Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 182

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 182

Light Novel: Volume 8 Episode 7Manhwa: N/A

The black shadow stepped back as if he had expected Ak Chusan’s attack. Because of that Ak Chusan’s attack missed.

The moment he faced the black shadow Ak Chusan felt as if ice water was rushing through his veins.

He couldn’t see the newcomer’s face because he had the lower part of his face covered with a scarf but his two exposed eyes were enough to make Ak Chusan froze.

It was the first time Ak Chusan had ever seen such completely still eyes that did not contain any emotion.

Ak Chusan raised his qi and opened his mouth

“Who are you? How dare you interfere with the matters of the Bamboo Sea clan?!”



Ak Chusan frowned.

It’s a name he has never heard of. He knew a lot of famous warriors in Jianghu but he had never heard of the name Pyo-wol. If so this meant that he was a rising warrior not an old one.

So he asked.

“Are you new in Jianghu?”

“Is that important? You’re asking useless questions.”

“What’s important then?”

“Your life.”

“You talk about my life as if it’s yours.”

Ak Chusan’s jaw muscles twitched.

Pyo-wol’s words hurt his pride.

Pyo-wol looked at Ak Chusan without saying a word.

The person in front of him was obviously a threat. He definitely seemed to be the strongest among the warriors he met in Sichuan.

However the reason why Pyo-wol was not afraid of him was because of the man he met before.


Fengzon was the strongest among the warriors Pyo-wol met. Using Fengzon as his reference Pyo-wol’s standards of a strong person naturally increased.

Ak Chusan was strong.

However he still had many openings and weaknesses as compared to Fengzon. He was just not enough for Pyo-wol to feel a sense of crisis.

Pyo-wol did not remove his gaze from Ak Chusan. He said to Soma

“Are you okay?”

“I’m not okay at all! It hurts a lot!”

Soma answered with a frown.

Soma pretended to be quite dignified when he talked to Mok Gahye awhile ago but now that Pyo-wol was here before him his true feelings came out.

In fact the wounds inflicted by Ak Chusan were quite serious. If his wounds were left unattended Soma’s life would be in danger.

Pyo-wol said to Mok Gahye

“Take Soma with you.”


“My party is waiting for you outside of the Dead Forest. Take him to them.”


Mog Gahye could not help but nod.

The moment she held Soma in her arms and took a step forward Ak Chusan copied her.

His step was exactly towards the direction Mog Gahye was going.

His meaning was clear.

He would not let Mok Gahye and Soma escape so easily. But in the next moment Ak Chusan could not help but doubt his own eyes.

Pyo-wol had already stood in between him and Mok Gahye.

Pyo-wol had moved without him realizing it.

After opening her eyes and moving her steps Ikga-hae slightly bowed her head to Pyo-wol and there was no such thing as emotion. There was no longer any fear on her face.

Because they believe in Pyo-wol they can confidently walk with their backs exposed.

Gongbu was still in her hands but Ak Chusan did not dare to steal it anymore. It had already become impossible to approach her without going through Pyo-wol.


Ak Chusan’s eyes twitched.

He found it hard to accept the current situation.

He had never experienced a situation like this in his entire life while traveling in Jianghu. For him this current situation was an unbearable disgrace.

Ak Chusan held up the Lion Sword and pointed it at Pyo-wol.

“I admit that you are strong. I have never seen anyone like you in my life.”

He knows for sure now.

Pyo-wol had been aiming for this situation from the beginning.

On his way here he saw a terrifying sight. Several bodies were hanging from the trees.

Ordinary warriors would never mutilate and disgrace a dead body like that. It was an outrageous act that no ordinary person would commit.

But the effect was undeniable.

Such a sight caused intense fear in the warriors who entered the Dead Forest.

From the beginning he shook the hearts of the warriors of the two factions by showing unimaginable cruelty. Because their hearts were weak they could not bear the shock and fear that followed. Thus they scattered from their battle positions like grains of sand.

The Bamboo Sea clan had established themselves long ago that its warriors had already formed a strong solidarity. They thought that this was the reason that stopped their warriors from fleeing and dispersing so easily unlike warriors of the Heavenly Silver Marketplace since their sect just recently gained its momentum. s o u n d les s wind 21

They all assumed it was just a coincidence that the Heavenly Silver Marketplace warriors were unable to overcome their fear. But looking at the circumstantial evidence now all of this was part of the picture Pyo-wol drew.

He doesn’t know how big the picture Pyo-wol drew but so far it was progressing the way he wanted it.

