Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 156

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 156

Light Novel: Volume 7 Episode 6

Manhwa: N/A

Pyo-wol blinked.

The news came out of the blue that it took him some time to accept it as a reality.

“Jin Geum-woo?”

“Yes. According to the leader Jin Geum-woo— the steel-like man was killed.”

“Are you sure?”

“I don’t know for sure yet. I immediately called for you without having the time to check the authenticity of the rumor.”

Eunyo’s voice trembled.

While escaping from the Xiaoleiyin Temple and coming to Chengdu Jin Geum-woo took great care of her and the other children.

Jin Geum-woo and the children did not have any face-to-face encounters before. But even then Jin Geum-woo showed them unparalleled warmth. And Eunyo knew that there was no calculation behind his actions.

Soma couldn’t believe the news either so he just blinked his wide eyes.

Pyo-wol later on broke the silence.

“Did you say that the leader is in the next room?”


Pyo-wol got up from his seat and headed to the next room.

Eunyo and Soma just watched Pyo-wol.

He had a different expression than usual.

At that moment the two became terribly afraid.



After being abused in harsh environments for a long time the two children had lost their sense of fear. But after seeing Pyo-wol’s changed atmosphere it made them feel fear again.


Pyo-wol opened the door to the VIP room and entered.

“Hicc! Who are you?”

“How dare you commit such disrespect?”

The VIP who was talking with the leader of the Dunjiang Escort Corps frowned.

Because a stranger came in unexpectedly.

The VIP was one of the powerful men in Chengdu. With a single word he had the power to destroy an entire family in a single day.

“Who are you? And how dare you barge in out of nowhere? If you don’t explain yourself I will destroy your family and the Divine Fragrance Pavilion.”



“My name is Pyo-wol.”


In an instant the VIP’s face turned white.

Among the powerful and influential people in Chengdu not a single one did not know of his name.

The Reaper of Chengdu.

The one who shut down the Qingcheng and Emei sect alone.

No powerful man in Chengdu dared to compare themselves to him. They initially tried their best to attract Pyo-wol to their side but they couldn’t because of the wide gap.

They didn’t even know what he looked like.

They only knew of his name.

Pyo-wol pulled down the scarf that was covering his face and sat down.

In an instant the VIP froze like ice. The moment he saw a face more beautiful than a woman he realized that the person in front of him was the real deal.

‘Oh my god! Why is the reaper here?’

Winter was still far away but his body was already trembling so bad. If only he could turn back time he wanted to shut his own mouth who made a fuss a while ago.

How dare he threaten the reaper?

If the reaper made up his mind his life and the lives of his family members could easily be ripped off from the world.

The VIP did not dare to open his mouth again. He just lay flat on his stomach waiting for Pyo-wol’s disposition.

The leader of the Dunjiang Escort Corps looked at the VIP guest with a puzzled expression. But since he also had experienced many things he ended up realizing that the beautiful man in front of him was of no ordinary existence.

He politely bowed and said

“Did you say your name was Lord Pyo-wol? May I ask for the reason you have come to visit this room?”

“Jin Geum-woo!”


“Is what you said true? Is Jin Geum-woo dead?”

“So that’s why you’re here. Yes It’s true.”


s o u n d l e s s w i n d 2 1 . c o m

“Yes I’m sure! I’m even willing to bet my life on it!”

“How… how did he die?”

“I don’t know either. He is a member of the Jin family who resides in Tianzhongshan. Even his family were bewildered by the sudden announcement of Lord Jin’s death. My Escort Corps has been trading with the Jin family for a long time so I manage to get a hold of the news. The other sects don’t know of this yet.”

The leader of the Dunjiang Escort Corps revealed everything he knew. But Pyo-wol no longer listened to him.

‘Are you really dead?’

For some reason his chest felt stuffy.

Pyo-wol got up from his seat and went outside.


Soma approached Pyo-wol.

“Let’s go home.”

“Is that true? Did steel brother really die?

“It seems to be like that.”

“Who killed steel brother? Huh? Let me know. I’ll kill him.”

Soma went wild.

The image of Yaksa was hanging over his bright face.



The guests who had been enjoying their time were surprised by the fierce energy Soma gave off.

Pyo-wol brought Soma back to the Red Villa.

Even after returning to the Red Villa Soma couldn’t contain his anger and ran wild.

Pyo-wol left Soma alone and went into his room.

He opened a drawer. Inside of it were dozens of piled up unread letters.

The dozens of letters all started with the same phrase.

[To my dear friend…

It’s already been two months since I went to Xizang with you. In the meantime I’ve been to many places.

Among them Yunnan was particularly memorable.

I think I will never forget my experiences in Yunnan.


Jin Geum-woo was bragging about the things he had been through in Yunnan and how he overcame different dangers.

Pyo-wol read another letter.

