Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 159

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 159

Light Novel: Volume 7 Episode 9

Manhwa: N/A

Lee Yulsan the sect leader of the Wind and Thunder Clan was a cold-hearted man.

It was he who predicted the demand of mercenaries established the mercenary guild in Dazhou and developed it to where it is today.

While he was also strong in martial arts what made him stand out more than anything else was his cool-headed brain that can read and predict the flow of the time.

Before he became the sect leader the Wind and Thunder Clan was just a loser in a small area called Dazhou. Since its influence was insignificant they cannot even be compared with the other sects that ruled Sichuan

Lee Yulsan wanted to break the limits of his sect.

So he came up with the mercenary guild.

He intended to expand the influence of Wind and Thunder Clan by creating a mercenary guild in Dazhou.

His gamble was right.

By systematically managing the mercenaries and connecting them to the merchant or escort groups where they are needed the Wind and Thunder Clan manage to earn enormous wealth and exert great influence not only on Dazhou but also on the surrounding areas.

While they were still far from the other sects in Sichuan Jianghu they still managed to create a meaningful foothold where they could challenge them in the next few decades.

It was already dinner time but Lee Yulsan forgot to eat and was reading a booklet containing the trends of the mercenary guild.

Information such as who hired a mercenary and how much they paid for were all detailed in this booklet.

Just by looking at this booklet he could see not only the trends of the mercenary guild but also the trends of merchant companies and escort groups going in and out of Sichuan. For that reason the Wind and Thunder Clan updated the information in the booklet once a month and treated it like a treasure. s o u n d l e s s w i n d 2 1 . c o m


“Sect leader! Something has happened!”

Someone slammed the door open and ran inside.

The man with the goatee was Steward Yu who oversaw the management of the mercenary guild in the Wind and Thunder Clan.

Lee Yulsan frowned and looked at Steward Yu.

“What’s going on? I told you not to disturb me at this hour.”

“It’s a big deal! Our men are dying right now in the West Wind Guest House!”

“Isn’t our mercenary guild a short distance from the West Wind Guest House? Are the mercenaries making a fuss again?”

“No it’s not our mercenary–

Steward Yu was unable to continue his words and stuttered.

With a contemplative look on his face Lee Yulsan felt like the situation was more serious than he had expected.

Lee Yulsan stood up as he closed the booklet.

“Gather all the disciples you can mobilize. I’ll go to the West Wind Guest House right now.”

“Yes sect leader!”

Steward Yu hastily gathered the disciples in the West Wind Guest House. Excluding the disciples who were out for work as many as five disciples gathered.

With a certain amount of power anyone can easily overcome any danger.

Lee Yulsan asked

“How is the situation now?”

“All of the disciples who went to the West Wind Guest House have died.”


“Yes! All five are dead.”

“Who’s the attacker?”

“One guy and one kid.”

“Is it just them?”

“Yes! I only found out because a mercenary was nearby the West Wind Guest House. The moment he saw the tragedy he reported it in a hurry.”

“Hmm… Five people died?”

Lee Yulsan’s expression changed seriously.

It wasn’t just one or two people but five people were killed without even trying to resist.

This could only mean that the martial arts of the enemy were beyond normal.

But Lee Yulsan didn’t worry about it too much.

Dazhou is the territory of the Wind and Thunder Clan.

He could always get help not only from the warriors of the Wind and Thunder Clan but also the mercenaries as well as the usual trade partners such as merchant or escort companies.

With this level of power he was not afraid even against Jianghu’s large clan.

However as soon as he opened the door to the West Wind Guest House Lee Yulsan immediately realized that his mindset was wrong.

He could obviously see a lot of people in the guest house but he couldn’t hear the sound of anyone breathing out loud.

If Lee Yulsan came in with his subordinates he would have shown some kind of reaction.

But he did not move. He stayed still like a stone statue.

He observed the expressions of the people in the guest house.

Lee Yulsan could read the horror on their faces.