“But you made a big mistake. Do you know what it is?”


“Your mistake is that you revealed yourself right in front of me. I would have had a hard time finding you if you had just kept hiding and plotting your schemes like you did a while ago. But now that you overestimated yourself and came out you’ll be paying the price.”

“You talk a lot.”

Ak Chusan’s face contorted like a demon at Pyo-wol’s interruption.

Pyo-wol pulled down the scarf that had been covering his face until now.

Seeing his true face Ak Chusan forgot his anger and had an expression of admiration for a moment.

Pyo-wol’s face alone was enough to chew the whole world. But he soon came to his senses and glared at Pyo-wol.

Pyo-wol moved closer to him and continued

“When someone begins to talk a lot it means they’re scared.”

“Me? Scared? Say something that makes sense you b*stard!”

“Then attack. Why are you talking so much?”

“You b*stard!”

Ak Chusan’s anger exploded at Pyo-wol’s repeated provocations.

He is a veteran warrior. With his great experiences he had learned to become cunning and sly. So it had been a long time since he lost his reason like this.

Nothing was holding him back anymore so he unfolded his Lion King technique with all his might.

Hoo-hung! s ou ndl es s wi nd 21

Huge waves flew towards Pyo-wol.

Pyo-wol used Snake Steps to avoid the waves.

The waves that passed by him cut down a huge tree.

The wave was emitted through the use of qi.

The essence of qi wave is the same with channeling qi on a weapon. The weapon’s destructive power and sharpness dramatically increases.

The power of the qi wave unleashed by a warrior like Ak Chusan was no less than that. Rather it was better than it in terms of efficiency. It produces power comparable to that of a qi sword with less effort.

Shiak! Shiaak!

One after another the qi wave flew towards Pyo-wol.

Pyo-wol executed his Snake Steps and moved forward dodging all the qi waves.

Ak Chusan thought that Pyo-wol looked exactly like a snake.

‘Snakes are usually finished with their necks.’

Ak Chusan momentarily gave up on attacking from afar and ran forward. He was thinking of narrowing the distance between him and Pyo-wol and then slitting his throat.

Pyo-wol came into his eyes.

It was slithering like a snake rapidly closing the gap.

something was unpleasant

It’s as if food debris gets stuck between your haircuts.

But he couldn’t figure out why.

In the end Ak Chusan decided that he’d think about it after decapitating Pyo-wol.


The Lion King technique unfolded one after another.


The entire surrounding was filled with the qi emanating from the Lion King Sword.

The power radiating from the sword swept everything. Grass soared into the sky while leaves fell in abundance.

The Lion King Sword technique of Ak Chusan was indeed destructive enough to be classified as one of the strongest in Jianghu.

With Ak Chusan successfully executing his swordsmanship technique with all his might there would not be many masters in Jianghu who could face him head-on and gain an advantage.


A huge pit reminiscent of a pond was dug on the ground where the qi-infused sword was placed.

It was truly a formidable force.

However Ak Chusan’s attack did not even touch Pyo-wol.

Pyo-wol had used his Snake Steps to avoid the attack of Ak Chusan. He did not even attack back.

Pyo-wol’s appearance and reaction made Ak Chusan even more angry.

“Do you think you can make fun of me??”


With his increased feelings of anger Ak Chusan lashed out towards Pyo-wol even more fiercely.

It was impossible for Pyo-wol to continue avoiding the continuous attacks that raged like a storm.

So he executed his Black Lightning.

The Black Lightning raises the body’s response to the highest level. The human body’s reaction operates with electrical signals in the brain. By using Black Lightning he would be able to increase the body’s reaction speed capable of surpassing human limits.

By using Black Lightning Pyo-wol reached the point of being able to subdue his opponent with his hands behind his back. 1

With Black Lightning the nerves connecting his whole body stood up sharply like strings and his response to external stimuli also increased several times.

His thinking also accelerated.

A lot of information came through his senses.

Information such as Ak Chusan’s breathing pupil and muscle movement his grasp on the sword and the direction and depth of his toes poured in like a flood.

This flood of information that ordinary people would normally not be able to handle is sorted and refined in an instant through his accelerated thinking.

With the information obtained in this way Pyo-wol could predict and react easily to Ak Chusan’s next moves.


With just one inch difference Ak Chusan’s attack passed by Pyo-wol. Had Pyo-wol’s reaction been a little delayed his head would have been cut in half.

But Pyo-wol’s expression did not waver at all.

The same situation has been repeated several more times ever since.

