Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 183

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 183

Light Novel: Volume 8 Episode 8Manhwa: N/A


Ak Chusan looked up at Pyo-wol with an expression of disbelief.

His neck was cut in half and blood was gushing out. Blood was also oozing from his nose and mouth.

He couldn’t ask.

What did Pyo-wol use to cut his own neck?

The person who had brought about his own death was looking down at him with his emotionless eyes. It made him feel terrible fear.

The Black Dragon Robe wrapped around Pyo-wol’s body fluttered like the wings of a huge bird.


That was Ak Chusan’s last thought.

His body soon fell flat on the ground. Editor

Even after he died the fear on Ak Chusan’s face did not disappear.

Pyo-wol looked at Ak Chusan’s corpse in silence.

Even though he could have ambushed him in secret the reason he dared to face Ak Chusan head-on was to check his own martial arts. He wanted to see how much he had grown and how he would fare against a master.

Pyo-wol was walking a different path from the usual warriors.

He considered himself an assassin and was establishing a martial arts system suitable for an assassin.’

Through the confrontation with Ak Chusan Pyo-wol was convinced that his Aguido was not wrong.

Pyo-wol left Ak Chusan’s body behind and walked out of the Dead Forest.

Bodies were seen everywhere.

There were bodies that died in conflict against each other and there were also those who were killed by Pyo-wol.

When Pyo-wol flicked his hand the bodies hanging from the trees fell. He only used their bodies out of necessity they couldn’t be humiliated forever.

The Dead Forest literally became a forest of the dead.

It was clear that after this incident more people would be reluctant to enter the Dead Forest in the future. But Pyo-wol had no reason to care about the outcome.

Before leaving the Dead Forest Pyo-wol stopped by the stream and washed his blood-stained face. The droplets of blood were soon diluted and removed. s o u n d l e s s w i n d 2 1

Pyo-wol’s face was reflected on the surface of the water.

It was a terribly white and beautiful face.

At first Pyo-wol considered his appearance annoying because it attracts too much attention. But he had changed his mind.

Having an attractive face was not that bad. After all it’s worth using.

People are attracted to good-looking and beautiful things. s ou nd les wi n d 2 1

This was especially true for women. Whenever they saw his beautiful appearance they would approach him defenselessly. Through them Pyo-wol was able to obtain quality information.

As an assassin it was a great advantage. Pyo-wol had no intention of giving up that advantage.

Pyo-wol splashed water on his face one last time before leaving the Dead Forest.

Outside of the Dead Forest Wu Jang-rak and his party were waiting for him. Right next to Wu Jang-rak were Shin Mugum and Mok Gahye.

Shin Mugum was still unconscious. He was still alive because Wu Jang-rak took emergency measures otherwise he would have been on the brink of death.


When Pyo-wol showed up Soma was first to approach.

“How’s your body?” s o undl ess win d

“It’s okay!”

Soma replied while frowning.

He might have said he was fine but the pain he was feeling was still so great.

After stroking Soma’s head Pyo-wol looked at Mok Gahye. Mok Gahye bowed her head and said

“Thank you so much.”

“Thank Soma instead. The beef jerky you gave Soma saved your life.”

“Thank you!”

Mok Gahye looked at Soma who was by Pyo-wol’s side and expressed her gratitude.

“I told you I would kill them all. Hehe!”

“I’m alive thanks to you.”

“What are you going to do now?”

“I’m going to a place where no one recognizes brother Mugum. Since brother Mugum had already sacrificed a lot for me I plan to live for him from now on.”

Mok Gahye looked at Shin Mugum with deep eyes. Then as if remembering she held out a long object wrapped in white cloth to Pyo-wol.

“Take it. This is the sword Gongbu.”

“I do not need it.”

“We don’t need it either. Keeping it with me will only cause a target on my back.”

“Then give it to Soma.”


“It will look good on Soma.” translated by Editor


Mok Gahye immediately put the sword Gongbu into Soma’s hands.

The length of Gongbu was more than two feet. It was rather small for an adult like Pyo-wol but for Soma whose appearance was like a child it was rather big. Even so Soma seemed to like the sword very much. He even hugged it tightly.

“Are you really giving it to me?”