At least half of the people in the guest house were warriors who had mastered martial arts. These warriors were not the kind who would easily get discouraged wherever they went. They were warriors who would react strongly if they were provoked.

But now not one of the West Wind Guest House warriors had a rebellious look on their face. They had their heads bowed.

This could only mean one thing.

They were crushed by fear.


Lee Yulsan took a deep breath and found the source of the fear that was weighing down on the warriors.

It wasn’t that hard to find the one who controlled the hall.

Only one person was busy using his chopsticks while everyone couldn’t even lift a finger.


Every time he moved his chopsticks the plate made a noise.

The hand holding the chopsticks looked unusually white and long like a woman.

As soon as he checked his face Lee Yulsan stopped breathing.

It wasn’t just because the person looked more beautiful than a woman.

He wasn’t foolish enough to judge people simply by their looks.

He was surprised because the man’s appearance reminded him of the horror legend that ruled Sichuan.

‘Pyo… wol!’

The man who caused the Qingcheng and Emei sect to close their gates. And recently there also has been an unbelievable story that even the legendary sect of Xizang the Xiaoleiyin Temple has been subdued.

Although others do not know Lee Yulsan who is in charge of numerous information has already confirmed through various channels that the legend of Pyo-wol is not false.

Even if everything was hard to believe all the stories about Pyo-wol were true.

Some of the warriors in Chengdu had also secretly contacted Lee Yulsan.

If you meet a man who is more beautiful than a woman in Sichuan be careful.

He is the one who brings death.

From the moment he deduced the fact that the man in front of him was Pyo-wol Lee Yulsan’s fingers convulsed.

Regardless of his will.

A little boy was sitting next to Pyo-wol.

The moment he saw the baggy clothes and the seven rings hanging around his neck Lee Yulsan was sure that his guess was correct.

At the little boy’s feet were his five men.

It was clear that those five had already died considering that there was no up and down movement in their chest.

Even if he didn’t see it with my own eyes he realized what happened.

‘These garbage…’

Those who became corpses were famous for raping women even in the Wind and Thunder Clan. They have caused several problems so far. And yet they were let go because they knew how to deal effectively with the mercenaries.

He thought they would cause a big problem someday but he didn’t know they would cause such a big accident.

He regretted the fact that he didn’t pull the reins on his subordinates properly especially when Pyo-wol was in their territory.

‘If he really is the reaper then I should not show any resistance.’

Lee Yulsan swallowed dry saliva.

At that moment Soma who was sitting on a chair playfully stomped his feet and opened his mouth.

“Can I kill them all?”

In an instant the air in the hall quickly froze.

It was because they had witnessed the catastrophe caused by that phrase.

Everyone looked at Pyo-wol’s face.

The fate of Lee Yulsan and the warriors of the Wind and Thunder Clan depended on his answer.

Pyo-wol put down his chopsticks and said

“Wait for a moment.”


Soma answered without complaining.

Pyo-wol turned his head and looked at Lee Yulsan.

“From the look in your eyes it seems that you know me.”

“Yes I’ve heard about you.”

Lee Yulsan answered honestly.

“Then this would be easy. They tried to molest me.”

“I’m sorry. It’s all my fault.”

Lee Yulsan knelt down.

He made no excuses.

His subordinate’s fault was his fault.

This problem arose because he couldn’t control them.

There was no room for excuses.

“I will take all the responsibility. Please end it with just me. Please let the others go they’re innocent.”

Lee Yulsan gave up his life.

He wasn’t confident to handle the man in front of him but above all else he wanted to save his other disciples.

At that time Steward Yu knelt down.

“Lord! Please forgive our sect leader! The sect leader is not guilty! Kill me instead!”

“Stay back.”

“What’s the point of living if I lose the sect leader? I will share my fate with the sect leader.”

Despite Lee Yulsan’s dissuasion Steward Yu did not step down.

The appearance of the two could bring tears to anyone’s eyes.

“If you keep talking I’ll kill not only the two of you but all the other members of the Wind and Thunder Clan.”

At that moment Pyo-wol’s cold voice dropped their spirits.



