clan in Hubei Province. At least in Hubei Province there is no one who dares to let go or hide from the Wudang sect movement.

Those who were not invited kept their mouths shut and watched as those who had been invited went into the Wudang sect.

There was pride on the faces of those who received an invitation and officially passed through the gates. It was because they felt as if their identity and presence was recognized by the Wudang sect.

The faces of those who received the invitation were also splendid.

“It’s the Gunma clan and the Great Dragon Room.”

People burst into exclamations when they saw the young warrior with a handsome appearance.

Gunma clan2 is a manor based in Hubei Province.

They own a large horse ranch. They monopolized the horse market to such an extent that there was a saying that half of the horses traded in Hubei came from them.

Thanks to this the Gunma clan was able to accumulate enormous wealth.

Sang Hang-yeok is the head of the Gunma clan and he is famous for his handsome appearance and outstanding martial arts.

If there was a groom any woman in Hubei province wanted to have then it would be Sang Hang-yeok.

The one who crossed the Wudang sect gates after Sang Hang-yeok was Bang Jusan the young leader of Great Dragon Room.3

Bang Jusan is a talented person who took over the Great Dragon Room at a young age and raised it more than three times. He was good at martial arts but what made him stand out was his skill.

When he took over the Great Dragon Room was on the verge of collapse.

His ability to triple the growth of the Great Dragon Room which was on the brink of bankruptcy due to excessive debt made even the merchants admire him.

Bang Jusan was short and had a bulging belly. His face was ugly but he was imbued with the unique confidence that only successful people can have.

Bang Jusan looked around at the warriors outside the mountain gate for a while then snorted.

‘Even though I have an ugly face I succeeded and received an official invitation from the Wudang sect.’

He walked beyond gates enjoying a sense of superiority.

After Bang Jusan the person who crossed the Wudang sect’s gates was a man named Ju Gong-pil of the Zhangxian Pavilion.4 It was followed by the lord of the Golden Dragon Room. 5

Those who received the invitation crossed the gates with confidence and those who did not looked at them with envious eyes. People also wondered who else was given an invitation to enter the Wudang sect.

At that time as many as 30 warriors approached the gates.

At their appearance tension could be seen on the faces of the Wudang sect taoist.

A lot of warriors crossed the gates of the Wudang sect today but it was the first time such a large number of people came at once.

Woo-il who had been quiet until now stepped forward.

It was because the aura of the newly arrived warriors felt unusual. Since disciples below him were not able to handle them he came out himself.

Woo-il asked politely

“Where are you from?”

From among the warriors a particularly young warrior stepped forward

The eyes of the warrior who looked like he was in his early to mid-twenties were as cold as ice.

He greeted Woo-il by throwing one of his fist against his other hand

“I am Jang Muyeon of Rain Mountain Manor. I was actually just passing by for work nearby and then I heard the news that the sect leader of the Wudang sect is holding a birthday party. I have always respected taoist Chongjin so I came to visit even without an invitation.”

“Ah! Master Jang of the Rain Mountain Manor!”

Woo-il burst into exclamations.

The Rain Mountain Manor is located far away in Chengshan Anhui Province.

Since it was a thousand li away from Hubei Province where Mt. Wudang is located there was little contact between them. That’s why the Wudang sect didn’t even send an invitation. However since they already came here like this they couldn’t ask them to wait like everyone else.

As a member of the Three Manors the Rain Mountain Manor possessed as much power and influence as a Wudang sect.

Jang Muyeon was the second son of Jang Pyeongsan the sect leader of Rain Mountain Manor. What made him famous was his outstanding talent for the sword as well as his outstanding appearance.

His swordsmanship was brutal and terrifying enough to earn him the nickname of Soul Spirit Killing Swordsman.6

Not one of those who had ever dealt with him had a healthy body. It was because part of their body was cut off or they all died under his cruel hands.

Because of that Jang Muyeon is notorious in Anhui Province. But no one dared to say anything to Jang Muyeon.

It was because they were all scared of the Rain Mountain Manor.

Woo-il was also familiar with Jang Moo-yeon’s notoriety. But he had no reason to stop him.

If Jang Muyeon a member of the Three Manors was treated the same as the other visitors who did not receive an invitation then the Wudang sect’s relationship with the Rain Mountain Manor could possibly be strained.

Woo-il headed for the warriors standing behind Jang Muyeon.

“Who are they?”

“They are members of the White Tiger Sword Corps.”7

“If it’s the White Tiger Sword Corps then aren’t they the elite warriors of the Rain Mountain Manor?”

“That’s right.”


Woo-il did not know what to say.

Jang Muyeon is the biggest figure among those who had arrived in the Wudang sect so far.

If they didn’t let him in just because he brought thirty members of the White Tiger Sword Corps with him people might talk and say that it was because the Wudang sect was frightened.

However it was not possible for them to accept all 30 people. They do not have enough accommodation.

Woo-il said honestly

“I think it will be a little difficult for all of you to enter the sect. We have no more rooms left that could accommodate thirty warriors.”

“I see. What if I just have five people go in with me? I’ll ask the rest to wait in one of the inns at the bottom of the mountain.”

“I think that’s possible. We will arrange accommodation somewhere for you other than the Qingliu Temple where the guests are staying. It’s difficult because other rooms have already been assigned.”

“Thank you.”

Jang Muyeon said.

Woo-il said to one of the disciples who was nearby.

“Take these people to an empty guest house.”

“Yes senior brother!”

The disciple stepped forward and said.

“Please follow me.”

“Thank you.”

Jang Muyeon nodded and followed the disciple.

Behind him were five warriors of the White Tiger Sword Corps.

They were the master of the white tiger sword and the warriors with the most outstanding martial arts.

