Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 178

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 178

Light Novel: Volume 8 Episode 3Manhwa: N/A

Hwa Yu-cheon’s eyebrows pointed towards the sky.

It wasn’t his usual soft expression. Only his eyebrows were raised but the overall impression changed.

His subordinates stiffened like ice as soon as they saw the lifeless eyes and ferocious expression on Hwa Yu-cheon’s face.

If Hwa Yu-cheon was simply a good person the Heavenly Silver Marketplace would not have grown to this extent. He was a tyrant disguised as a good man.

His subordinates who knew his true self could not even dare to take a deep breath at the sight they hadn’t seen in a long time.

“Are you saying that the outer disciples are now in disarray and running away?”

“That’s right.”

“How dare they leave the Dead Forest without my permission.”

“I’m sorry.”

The warrior who reported the situation bowed his head and apologized as if he had done something wrong.

But that did not relieve Hwa Yu-cheon’s anger.

“What couldn’t the captain stop his subordinates from escaping?”

“That is…”

“Say it!”

“It appears that he has lost his life due to certain circumstances.”

“Certain circumstances? What kind of bullshit is that?”

“According to those who fled the captain remained until the end.”


“That was the last time they saw him. They could not find him anywhere after that.”

“This is crazy! What the hell is going on?”

In the end Hwa Yu-cheon’s anger exploded.

A little while ago the outer disciples abruptly left their battle positions and fled.

It was impossible in the first place to stop all those who were fleeing because of fear. So he caught a warrior who was passing by and asked and the only thing he could say was that there was a demon in the Dead Forest.

It was impossible to get accurate information from his gibberish.

One thing is for sure someone intervened and he inflicted a great deal of fear on the outer disciples.

Hwa Yu-cheon looked at Mae Bulgun.

“Steward Mae!”

“Please give me your order my lord!”

“Look for the captain of the outer disciples. And find out who caused this mess.”

“I will carry out your orders.”

Mae Bulgun replied with his head bowed deeply.

He was Hwa Yu-cheon’s most reliable subordinate.

He was quick at calculating and good at administration so he was performing the role of a steward.

Except for Hwa Yu-cheon Mae Bulgun was the strongest person in the Heavenly Silver Marketplace.

The only person who knew about it was Hwa Yu-cheon. Therefore he was able to trust and entrust this dangerous mission to him.

Mae Bulgun selected a few trustworthy men before leaving the battle line.

His figure soon disappeared through the bushes.

“Of all things to happen… at this critical time.”

Hwa Yu-cheon clicked his tongue.

They unexpectedly got into a clash with the Bamboo Sea Clan.

At first he was confused but he later thought it was a good thing.

Until now they have expanded their power by obtaining the territory of the Bamboo Sea Clan little by little but they soon reached their limits.

In order to expand the area beyond this they had to clash head-on with the Bamboo Sea Clan.

It’s burdensome and they had no justification so they were only watching around so far but unexpectedly Yeo Hwa-young moved her troops to attack.

For Hwa Yu-cheon whose back is itchy it’s as if his opponent scratched it on his own.

A golden opportunity to gain Gongbu and inflict great damage to the Bamboo Sea Clan if done well.

If they miss this opportunity they never know when this opportunity will come again. That’s why he called for additional troops.

But he didn’t know they would be in such a big mess even before Gongbu was secured.

Hwa Yu-cheon looked around.

His subordinates stopped looking around.

This was the problem.

Without Hwa Yu-cheon and Mae Bulgun his subordinates were like a sack of barley laid out. They had to receive instructions one by one before they would move. They would never take the initiative to move on their own.

This was a chronic problem of the new sects like the Heavenly Silver Marketplace who rose up with the strong presence and leadership of a leader.

Like the Heavenly Silver Marketplace it was a chronic problem that the newcomers who rose up with the strong presence and leadership of the leader had.

However he could not vent his anger on his subordinates. In any case they were part of the precious foundation that made today’s Heavenly Silver Marketplace.

Instead he found someone else.

“Why can’t I find Ok-gi?”

“His lord said he would move separately and left.”


