Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 168

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 168

Light Novel: Volume 7 Episode 18

Manhwa: N/A

Wu Jang-rak eventually had no choice but to accept Pung Nosan’s offer.

It would impolite for him to refuse the invitation of the Heavenly Silver Marketplace for no reason.

Above all he had to build a good relationship with a clan like the Heavenly Silver Marketplace for them to receive some help when passing through the area.

After considering various factors Wu Jang-rak decided to stay for a few days at the Heavenly Silver Marketplace.

Pyo-wol also followed Wu Jang-rak’s decision. Because the leader of the group was Wu Jang-rak. That’s how their trip to the Heavenly Silver Marketplace was decided.

When the party got closer to the Heavenly Silver Marketplace the darker the expression on Mok Gahye and Shin Mugum’s faces became.

When the ship finally arrived at Enshi Mo Gahye looked almost as if she was about to cry.

Now that they have finally entered the Heavenly Silver Marketplace the only thing left for her to do was to become the concubine of the old man Hwa Yucheon.

It’s already too late for her to change her mind.


Mok Gahye who was locked in the cabin sighed.

Shin Mugum who was guarding her cabin also had a dark shadow cast on his face.


The ship docked at Enshi’s wharf.

The moment Mok Gahye appeared on the deck loud voices were heard.

“We sincerely welcome your arrival Lady Mok!”

Dozens of men lined up at the dock.

They were warriors from the Heavenly Silver Marketplace.

The eyes of the people around the docks were all focused on Mok Gahye.

Mok Gahye could feel her face burning up. If she could she wanted to hide somewhere even if it was a mouse hole.

She felt a belated wave of regret.

She wished she could go back.

Mok Gahye took a deep breath and carefully descended from the ship.

Shim Mugum quietly followed behind her.

Everyone’s eyes were focused on them.

Seeing the back of Mok Gahye going down first Pung Nosan smiled.

Mok Gahye had nowhere to escape.

She will become Hwa Yucheon’s concubine and the sword that was passed down on her Family will become a stepping stone for them to soar higher.

‘I didn’t expect things would work out this smoothly.’

Pung Nosan looked back slowly.

He saw the appearance of Wu Jang-rak.

‘He must be a member of the Snow Cloud Villa.’

Yu Gi-cheon of the Snow Cloud Villa was a person who left a very big mark in the merchant world. Although Yu Gi-cheon had already retired his son was still active in the merchant world.

It was clear that if they use this opportunity to strengthen their relationship with the Snow Cloud Villa they would be of great help to the Heavenly Silver Marketplace.

This was the reason why he invited Wu Jang-rak and his party to the Heavenly Silver Marketplace even though he committed disrespect.

And although he was a little reluctant to bring in the mercenaries hired by Wu Jang-rak to Heavenly Silver Marketplace he was willing to tolerate and accommodate at least that much.

The important thing for now is to build a friendship with Wu Jang-rak. If he strengthened his relationship with Wu Jang-rak his career as a party leader would be a success.

Pung Nosan’s attention was all focused on Wu Jang-rak. So he could not even pay attention to Pyo-wol and Soma who were far away from the party.

No he didn’t even know they existed.

This is because Pyo-wol and Soma have been confined to the cabin the moment Pung Nosan boarded the ship.

When Pyo-wol and Soma came out Wu Jang-rak hurriedly approached them and said

“I’m sorry. They invited us so earnestly that I could not refuse. It seems like the schedule will be delayed for a few more days.”‘

“I told you that I leave everything to you. I don’t care.”

“Thank you for your understanding.”

After Wu Jang-rak thanked him he hurriedly got off the boat.

Pyo-wol and Soma deliberately moved with the mercenaries. This made the other people think that they were also hired mercenaries.

The Heavenly Silver Marketplace was not far from the dock.

People were amazed at the sheer size of Heavenly Silver Marketplace.