Jang Muyeon and the warriors of the White Tiger Sword Corps entered the Wudang sect without an invitation but no one complained. Most of the people thought that if the person in question was Jang Muyeon then he deserves to be let in.

Thanks to this Jang Muyeon and the White Tiger Sword Corps were able to confidently cross the gates of the Wudang sect.

Jang Muyeon’s cold eyes shone even sharper and terrifying.

* * *

It wasn’t just warriors who entered the Wudang sect.

All of the famous entertainers and performers in the vicinity came out for the birthday feast of Chongjin.

Artists and performers filled and performed on a stage inside of the Wudang sect’s grand banquet hall.

There were melodious melodies songs and art.

Most of the people who entered the Wudang sect were martial artists who had learned martial arts but they were also amazed by the showing of a high degree of skill by the performers.


They heard the sound of a zither playing somewhere.

The woman’s song along with the unique melancholy melody resonated throughout the large banquet hall.

Wind of the Yangtze do not try to shake Mount Tai.

This heart of mine is like a great mountain and will not be shaken by any wind.

O cloud over Mount Tai do not block the Yangtze River.

My heart is like the Yangtze River and I will ride through any ordeal.

It was a song they had never heard before and it strangely stimulated the courage of the warriors. Because of that all the warriors nearby stopped and listened to the woman’s song.

At first glance the appearance of the woman singing the song was very ordinary. However she had a charm that strangely caught people’s attention. She possessed a beautiful voice that tugged on people’s heartstrings.

Many warriors fell for her charm.

“So there really is such a thing as heavenly sound.”

“Oh! How can a human voice be so beautiful? She can be said to be the best singer in the world.”

“What is that woman’s name? I want to be her patron!”

The warriors showed interest in the woman who was singing.

They thought that their prestige would increase if they had a woman with a heavenly voice despite her ordinary appearance.

In fact it was common for powerful families or prestigious sects to employ artists. By employing entertainers they are trying to dispel the perception that they are ignorant warriors who only think about strength.

The entertainers performing now also received quite a lot of support from the Wudang sect. In particular Chongjin’s love for zither was famous.

He was so well versed in zither that he was called a Heavenly Music Master.8 He understood and treated artists more than anyone else.

For that reason in order to reciprocate all the entertainers of Hubei Province came. They did their best to lighten up the mood in Chongjin’s birthday celebration.

Among those who listened to the woman’s song were Pyo-wol and Soma.

Soma murmured with an expression of admiration

“Wow! That older sister sings really well. She’s as good as the band teacher at Celestial Music Hall right?”

The band teacher was the master who taught Pyo-wol how to play the zither.

It is no exaggeration to say that most of the active musicians in Chengdu and Sichuan Province had been taught by him.

The woman’s singing was excellent enough for Soma compared her to the band teacher.

Pyo-wol looked at the woman silently.

The woman continued to sing with her eyes closed. Her voice was filled with emotions. She was deeply immersed in the song. Her feelings were conveyed to the warriors.

Some of the sensitive warriors even shed tears upon hearing her sing.

“Who the hell is that woman?”

“How did I not know that there was such an entertainer in Hubei Province until now?”

The warriors quickly recognized the woman’s identity.

Fortunately a person who knew her identity was nearby.

“Ah she’s Hong Ye-seol. She was originally a famous performer in Hunan but our performing arts troupe especially invited her to celebrate Chongjin’s birthday.”

It was natural that no one knew about her because she was an entertainer active in Hunan and not Hubei Province where the Wudang sect was located.

Finally Hong Ye-seol’s song ended.


“It’s the best.”

The warriors cheered and applauded her generously.

Hong Ye-seol opened her eyes and smiled softly.

At that moment many people looked at her as if possessed.

Her face might be plain but her charm that makes people unable to take their eyes off of her exploded. She forcefully grabbed people’s attention.

She smiled slightly and looked around at the warriors who were looking at her.

Hong Ye-seol enjoyed people’s gaze toward her.

Suddenly her gaze stopped on a man.

He was looking at her with eyes that showed no emotion.

In an instant she felt the blood in her whole body go cold.


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Sword Pond. Raws: Haegeomji 해검지(解劍池). 解 loosen unfasten untie; explain 劍 sword dagger saber 池 pool pond; moat; cistern Gunma Clan. Raws: 군마장(群馬荘). 群 qùn – group crowd multitude mob 馬 mǎ – horse; surname; KangXi radical 187 荘 zhuāng – village hamlet; villa; surname Great Dragon Room. Raws: Daeryongbang 대룡방(大龍房). 大 big great vast large high 龍 dragon; symbolic of emperor 房 house building; room Zhangxian Pavilion. Raws: 창현관(彰顯館). 彰 zhāng – clear manifest obvious 顯 xiǎn – manifest display; evident clear 館 guǎn – public building Golden Dragon Room. Raws: 금룡방추(金龍房主). 金 jīn – gold; metals in general; money 龍 lóng – dragon; symbolic of emperor 房 fáng – house building; room 主 zhǔ – master chief owner; host; lord Soul Spirit Killing Swordsman. Raws: 살혼귀검(殺魂鬼剣). 殺 shā – kill slaughter murder; hurt; to pare off reduce clip 魂 hún – soul spirit 鬼 guǐ – ghost; spirit of dead; devil 剣 jiàn – sword dagger saber White Tiger Sword Corps. Raws: Baekho Gumdae 백호검대(白虎剣隊). 白 white; pure unblemished; bright 虎 tiger; brave fierce; surname 剣 sword dagger saber 隊 team group; army unit Heavenly Music Master. Raws: 천음진인(天音貞人). 天 tiān – sky heaven; god celestial 音 yīn – sound tone pitch pronunciation 貞 zhēn – virtuous chaste pure; loyal 人 rén – man; people; mankind; someone else

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