“He went together with his friends Lord Lim Tae-moon and Lady Geum Juhwa.”

“Then I’m relieved.” so un dless wind 21

No matter how much he didn’t like his son he was his only family.

The reason why he expanded the Heavenly Silver Marketplace like crazy was to pass on a solid foundation to his son.

That was then.


An unusually eerie wind blew and touched Hwa Yu-cheon and the Heavenly Silver Marketplace warriors.


Someone got fed up among the warriors.

* * *

Mok Gahye clenched her teeth.

A sword was held in her arms.

It was the sword Gongbu that all the warriors who entered the forest were looking for. Because of this single sword many warriors were frantically searching and traversing the Dead Forest.

‘Brother Mugum!’’

Mok Gahye endured while remembering Shin Mugum.

To let her escape Shin Mugum remained in the middle of the Dead Forest.

She didn’t want to leave his side but she had to. Shin Mugum would not be able to fully display his skills because he was worried and had to protect her.

So with tears in her eyes she ran away alone.

‘Just stay alive. I’ll save you somehow.’

Just a few days ago Mok Gahye was very soft hearted. But as she went through hardships one after another she became strong.

Her eyes were full of poison.

She doesn’t trust anyone except for the Shin Mugum.

In the isolated situation the only thing she could trust was herself.

When she was walking steadfast through the bushes while swallowing her tears


There was a sudden sharp sound coming from the front.

Mok Gahye instinctively fell to the floor.

Her reaction saved her life.


A fairly large sword was stuck in a wooden pole. Someone threw his sword away like a hidden weapon.

Mok Gahye raised her head and looked in the direction the sword came from.

“Lady Mok! Right?”

Seven warriors were approaching her.

The warriors exuding sharp energy were from the Bamboo Sea clan. Their gazes were fixed on the sword Gongbu that Mok Gahye was holding.

“If you pass that sword we will spare your life.”

The leader among the warriors said as he held out his hand.

But Mok Gahye did not believe what he said.

He was the one who threw the sword at her. She fortunately avoided the attack but had she reacted a second late she would have definitely lost her life.

She was not naive enough to believe in the person who threw the sword aiming for her life.

Mok Gahye hid Gongbu behind her back and retreated.

A nervous light appeared on the leader’s face.

“Can’t you see that many people are suffering because of you? It would do you good to hand over the sword.”

Yeo Hwa-young urged the warriors of the Bamboo Sea Clan not to take Mok Gahye’s life. It was because it was a huge blow to her just by taking away her Gongbu. Furthermore she let her go because they were both women.

The warriors of the Bamboo Sea Clan tried to follow her orders at first. However as the clash with the Heavenly Silver Marketplace warriors intensified the number of casualties increased making her change her mind.

They thought that the cause of all this was Mok Gahye.

If Mok Gahye hadn’t escaped from the Heavenly Silver Marketplace with Gongbu in the first place this kind of incident would not have happened.

Hatred soared inside of them as they thought that they had lost their colleagues because of Mok Gahye.

They participated in the fight for Gongbu because of the Heavenly Silver Marketplace’s greed but as the damage increased even Mog Gahye became their object of hatred.

They glared at Mok Gahye with such intensity.

In the past Mok Gahye would not have dared to look into their eyes.

But it was different now.

“This sword is the heirloom of our family. What qualifications do you have to ask for it?”

“Not having the power to protect such treasure is a sin in itself. You are not worthy to own that sword.”

“I thought that only the Heavenly Silver Marketplace was a wolf’s lair but the Bamboo Sea Clan is no different. Did your Lady force you to take away this sword? If so she is equally vicious as the Heavenly Silver Marketplace’s sect leader Hwa Yu-cheon.”

“How dare you insult our Lady!”

The leader of the warriors was very angry.

Mok Gahye thought that the scene was hilarious.

The warrior in front of her was spitting out insults towards her with no hesitation but he was getting angry when she did the same towards the person he served.


Mok Gahye drew her sword and pointed it at the leader.

“I can insult your Lady as much as I want. If you don’t want to hear insults from me you’ll have to take my life.” ‘

“Even if you don’t say that I will!”