Dozens of pavilions could be seen above the high fences. It was not the size of a manor. It was as if a section of Chengdu had been removed and moved.

“This is amazing. I knew that Heavenly Silver Marketplace’s power was great but I didn’t expect it to be like this.”

Wu Jang-rak admired the huge appearance of the Heavenly Silver marketplace.

The Snow Cloud Villa was also quite large but it was shabby compared to the Heavenly Silver Marketplace in front of them.

In front of the main gate of Heavenly Silver Marketplace a man in his early fifties was waiting for them.

Clear eyes and a clean impression created a neat atmosphere.

He looked around the visitors.

“Welcome. My name is Mae Bulgun. I am the steward of the Heavenly Silver Marketplace. Thank you for visiting our sect. You must be tired from the long journey so please take this time to rest and attend the evening banquet.”

“Thank you for the invitation Lord Mae!”

“No. I’m the one who’s grateful for your visit. Let us talk in detail at the dinner party. Everyone should take a break for now. We have an empty guest hall for all of you.”

“Okay. We will talk in the evening then.”

“At that time the banquet will be hosted by the head of the main sect and not me.”


“I’ll see you then Lord Wu!”

Mae Bulgun said his farewell to Wu Jang-rak.

He then approached Mok Gahye.

As he came closer Mok Ga-hye flinched involuntarily.

‘I feel nervous.’

Mae Bulgun had a spotless clear eyes. However as soon as she saw his eyes Mok Gahye could feel goosebumps running all over her body.

“We have set up a separate residence for Lady Mok. You can rest there.”

“I want to be with them.”


Mae Bulgun blinked.

He didn’t expect Mok Gahye to say something like this.

He tried to smile and said

“But the Lord directly instructed us serve and give special attention to Lady Mok. If it’s known that you’re staying in the guest house with the others a lot of people will be shocked.”

“Why do I have to get special attention?”


“I’m not a member of the Heavenly Silver Marketplace yet. I think it’s more natural for me to stay in the empty guest hall. Isn’t that right?”


Mae Bulgun’s complexion visibly hardened at Mok Gahye’s bold words. But since there were so many people were watching he immediately loosened his expression and said

“Haha! If that’s what Lady Mok wishes then I will do so. Alright. I’ll arrange a residence for you in the guest hall. Feel free to stay there but if you feel uncomfortable please let us know. We will immediately arrange another place.”

“Thank you.”

Mok Gahye bowed her head.

For a moment Mae Bulgun’s eyes seemed to looked down at her. But when Mok Gahye looked up again his eyes had already returned to normal.

“Then I’ll see you later in the evening Lady Mok.”

Mae Bulgun withdrew after saying his goodbye.


Mok Gahye sighed softly as he disappeared from her view.

She tried to pretend to be calm but she was very nervous.

All of this was unfamiliar to Mok Gahye.

A huge manor with people concealing their thoughts. All of this made her feel more scared.

If it hadn’t been for Shin Mugum she might have collapsed and burst into tears.

Shin Mugum looked at her with a worried expression.

“Are you okay?”

“I… I’m fine.”


“I’m really fine. Seriously.”

“Alright. Hoo…!”

Shin Mugum sighed softly.

That was then.


They suddenly heard a familiar voice.

There was only one person here who would call her sister.

“What is it Soma?”

“Do you want me to kill him?”


“The steward do you want me to kill him?”

“Oh no! Don’t do that!”

Mok Gahye freaked out and immediately turned down Soma’s offer.

If another child had said something like this she would have dismissed it as a joke but Soma was a child who would really do what he had said.

Above all he had the ability to do so.

Soma smiled and continued

“Tell me once you change your mind okay?”

“O Okay.”

Mok Gahye answered with difficulty.

She entered her room with an exhausted look on her face.

Soma looked at Mok Gahye’s back before approaching Pyo-wol.

“Let us rest too brother!”

“Go in first.”

“What about you brother?”