“Wow! I’ll put it to good use!”

Soma smiled broadly.

Gongbu was the first gift he received from others.

Holding a sword as thick and large as his body Soma ran around like a squirrel.

Seeing Soma like that Mok Gahye smiled softly.

She feels at ease now.

But then.

With a rustling sound from the other side of the bush a group of people appeared.

“Who are you?”

“Whose people are they?”

Wu Jang-rak and the mercenaries took out their weapons and heightened their guards. Then from the newly appeared crowd a woman wearing a veil came forward and said

“We are warriors of the Bamboo Sea clan.” so undl ess wi n d 2 1

She was Yeo Hwa-young the sect leader of the Bamboo Sea clan.

Yeo Hwa-young and the warriors of the Bamboo Sea clan had lost their way in the Dead Forest so they only just came out.

Yeo Hwa-young’s eyes which were revealed over her veil contained bewildered emotions. She didn’t expect to see many people in the place outside of the Dead Forest.

Some of the Bamboo Sea clan warriors who recognized the identity of Wu Jang-rak and his party told her about their identities.

In an instant Yeo Hwa-young’s eyes changed.

Several figures in Wu Jang-rak’s party caught her eye.

‘Mok Gahye.’

Among them the first person who caught her attention was Mok Gahye. Even though she had yet to say a word she knew she was the owner of the sword Gongbu.

Yeo Hwa-young felt a little guilty towards Mok Gahye. Although it was an unavoidable circumstance it was true that she drove the latter into a corner.

But she didn’t want to apologize because it was like admitting her mistake.

Yeo Hwa-young’s gaze passed by Mok Gahye and turned to Pyo-wol who was standing next to her.

Pyo-wol hadn’t lifted up the scarf he had pulled down while washing his face. Because of this his face was clearly exposed.

Yeo Hwa-young recognized Pyo-wol at once.

It might be the first time for her to see his face but his unique decadent atmosphere and eyes were still vivid in her memory. But she never expected she’d see him here.

She could see Soma running around with the sword Gongbu besides Pyo-wol.

The moment she saw the sword Yeo Hwa-young had grasped the whole situation.

‘He… is the culprit.’

There was only one existence that could be a variable here.


From the moment she laid her eyes on him his existence made Yeo Hwa-young feel uncomfortable.

Looking at him again now he smelled dangerous. There was a thick smell of blood on him.

Yeo Hwa-young approached Pyo-wol without realizing it.

Pyo-wol did not move even as he watched her approach.

Yeo Hwa-young asked

“How is Ak Chusan?”


“Is he dead?”

She didn’t ask because she knew that Pyo-wol had fought with Ak Chusan. She just guessed through a woman’s intuition. Still she was close to the truth.

Pyo-wol nodded his head wordlessly.

For a moment Yeo Hwa-young’s face had a complex expression that could not be expressed in words.

She couldn’t say anything because she felt strange that she couldn’t be happy even though her guess was right.

The death of Ak Chusan whom she had worked hard to recruit was a huge blow to her. Still she didn’t get angry.

“You were the one who attacked the Heavenly Silver Marketplace right?”


“What about the Heavenly Silver Marketplace’s sect leader? Hwa Ok-gi?”

“They will never come out of the Dead Forest again.”


In an instant Yeo Hwa-young’s legs loosened.

The enemy who had been harassing the Bamboo Sea clan for decades had disappeared overnight because of the man in front of her.

Because the driving force that had kept her strong until now had disappeared she showed a weak appearance without even realizing it.

If the two were really killed by Pyo-wol even if Ak Chusan died it wasn’t a loss to the Bamboo Sea clan. On the contrary she should be grateful to Pyo-wol.

But she couldn’t officially say thank you.

Regardless of the outcome Pyo-wol killed Ak Chusan a person whom she recruited.

Ak Chusan was a famous master of Jianghu. Furthermore He had a tremendous reputation at Jianghu. Many will note his death and will know that the person who killed him is Pyo-wol.

If she recklessly expressed her gratitude to Pyo-wol the Bamboo Sea clan would be suspected of having a connection with him.

Such a situation had to be prevented.

With an effortless expression on her face Yeo Hwa-young said

“I’ll go get the body of the Lord Ak.”