The leader of the warriors attacked Mok Gahye together with his subordinates.

Mok Gahye fought back by swinging her sword with all her might.


The swords collided and flew in all directions.

Mok Gahye fought back with all her might. However she was inferior in numbers as well as in martial arts.


She couldn’t last for more than twenty seconds and was seriously injured.

Mok Gahye sat down bleeding profusely.

Then the leader of the warriors approached her.

“See how nice your ending would be if you just hand out Gongbu.”

He pointed his sword at the neck of Mok Gahye.

Mok Gahye could not resist at all.

She didn’t feel any fear or shame. She was just resentful of the reality that she had to suffer like this because she had no strength.

“Tsk! So it was the garbage from the Bamboo Sea Clan.”

At that moment someone’s cold voice was heard in the bushes.

“Who are you?”

The leader of the warriors took the sword from Mok Gahye’s neck and looked in the direction the voice came from.

At that moment a man and a woman walked out of the bush.

The moment he saw the person who was at the forefront the leader’s expression became distorted.

“Hwa Ok-gi?”

“How dare you disrespect the guests of our sect.”

The man in the lead was Hwa Ok-gi the heir of the Heavenly Silver Marketplace. Those who followed were Lim Tae-moon and Geum Juhwa.

His subordinates were on standby around the area.

If they had been fine they would have informed him when Hwa Ok-gi and the others were nearing the area. Their lack of contact meant that they had already been wiped out.

It was clear that the blood stained on their clothes belonged to his subordinates.

“Don’t think about going back alive today.”

The leader of the warriors pointed his sword at Hwa Ok-gi.

For a moment it was difficult to look at Hwa Ok-gi’s eyes.

“I don’t know who should be saying that.”

Although he lost his reputation after abandoning Hwangbo Chiseung Hwa Ok-gi’s martial arts still could not be taken lightly.

Hwa Ok-gi thought that if he made a contribution this time he would be able to earn the trust of Hwa Yu-cheon again.

Geum Juhwa walked beside Hwa Ok-gi.

“I’ll help too.”


Hwa Ok-gi nodded.

Lim Tae-moon took a step back and said

“Then I will secure Mok Gahye and Gongbu.”

No matter how much Hwa Ok-gi and Geum Juhwa overpower the warriors of the Bamboo Sea Clan if they missed Mok Gahye it would be for nothing.

“Hit it!”

At that moment the Bamboo Sea clan warriors attacked Hwa Ok-gi and Geum Juhwa.


A fierce battle happened between the two parties.

Hwa Ok-gi and Geum Juhwa’s martial arts were great but the warriors from the Bamboo Sea clan could also be said to be the best of the best. Besides being strong they used their numerical superiority to attack the two.

While the two factions were fighting fiercely Lim Tae-moon approached Mok Gahye.

Mok Gahye stood up and pointed her sword.

“Don’t come near me.”

“Heh you’re already hurt but you’re still bluffing.”

Lim Tae-moon snorted and approached her without hesitation.


Mok Gahye gathered her remaining strength and swung her sword. But Lim Tae-moon easily grabbed her wrist and pulled her closer.


Mok Gahye screamed and fell into Lim Tae-moon’s arms.

Lim Tae-moon took away the sword Gongbu she had on her back with her still in his arms.


Mok Gahye struggled and tried to take Gongbu away again but she couldn’t resist against Lim Tae-moon’s strong hold on her.

It was not enough for Lim Tae-moon to take Gongbu he even groped Mok Gahye’s body in his arms.


Mok Gahye wanted to die of shame.

She tried to resist but she could not use her strength because of the wounds she had suffered from the Bamboo Sea clan warriors.


Lim Tae-moon’s hand became more daring.

Hwa Ok-gi and Geum Juhwa fight for their lives but here he was satisfying his greed.

‘Who cares? She’ll die soon anyway.’

Lim Tae-moon assumed that Hwa Yu-cheon would never leave Mok Gahye alive.

So he didn’t feel anything such as guilt.


At that moment when thick teardrops flowed down Mok Gahye’s cheek

“Sister! Do you want me to kill them?”

She heard a mischievous voice.

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