“I’ll take a look outside.”

“Then you should come back before dinner.”

“Don’t worry.”

“Okay see you later.”

Soma went inside first.

At that time Ko Il-pae approached Pyo-wol.

“Are you going outside?”


“We’re going out too.”

“Without resting?”

“What else can we do here? It’s better to have a drink outside. I’ve already told Lord Wu. So go with us when we go out. That way you won’t have to go through the cumbersome procedures.”


Pyo-wol thought that Ko Il-pae was very smart.

Pyo-wol was currently covering his face tightly with a scarf because he didn’t want to be noticed.

However once he goes out alone he would have to reveal his face as part of the protocol. This is because the guards need to verify his identity once he comes back.

However if Ko Il-pae and the mercenaries were at the forefront there was no need for him to show his face. If they were together when they go out they would also be together when they return. In that way they won’t bother to check Pyo-wol’s face.

It was clear that Ko Il-pae made this suggestion to Pyo-wol because he knew the protocol beforehand.

Pyo-wol immediately left the Heavenly Silver Marketplace with the mercenaries.

The warriors who were guarding Heavenly Silver Marketplace only checked Ko Il-pae’s face and then sent out the mercenaries and Pyo-wol outside.

Once they left the main gate Seol Hajin asked

“Where are you going? Why don’t you just have a drink with us?”

Seol Hajin treated Pyo-wol comfortably because she already shared a night with him.

Pyo-wol shook his head.

“No I have work to do.”

“What is it?”


“Fine I won’t ask. Have a safe trip.”

Seol Hajin raised her hands after reading Pyo-wol’s inner thoughts like a ghost.

Pyo-wol broke up with them without looking back.

Hong Mugwang glared at Pyo-wol’s back.

Ko Il-pae looked at Hong Mugwang and said

“What? Do you want to lose your remaining eye?”

“Ah… no.”

Hong Mugwang bowed his head.

He felt resentful after losing one of his eyes but he had no courage to take revenge.

* * *

Enshi was a quiet city.

Each city has its own unique atmosphere depending on the temperament of the people living in it.

Cities with a great influx of people coming from the outside such as Chengdu naturally create a unique noisy atmosphere.

In comparison Enshi was on the quiet side despite it being a fairly large city. The streets were quite quiet. It was unknown whether it was because of the introverted nature of the people.

After going around the city once Pyo-wol entered the downtown area.

The downtown area was no different from any other city.

The streets which were lined up with pubs guest houses and brothels were overflowing with people.

The sky was overcast with clouds as if it was going to rain at any moment but the courtesans were enticing drunks by sticking their upper body half out of the window without paying any attention.

People who are swayed by the temptations of courtesans and stride into the brothel while people who go into cheap pubs blame the thin pockets. There were all sorts of people.

“Hey brother! Take down your scarf. It’s hot here so why are you wrapping yourself up?”

A courtesan with her head out the window tried to seduce Pyo-wol.

Her face was full of wrinkles.

She had once made a name for himself in a large brothel in a big city. But since she could not overcome the flow of time she eventually moved to Enshi.

Although she is now selling her body at a cheap brothel her eyesight is still intact.

Just by looking at Pyo-wol’s body shape and atmosphere she could guess that Pyo-wol would be good-looking.

“Come here.”

She waved her hand and seduced Pyo-wol.

But Pyo-wol didn’t even look at her.

The reason why Pyo-wol decided to go here was to understand the atmosphere of the city and obtain information about the Heaven Silver Marketplace.

This was what he usually did wherever he went. He would first grasp the atmosphere and memorize the geography of the area in his head.

It was a survival instinct engraved on his body.

Pyo-wol was well aware that each of these minor acts could one day save his life.

When Pyo-wol looked around in front of the entrance of a certain guest house

“Can you move for a second?”

A woman’s voice came from behind him.

As he turned around he could see a woman who had her face covered looking at him.

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