They quickly bowed their heads.

They knew very well that Pyo-wol was not the type to talk nonsense.

If he wanted to the Wind and Thunder Clan could be annihilated in an instant.

Pyo-wol asked Lee Yulsan

“Will it be a problem for me to stay here?”

As soon as he heard Pyo-wol’s voice Lee Yulsan realized that he didn’t want to escalate the matter any further.


“There will be no problem.”

Lee Yulsan banged his head on the floor and answered.

His forehead was torn and bleeding but he didn’t care.


At that moment Soma’s voice was heard.

The moment he saw Soma’s face with a genuinely regretful expression Lee Yulsan felt the blood of his whole body cool down.

If his answer had been even a little late there would have been a blood stream in the guest house.

‘Even the child next to the reaper has a temper like a devil.’

Even if he died he decided never to offend Pyo-wol.

Pyo-wol waved his hand.

Lee Yulsan realized what his hand gestures meant.

“Thank you. We will make sure there is no problem with your stay.”

“Do as you please.”


Lee Yulsan replied vigorously.

It felt like he barely survived after dipping my feet into the abyss of death.

Pyo-wol got up from his seat and went up to his room.

Soma followed Pyo-wol and looked back again and again with a sad expression.

Each time Soma looked back the people in the guest house could feel their hearts pound.



After the appearance of Pyo-wol and Soma had completely disappeared sighs of relief flowed from the inside of the guest house.

It was as if time which had stopped started flowing again.

“Who the hell is he to be so brutal?”

“I cannot believe even the sect leader of the Wind and Thunder Clan sect cannot go against him.”

Most of the guests in the guest house did not even know Pyo-wol’s name let alone his identity. This was because mentioning Pyo-wol’s name itself was a taboo in Sichuan. It was decided by everyone implicitly.

In fact Lee Yulsan not once mentioned Pyo-wol’s name. Because of that the curiosity of those who came from outside Sichuan was inevitably amplified.

At that time Lee Yulsan shouted at the warriors of the Wind and Thunder Clan.

“Clean up the bodies of these b*stards and gather all the mercenaries in the guild. I will lecture them all properly tonight.”

Lee Yulsan’s eyeballs were sticking out of his head.

His anger soared at the top of his head because he was about to be wiped out due to the faults of his subordinates.

The warriors of the Wind and Thunder Clan could already imagine their fate tonight and closed their eyes.

Finally Lee Yulsan spoke to the people in the guest house .

“I’m sorry for the uproar caused by the Wind and Thunder Clan. I’ll pay for all the damages. The security of the guest house will go back to its original state so everyone can rest as much as you want during your stay here. And words of advice it would be nice for this incident to not be shared outside. If I find anyone talking about what happened here I will have my subordinates visit them.”

He apologized and threatened them at the same time but no one protested. Even if Lee Yulsan didn’t say anything there was no one who dared to talk about Pyo-wol and Soma.

The Wind and Thunder Clan recovered the dead bodies and went outside.

Only then did the guests in the guest house begin to talk among themselves.

Among them was a beautiful girl who looked only to be seventeen or eighteen years old and a young warrior in his early twenties.

The girl said with a fearful expression

“I’m scared. I can’t believe such a person exists. Are there many monsters in Jianghu?”

“If there were so many people like that the world would have become a hell of a long time ago. Such people are not common at all.”

“It’s fortunate though. I’m already struggling with my own situation but if I become an enemy with someone like that I will really not be able to bear it.”

“Don’t worry Gahye! I’ll get you to Heavenly Silver Market1 safely no matter what.”

“Brother Mugam!”

The girl looked at the young man with sad eyes.

Her name is Mok Gahye.

The young warrior in front of her was Shin Mugum her bodyguard.

“Is it really okay with you? Can brother really take me to Heavenly Silver Market?”

“That’s the order I received.”

Shin Mugum answered avoiding Mok Gahye’s gaze.

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Heavenly Silver Market. Raws: Cheon Eun-jang 천은장.

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