Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 189

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 189

Light Novel: Volume 8 Episode 14Manhwa: N/A

“H how?”

Lee Ja-myeong stuttered in surprise at Gong Ha-seong’s defeat.

Gong Ha-seong and his martial arts did not differ much. But even then Lee Ja-myeong was still not confident that he could defeat Gong Ha-seong.

But Seol Hajin completely overpowered Gong Ha-seong. While Gong Ha-seong was in tatters Seol Hajin’s body did not show any major injuries.

It meant that Seol Hajin was many times stronger than Gong Ha-seong.

“How did your martial arts improve so much?”

“I’ve naturally grown stronger as I travel all over the world while carrying out quests. If you want to become stronger you better leave the Golden Island clan. A new world opens up once you leave the sect.”


“Well no matter what I say I’m sure you would not do it. After all I’m looking at the future sect leader.”

Lee Ja-myeong could not refute Seol Hajin’s words.

Lee Ja-myeong truly had no intention of leaving the Golden Island clan.

His master is now too old and is about to retire. Once his master retires everything in the Golden Island clan would fall into his hands so he had no reason to leave.

He could not intimidate her anymore when the person he believed in Gong Ha-seong had already collapsed.

Lee Ja-myeong looked at Woo Pyeong with pleading eyes.


However Woo Pyeong turned his head away avoiding his gaze.

It was true that he promised to help them in exchange for the music sheet but it was not part of the condition to intervene in their dispute with their junior sister.

The meaning behind Woo Pyeong’s action was clear.

Settle the matters of the Golden Island clan with your own hands.

Lee Ja-myeong could not dare to plead with Woo Pyeong any longer.

Their junior sister who they once had at the palm of their hands had grown up. She was now beyond their control.

If they want to have their way with her they have to be much stronger than her.

It does not matter if they insist that Seol Hajin committed the sin of betraying their sect. It was useless if the other people did not agree.

Furthermore it was a cowardly move to improve their sect’s finances by forcing a young girl to marry an old rich man. Their sect had a high chance of being criticized by Jianghu.

Lee Ja-myeong said to Gong Ha-seong

“Hoo! Let’s go back.”

“Senior brother!”

“I don’t want to be humiliated any more. I hate to admit it but our junior sister has grown much stronger than we are.”


Gong Ha-seong protested.

But Lee Ja-myeong only smiled bitterly and said

“Don’t make the matters worse any further. If you want to protect your remaining honor—”

“Damn it!”

In the end Gong Ha-seong had no choice but to follow Lee Ja-myeong’s will.

Lee Ja-myeong approached Woo Pyeong and held out an item wrapped up with silk cloth. It was a music book Woo Pyeong asked to be brought as a gift to their sect leader.

“This is for Lord Chongjin.”

“Aren’t you going to attend?”

“I would like to refrain from showing any more of our ugly side. Instead I believe that you will definitely keep your promise.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll definitely keep my word.”

“I trust you. Well then…”

Lee Ja-myeong said his goodbye to Woo Pyeong and then retreated.

For a moment his face seemed to have aged a decade.

Lee Ja-myeong spoke to Seol Hajin one last time before leaving.

“Junior sister!”


“I’m sorry but I had no choice back then. I’m sure you will understand our master’s decision one day.”

Lee Ja-myeong made excuses until the end but Seol Hajin no longer listened to him.

In the end Lee Ja-myeong had to leave with Gong Ha-seong.

Once their figure disappeared Seol Hajin spoke exaggeratedly

“Let’s drink! On a good day like today we should drink! Now that I’ve shaken off that dreaded yoke I’m going to drown myself in alcohol and get drunk.”

Her gaze suddenly turned to Pyo-wol.

“Let’s have a drink today… Oh right you don’t drink. Damn it! We’re supposed to be drinking on a day like today.”

Seol Hajin muttered with a sad expression.

Her mental state seemed somehow unstable. Even though she finally threw off the yoke she had been carrying she couldn’t completely relax.

Pyo-wol said to Seol Hajin

“If you want to drink go invite your colleagues.”

“How about you?”

