Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 164

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 164

Light Novel: Volume 7 Episode 14

Manhwa: N/A

The waiter served the food.

These were the food Soma pre-ordered before Pyo-wol arrived.

“Let’s eat brother!”

Soma rubbed his hands in excitement.

He couldn’t eat proper food when they had to camp outside so now that he had delicious food in front of him he could not stop drooling.

“What about the others?”

“The people from the Snow Cloud Villa already went into their own rooms after they finished eating. The mercenaries came in a while ago. One of those insects was injured. Did you do something to them brother?”

“That’s right.”

“How come you’re the only one who’s having fun? Let me join in too.”

“You weren’t there.”

“Hehe I better not be separated from my brother from now on.”

Soma giggled and picked up his chopsticks.

If anyone else had heard it goosebumps would have risen all over the person’s body but Pyo-wol didn’t think Soma was strange.

Soma was originally that kind of kid.

Pyo-wol did not think of Soma by the standards of ordinary people. Since Pyo-wol himself was no ordinary person he understood Soma.

The chef’s skill was actually not that great. The liver was jagged and some of the food had very strong flavors.

But the two of them ate without complaint. They weren’t picky about food so the food in front of them was enough to satisfy them.

Pyo-wol and Soma had many similarities.

One of which is that both of them are light eaters. They may be able to eat a variety of food but they never eat in large quantities.

If a person eats too much food their body and senses become dull. This is the reason why they decide to only eat a little.

If some stranger saw them they would have cursed or scolded them for being wasteful.

The two of them also don’t drink alcohol.

A person may feel good when they drink but because alcohol relaxes the nerves it can leave a person defenseless.

When the two of them were busy eating for a long time


They suddenly heard a loud noise outside.

Pyo-wol and Soma could also feel a strong vibration from where they were sitting.

* * *


Shin Mugum knelt down on one knee and held his sword firmly.


His sword was crying.

Shin Mugum has the ability to make his sword cry. But it was not his will for the sword to cry now.

When he blocked a sudden attack Shin Mugum’s blade trembled from the shock.


Mok Gahye who was behind him was about to come forward. But Shin Mugum raised his hand and stopped her.

“It’s dangerous. Stay behind me.”


“I will protect you.”

Shin Mugum stood up with his back straight.

Right in front of him were the men who attacked him.

All seven of them were radiating unorganized rough aura. Warriors who became stronger in the wilderness not in prestigious factions tend to emit this kind of aura.

This could only mean that the men who attacked him were mercenaries.

Shin Mugum pointed his sword at them and opened his mouth

“Who are you? Who ordered you to attack us?”

“You don’t need to know about that. You just have to turn over the sword Gongbu.”

“How did you–?”

Shin Mugum’s eyes fluttered.

He had two swords.

One was the sword he was holding in his hand and the other was a sword carefully wrapped in a white cloth on his back.

The name of the sword carried on his back was called Gongbu.

“If you give me the Gongbu I will spare your life.”

“Who ordered you to do this? It’s a top secret that I have the Gongbu.”

“Tch! Seeing that you’re talking so much it doesn’t seem like you’re willing to give it to me. Well it doesn’t matter. We’re not going to spare you anyway.”

The leader’s one and only eye shone sharply.

He was the One-eyed Ghost Baek Jin-gung.

The men who attacked Shin Mugum were the Demon Chasing Team led by him.

As soon as they got the information that traces of Mok Gahye and Shin Mugum were found in Bishan they ran non-stop. And after a thorough search of Bishan they were able to finally find the two of them.

Baek Jin-gung’s eyes gleamed with murderous intent.

His one and only eye was fixed on the sword strapped on the back of Shin Mugum.


One of the Three Great Swords created by the legendary craftsman Kanji Kuyazawa.

Besides Gongbu there was also Longyuan and Tai’e.1

‘That must be the real Gongbu.’

The sword Gongbu does not have any special effects. It was just a little harder or sharper than any other sword. But there was a story behind those famous swords specifically about its owners.

The owner of Longyuan and Tai’e were all heroes of the first generation. Therefore there is a perception that the two swords were both hero’s swords.

On the other hand Gongbu was only known by its name. No one knew of its owner.

Gongbu Longyuan and Tai’e were all swords made by the same craftsman. So if the other two were the swords used by heroes then Gonbu is also qualified to be called a hero’s sword.

Just by wielding Gongbu the person could be called a hero.

With the passage of time the Tai’e and Longyuan disappeared. It was not known whether those two swords were broken or buried with its owner.

What is certain is that there is little chance of those two appearing again.

So with Gongbu being treated the same as two swords anyone was bound to be greedy.

‘Maybe Gongbu was passed down as a family treasure of an unknown samurai.’

The owner of Gongbu was the Mok family. And for some reason. Mok Gahye was heading to Enshi with Gongbu.

Baek Jin-gung’s quest was to seize Gongbu in the middle.

The client said that there was no need to take the lives of the two but Baek Jin-gung had a different idea in mind.

‘Kill them to make sure there’s no aftermath.’

If rumors spread that they have seized Gongbu they will become a target for many.

The sword Gongbu was worth that much. Just by being the owner of the sword their reputation will advance in Jianghu.

If a famous warrior in Jianghu becomes the master of Gongbu everyone will admire him.

However if rumors spread that Baek Jin-gung a mere mercenary was its owner it was clear that many people would rush to kill him.

So he had to deal with Shin Mugum and the Mok Gahye as quietly as possible.

Even if he has to go against the will of the client.


“We’re here.”