If Ak Chusan had swung the sword a little further to the left he felt like he would be able to cut off Pyo-wol’s head.

But he always misses him by an inch.


Ak Chusan seemed to stop right in front of Pyo-wol.

Ak Chusan stretched out his hand as he moved forward. Pyo-wol on the other hand was retreating at the same speed as Ak Chusan.

That’s why Ak Chusan seems to have stopped right in front of Pyo-wol.”

“You b*stard!”

Angered Ak Chusan concentrated his energy on his sword.

Then his qi stretched out and stabbed Pyo-wol’s head. Only then did Pyo-wol lower his head to avoid his qi.

Ak Chusan was about to go insane.

No matter how much he tried to attack Pyo-wol would alway avoid it by a narrow gap.

It seemed as if he stretched out my hand a little more he would be able to reach him but Pyo-wol maintained the gap between them.

Even though he was right in front of me Pyo-wol was like a mirage.

Ak Chusan had fought numerous warriors and made his way through many chaos but this was the first time in his life.

That’s why it’s even more horrifying.

However he couldn’t retreat now.

Dead or alive he had to attack more fiercely.


Pyo-wol felt his whole body tingle.

Ak Chusan’s attacks so far had been threatening. However he avoided every one of those attacks by a narrow margin.

It would have been impossible without the acceleration of his thoughts.

Ak Chusan did not know that by attacking more fiercely he was moving according to Pyo-wol’s intention.

It was the Devil’s Hell.3

It was Pyo-wol’s unique fighting method that gave the illusion that if the opponent would just stretch out his hand a little more he would be able to reach it forcing him to go beyond his limits.

Ak Chusan had already fallen into ant hell.

At the center of it was a Pyo-wol.

Ak Chusan’s body was wet with sweat. He was already out of breath. He still had energy left but it felt like his stamina was already exhausted.

This was the moment Pyo-wol was aiming for.


Pyo-wol broke away from his defensive position and rushed forward.


Ak Chusan withdrew his long sword and defended his chest.

However Pyo-wol’s attack penetrated through Ak Chusan’s defense.


With an explosion Ak Chusan’s body was thrown backwards.

He grabbed his chest with his hand. Pyo-wol’s strike had been strong. It was an attack that concentrated its power on a single point and hit it hard.

Although Ak Chusan tried to deflect the attack by concentrating his qi on his chest it was not enough to prevent his bones from breaking.

Apart from the pain of having broken bones he couldn’t breathe properly because his insides were shaking from the shock and impact.

Pyo-wol dug in without missing the gap.

He was like a poisonous snake that never let go of its prey.

He was infinitely tenacious and cruel.

Before he knew it the phantom dagger hidden in his waist was already in both of his hands.

Cit! Ciiit!

Two phantom daggers dug through Ak Chusan one after another like the fangs of a poisonous snake.


The sound of a meat being pierced with an awl rang out one after another.

Although it was completely different from the usual one hit kill principle of an assassin Pyo-wol was still delivering significant blows to the enemy.


Ak Chusan’s face turned white in pain.

‘If this continues I will die.’

He felt the threat of death.

He had already been stabbed in five or six places and blood gushed from his wounds. It was clear that he would die from blood lost if he wastes any more time.

Ak Chusan unfolded the zenith of the Lion King which he had saved until the end.


At that moment something fine had wrapped around his neck.

Ak Chusan who was preoccupied with the phantom daggers did not notice that fact.

The object wrapped around his neck was the Soul-Reaping Thread. Before he knew it Pyo-wol retrieved his phantom daggers and replaced them with the Soul-Reaping Thread.


The Soul-Reaping Thread dug into Ak Chusan’s neck.

Editor’s Notes

Thank you for reading! Hope you enjoy the chapter~

Subdue his opponent with his hands behind his back. Raws: 후발제인(後酸制人). An old saying. This means ‘to subdue the opponent by using the hand behind the back’ and refers to a strategy to subdue the enemy at once by conceding one step when dealing with the enemy examining the superiority and inferiority and then attacking the weakness. In battle when the enemy lines up and the momentum is sharp do not face it head-on but take a step back and wait and then take advantage of the gap in the enemy line and momentum to attack and subdue the enemy. Horrifying. Raws: Songyeon 송연(陳然). 陳 exhibit display; plead; surname 然 yes certainly; pledge promise Devil’s Hell. Raws: 마의지옥(妈似地獄). 妈 mother mama 似 resemble similar to; as if seem 地 earth; soil ground; region 獄 prison jail; case; lawsuit

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