“I have an appointment with the Wudang sect.”

At Pyo-wol’s words Seol Hajin came to her senses. She looked at Woo Pyeong.

“Ah! The Golden Island clan’s— no Seol Hajin sees the disciple of the Wudang sect.”

“There’s nothing to be so formal about Lady Seol! I can roughly guess your situation. Don’t worry about me and the Wudang sect. You can take it easy.”

“Thank you.”

Seol Hajin looked thrilled at the warm consolation of Woo Pyeong.

Of course Tae Kwang did not fail to make a side remark while looking at his master Woo Pyeong.

Seol Hajin soon went ahead and returned to the guest house alone.

Woo Pyeong stared blankly at Seol Hajin’s back as she walked away.

“Each sect has a story but the Golden Island had really made a bad decision. They tried to use a warrior like that as a tool for an arranged marriage. Tch!”

“The future of the Golden Island clan is dark.”

Tae Kwang who was beside him also clicked his tongue at the same time.

“If a person doesn’t have eyes they will lose a lot. What happened today will open the eyes of the Golden Island clan.”

“Speaking of eyes… I don’t think that’s something a certain someone would say?”


Woo Pyeong turned his head and coughed.

Soma looked at the two with a curious expression. He found it strange that the two could talk so casually and informally when they were master and pupil.

Not only the Xiaoleiyin Temple but all the other sects he met emphasized strict discipline.

He couldn’t believe that such a friendly relationship could exist between a master and his disciple. He wondered how they could get along so well.

At that time Woo Pyeong turned his head to Pyo-wol and said

“Let’s now go have our meal. There’s a good spot nearby. The food is cheap but their portions are generous so we should be able to eat our fill.”

Woo Pyeong took the lead.

Tae Kwang shook his head for a moment before speaking to Pyo-wol

“Let’s go. As my master said the food there is cheap and they serve large quantities. You’re not picky about food are you?”

“I could even eat insects.”

The moment Tae Kwang saw Pyo-wol’s unfeeling eyes he realized that what he said was true.

“Haha! You must be joking… So you actually tried it. You must have suffered a lot.”



Tae Kwang slipped away from Pyo-wol.

Soma was slightly impressed by Tae Kwang’s overly bright and playful appearance.

“That brother is weird!”

The spot guided by Woo Pyeong was a place favored by the people of Baokang. It was located in a remote place where outsiders like Pyo-wol would not usually find.

The place was very shabby.

The buildings and fixtures were so worn out that they looked like they would collapse at any moment. Still there were quite a few guests.

It wasn’t even mealtime but the fact that there were so many people meant that the place was recognized for its cuisine.


When Woo Pyeong appeared the shop owner ran hurriedly.

It was a scene that demonstrates just how strong the influence of the Wudang sect was in Baokang.

The shop owner guided Woo Pyeong to the best seat in the house. There were already customers seated there prior to their arrival but the shop owner asked for their understanding and had them change their seats. The customers also readily gave up their seats to Woo Pyeong.

Thanks to this Woo Pyeong and Pyo-wol were able to have the best seats in the shop.

“Now that we’re indoors why don’t you throw off that cumbersome scarf?”

He looked at Pyo-wol with curious eyes. It’s been quite a while since he met Pyo-wo but he hadn’t seen his face even once.

He only know of Pyo-wol’s name.

Other than that he doesn’t know anything.

His sect.


Or even his face.

Any warrior who entered Hubei Province was bound to be polite to the masters of the Wudang sect. Even if they do not respect the Wudang sect they had to yield considering the Wudang sect’s power and influence in Hubei Province.

But Pyo-wol didn’t do anything like that.

This was clearly because Pyo-wol’s martial arts were strong.

To the extent that even Woo Pyeong had been reluctant and uncomfortable in facing him. However it was a mistake to think that Pyo-wol could overpower the entire Wudang sect.

Everything went well since the person Pyo-wol met was Woo Pyeong. But if it were any other member of the Wudang sect who was insulted and not Woo Pyeong then a big trouble might have occurred.

Woo Pyeong wanted to check.