The Demon Chasing Team appeared all over the alley. Those who were scattered looking for Mok Gahye and Shin Mugum came running after seeing the signal.

‘Twenty in total!’

Shin Mugum’s face darkened.

It was already difficult with seven people blocking the front but now the number of people has tripled.

‘No matter what happens I must protect her grace.’

Shin Mugum strengthened his resolve and his grip on the sword tightened.

“Hit it!”

At that moment the Demon Chasing Team offensive attacks began.

The Demon Chasing Team was very good at this kind of work. They realized that Shin Mugum’s weakness was Mok Gahye so they focused their attacks on her.

Like a descendant of a samurai family Mok Gahye also had outstanding martial arts skills. But she had little practical experience so she struggled with the harsh offensive of the mercenaries.

“These guys!”

Shin Mugum was dizzy in trying to deal with the mercenaries.

He would try to save Mok Gahye who was in a crisis but in turn it would reveal his weaknesses.

And Baek Jin-gung never failed to attack the gap in Shin Mugum’s defenses.

‘As expected.’

A mean smile hung on his lips.

Shin Mugum’s negligence was unusual.

If they had to face Shin Mugum under normal circumstances more than half of the Demon Chasing Team would have to be prepared to die.

Even Baek Jin-gung himself was not confident of his victory if he faced Shin Mugum.

However Shin Mugum had a burden.

Mok Ga-hye.

He didn’t care if other people called him cowardly.

If he had valued honor in the first place he would have become a disciple of a prestigious sect rather than becoming a mercenary.

He was a human being who did not care even if his face fell to the floor in order to achieve his goal.

He left Shin Mugum to his subordinates and attacked Mok Gahye directly.

When Baek Jin-gung intervened Mok Gahye who was unable to stand the attacks any longer and suffered a major wound to her side.


Her scream shocked Shin Mugum.


Shin Mugum jumped in to save Mok Gahye without hesitation. He was hurt in the process but he didn’t even feel any pain.

His head was only filled with the thought that he must somehow save Mok Gahye.

‘A chance!’

Baek Jin-gung did not miss the gap and struck like lightning.



Shin Mugum stumbled after receiving a severe wound on his back.

But he persevered and did not fall down.


Mok Gahye’s eyes were filled with tears as she looked at Shin Mugum standing in front of her.

Shin Mugum’s back was red with blood.

Mok Gahye shut her eyes tightly. Watching Shin Mugum get hurt because of her was more painful than dying.

‘I’m holding him back.’

Tears welled up from her eyes.

“It’s finished. Push them a little more.”

Even at that moment Baek Jin-gung encouraged his subordinates.

Due to the continuous barrage of attack the wounds on Shin Mugum increased more and more.

Still he didn’t give up.


The appearance of Shin Mugum desperately wielding a sword while screaming like a beast was terrifying.

Baek Jin-gung and the Demon Chasing Team attacked Shin Mugum again and again.

They were seasoned hunters.

“Heh heh heh!”

“Cry more!”

They mocked Shin Mugum and Mok Gahye.

When Mok Gahye was about to give up in despair

“Sister do you have more beef jerky?”

A child’s voice came out of the blue.

Mok Gahye was startled and looked ahead.

A young child with loose clothes was standing before her.

It was a very strange sight.

Baek Jin-gung and the Demon Chasing Team were obviously surrounding her and Shin Mugum. Even after the two of them frantically struggled they could not break through the encirclement.

However a young boy easily penetrated through the encirclement of Baek Jin-gung and the Demon Chasing Team.

Mok Gahye could not understand the situation in front of her.

It was the same with the Demon Chasing Team.

“When did–?”

“Who is this kid?”

They couldn’t hide their bewildered expressions. In particular the feelings that Baek Jin-gung felt could not be expressed in words.

Baek Jin-gung had the feeling that he had seen the boy in front of Mok Gahye somewhere. But he couldn’t remember exactly where he saw him.

The boy asked Mok Gahye once more.

“Sister do you have more beef jerky?”

The boy with an innocent smile was Soma.

Mok Gahye shook her head with a confused expression.

“T that was the last one.”


“B but I can make you more.”


Soma’s face which had a disappointed expression for a moment immediately lightened up.

“I can make it for you quickly. I swear!”

“You promise?”

“I’ll make it for you if you save us.”



“Do you want me to kill them all?”

At that moment Moh Gahye felt a creepy feeling that could not be described in words.

No one else knew but Moh Gahye knew how terrifying the words of the boy in front of her were.

If it were any other time she would have never answered. However the bloodied appearance of Shin Mugum blew away her reason.



Soma smiled broadly at her answer.

The Demon Chasing Team who saw the scene had a dumbfounded expression on their faces.

“What bullshit is this little kid— Keuk!”


With a terrifying pounding sound a fountain of blood soared from the warrior’s neck.

The wheel had cut through his throat.


Before anyone knew it seven wheels were circling around Soma.

Editor’s Notes

Thank you for reading! Hope you enjoy the chapter~

According to the Yuejue shu (Record of Precious Swords) the swordsmith Ou Yezi made three swords for King Goujian of Yue named Longyuan Tai’e and Gongbu.

Gongbu. Raws: 공포(工布).

工 gōng – labor work worker laborer

布 bù – cotton cloth textiles linen

Longyuan. Raws: 용연(龍潤).

龍 lóng lǒng máng – dragon; symbolic of emperor

潤 rùn – soft moist; sleek; freshen

Tai’e. Raws: 태아(太阿).

太 tài – very too much; big; extreme

阿 ā à a ē ě ǎ – prefix for people’s names; used in transliteration

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