“Do whatever you want.”

“And we want to make amends to Lady Mok and her bodyguard. While it was unintentional it is still true that we harassed her.”

“Don’t you want the sword Gongbu?”

“Not at all. We’re already satisfied with the fact that the sword didn’t fall into the hands of the Rain Mountain Manor.”

Yeo Hwa-young firmly shook her head.

She truly had no lingering feelings for the sword. So she just said

“Lord Jang Pyeongsan of the Rain Mountain Manor has a great obsession with swords. Once he has his eye set on a sword he would never give it up. So you’d better be careful.”


Pyo-wol nodded.

“We’ll go ahead now.”

After Yeo Hwa-young said her piece she and her subordinates went back to the Dead Forest.

Pyo-wol looked at Yeo Hwa-young’s back as she was walking away in silence.

A tectonic shift occurred in silver time.

In just one day half of the Heavenly Silver Marketplace’s power was gone.

If they had simply lost a limb they could have managed to solve their problem.

But the problem is that the people responsible to deal with the situation specifically the Heavenly Silver Marketplace’s sect leader and heir had lost their lives at the same time.

Because of that the Heavenly Silver Marketplace fell into self-imposed turmoil. Those who survived coveted the Heavenly Silver Marketplace’s property and fought among themselves.

The Heavenly Silver Marketplace so engulfed in internal strife collapsed in an instant.

On the other hand the Bamboo Sea clan who had been pushed away from Enshi’s hegemony by the Heavenly Silver Marketplace made a dramatic comeback.

They expanded their business considerably while the Heavenly Silver Marketplace was caught up in their self-imposed turmoil. They also regained the business rights and various interests that had been taken away from the Heavenly Silver Marketplace.

The Heavenly Silver Marketplace who lost both their sect leader and young leader was helpless without a single response.

Yeo Hwa-young of the Bamboo Sea clan showed off her fighting spirit.

Like a fish in water Yeo Hwa-young ran amok to her heart’s content and in the end was able to restore the old status of the Bamboo Sea clan.

The series of events that happened shocked all of Jianghu.

Enshi was a place that didn’t receive much attention from warriors. They know that the Heavenly Silver Marketplace and the Bamboo Sea Clan were fighting but the size of the two manors was insignificant when compared to all the other sects in Jianghu.

There is no reason for the big sects to be greedy.

But the fight between the two manors was quite exciting.

The fight between a traditional sect and a newly emerging power was enough to attract the attention of the powerful sects.

Most thought that the Heavenly Silver Marketplace would eventually defeat the Bamboo Sea clan and seize the hegemony of Enshi.

However contrary to their expectations the whole situation was overturned overnight and Enshi’s hegemony was taken over by the Bamboo Sea clan.

As a result many people became interested in Enshi’s situation. They wondered how on Earth could the situation have been reversed.

Among the forces who were interested was the Hao clan.

There was no place in the world where the Hao clan’s disciples did not exist. Even in Enshi the Hao clan members existed. But the number was just small.

The Hao clan members hurriedly tried to figure out what had happened in Enshi. But they only moved after Pyo-wol Wu Jang-rak and the others had left Enshi.

The Hao clan members turned over Enshi trying to get their hands on the information. But gathering information was never easy.

Somehow both the warriors of the Bamboo Sea clan and the Heavenly Silver Marketplace shut their mouths about what had happened in the Dead Forest that day.

They could understand why the Bamboo Sea clan did not say anything. Their clan had Yeo Hwa-young to order them to do so.

But the warriors from the Heavenly Silver Marketplace did not open their mouths at all even though they lost their sect leader and young leader. Editor

The warriors of the Heavenly Silver Marketplace were terrified.

Several days had already passed but they still couldn’t get rid of their memories of that day. Some of them were in such serious condition that they even developed psychotic symptoms.

Still the Hao clan persisted in digging into what had happened that day.

As a result they found out that there were other people besides the Heavenly Silver Marketplace and the Bamboo Sea clan warriors in the Dead Forest.

[The entourage dispatched from Snow Cloud Villa in Sichuan Province passed through the Dead Forest at the same time. We request to confirm the members.]

A carrier pigeon flew into the main headquarters of the Hao clan.

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