What the hell was it about Pyo-wol that made him feel so uncomfortable?

To do so he first had to see Pyo-wol’s face.

He wanted to know what kind of face was hiding under that scarf. Woo Pyeong assumed that a harsh and strong face was hidden there.

Pyo-wol pulled down his scarf.


At that moment Woo Pyeong was at a loss for words. It was the same with Tae Kwang.

It was long after when they opened their mouths.

“What— Damn it!”

“Wow! How unfair the world is!”

They’ve seen a lot of people while staying in the Wudang sect but they had never seen a man with the same beauty as Pyo-wol. The same goes among the women. They had never seen a woman prettier than Pyo-wol.

Woo Pyeong shook his head and said

“I’m sorry but can you put the scarf back on? If I keep looking at your face I don’t think I’ll be able to eat because of the pressure.”

“How would it feel to live with a face like that? Do women just follow you?”

“You b*stard! Is that what a Taoist would say?”

“Ah! But isn’t a Taoist a person too?”

“This guy…”

“Tsk! If I hadn’t become a Taoist because I got caught by my master I would have been living a happy life with a pretty wife and a family by now.”

“I saved a drowning man but he’s asking for his luggage.1 And speaking of which even if you hadn’t become a Taoist you would never have met a pretty girl.”


“Look closely in the mirror. You would see a monkey there. That’s why women don’t pay attention to you.”


In the end Tae Kwang screamed loudly.

At his disciple’s cry the master smiled grimly with strange pleasure.

Pyo-wol looked at the two without a word. They were certainly the kind of people he had never seen before. So he got interested.

The two continued to argue and quarrel for a long time after that.

After a while Woo Pyeong came to his senses and apologized.

“Hoo! I’m sorry we invited you here as guests yet my disciple and I were the only ones chatting.”

“It’s okay. It was a pretty interesting sight.”

“Then I’m glad. Maybe we can use this chance to get to know your sect?”


“None? Does it make sense that you aren’t from a sect when your skills are unusual? Come on just tell me a little bit. I’m not going to tell anyone.”

“Are you always this nosy? You seem to be interested in useless things.”

“Hmmm… I do hear that often. Now that I think about it my senior brother and master once said to me that if I just keep my mouth shut and practice my achievement will be twice as high as now. Haha!”

“So in the end you’re saying your achievement is only that much because you’re talkative.”

“Hmm! Why are you being so heartless? Because there are people like me at least our sect feels like a place where people can live. It would not be so quiet.”

As if he had been waiting Woo Pyeong poured out his words.

He did not have the usual and unique sense of superiority or refined atmosphere that exists among disciples of a prestigious sect. He was more relaxed.

“Get a hold of yourself.”


At Tae Kwang’s scolding Woo Pyeong made an embarrassed expression.

“Ayu! This is why I can’t leave my master alone.”

“Stop nagging me.”

“I can’t help but do it whenever I see my Master.”

“I’m going to get a scab on my ears. You punk!”

“This master doesn’t know how to joke.”

“Anyway I made a mistake taking in a disciple. What kind of hardship is this?”

“I’m having a hard time managing my master too.”

Tae Kwang did not want to lose and refuted until the end. Woo Pyeong had a tired expression.

As soon as the argument between the two seemed to be getting longer Pyo-wol cut it off

“If the two of you keep fighting we will leave.”

“No don’t! I’m sorry!”

Woo Pyeong showed an apologetic expression.

Tae Kwang also grasped the atmosphere and kept his mouth shut.

Woo Pyeong became serious.

“If you don’t want to tell me your affiliation then tell me where you are from instead. You can tell me that right?”


“I knew it. You’re the reaper of Sichuan.”

The atmosphere of the Woo Pyeong changed suddenly.

Editor’s Notes

Thank you for reading! Hope you enjoy the chapter~

I saved a drowning man but he’s asking for his luggage. Raws: 물에 빠진 사람 구해 주니 보따리 내놓으라 한다. Proverb about an ungrateful person. Instead of thanking the man for saving him from drowning he’s asking his savior to look for his things.

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