[To my dear friend…

…I’m still chasing after them. But their actions are so mysterious that I can’t even follow their tails

Am I following a mirage?

I’m slowly getting tired.

I’ll have to be strong though.]

Pyo-wol opened another letter.

It was an unsealed letter.

[To my dear friend…

…I have yet to see the Kowloon’s head let alone its tail.

Maybe it’s all an illusion.

I don’t know.

Wouldn’t it be great if I could see you at a time like this?

I still can’t forget the time I crossed the Western Plateau of Sichuan with you.

I don’t think I’ve ever been so free in all of my life.

I want to live like that in the future.

Free from anything.

When I retire from Jianghu someday I want to cross the Western Plateau with you again. I also want to fight against you to my heart’s content.

I will never forget the night sky I saw back then.

How are all the children?

Soma Guian Eunyo I miss you all.]

Pyo-wol quietly closed the letter.

The two of them have only been together for two months in 30 years of his life. However the two-month journey seemed to have been engraved as a special memory for Jin Geum-woo.

Each letter contained the memories of them going to Xizang together.

Pyo-wol murmured

“You’re not really dead are you? That’s so absurd…”

The Jin Geum-woo in the letter is vividly alive so he couldn’t believe he was actually dead.

Not until now Pyo-wol had not read Jin Geum-woo’s letter nor had he ever replied to him once. Nevertheless Jin Geum-woo never failed to send a letter to Pyo-wol whenever he had time.

Jin Geum-woo didn’t want anything from Pyo-wol.

He just calmly shared his current situation and feelings.

Perhaps he needed someone to confide in without reproach. So even with Won Ga-young and Neung Soun by his side he would send a letter to Pyo-wol.

Pyo-wol neatly folded Jin Geum-woo’s letter and put it in his arms.

His chest was stuffy.

It was the first time that he felt so uncomfortable except when he was locked in the underground cave.

It was as if a large stone had been placed on his chest.

Pyo-wol already knew how to resolve this frustration.

Pyo-wol got up from his seat.

Soma quickly followed him as he came out.


Pyo-wol didn’t answer. Then Soma looked at Pyo-wol.


Pyo-wol looked the same as usual.

But Soma couldn’t help but feel scared. So Soma kept his mouth shut.

At times like this he felt like it was better to follow quietly than to talk for no reason.

The place where Pyo-wol was headed to was Tang Sochu’s newly created workshop which was behind the Red Villa.


As soon as he opened the door to the workshop a scorching heat hit him like a storm.

It was such an intense heat that it could take anyone’s breath away.


Inside the workshop Tang Sochu was busy hammering.

Pyo-wol didn’t know what Tang Sochu was making but it felt like the latter had been hammering for quite some time since his whole body was drenched in sweat.

Pyo-wol and Soma sat on chairs and watched Tang Sochu work.

After one hour Tang Sochu finished his work.

“Oh brother?”

It was only then that Tang Sochu realized that Pyo-wol arrived in his workshop.

“Are you done with your work?”

“Yes! Why didn’t you call me when you arrived?”

“I didn’t want to disturb you.”

“What’s going on? Your expression is different than usual.”

“I’m going outside for a while.”


“Outside of Sichuan.”


“Jin Geum-woo is dead.”


“While I’m out I will take care of the things related to you as well.”

“Me? The Hundred Wraith Union?”

“I can’t stay in this state forever.”

“Hoo! I keep on adding heavy burdens on my brother.”

“There’s no such thing as a burden.”

“Wait a minute.”

Pyo-wol went inside.

After a while he came back and held a black long gun in his hand.

“Take this.”

“What is this?”

“It’s a Black Dragon Robe.”1

“Black Dragon Robe?”

“It looks like an ordinary robe but it’s lined with a special woven thread. It’s strong enough to block against any ordinary sword. Try it on.”

Pyo-wol wore the Black Dragon Robe.

It felt a little stiff but he had no discomfort in moving because of its elasticity.

“I dyed the outer fabric with five special dyes. Try channeling your qi.”

As Tang Sochu said the color of the Black Dragon Robe changed when qi was used. This time it was perfect black.

“The color changes depending on the amount of qi channeled. So you can adjust it depending on what you like.”


“This is the reason why a distant relative of the Tang family is greedy for the clan’s vision. This was created by the Tang family a long time ago but it was judged to be useless so it became a dead technology. But it’s perfect for you brother who is an assassin.”

“Thank you.”

“I’ve also put white phosphorus fire2 and other small hidden weapons inside the Black Dragon Robe. Use it if you need it. This is the only thing I can do for you. I’m sorry!”

“This is enough.”

Pyo-wol patted Tang Sochu on the shoulder.

Jin Geum-woo was the first real man Pyo-wol saw.

A real man who only moves based on his beliefs without any conflict of interest.

He had a light in him.

A light like the sun that Pyo-wol can never have.

Pyo-wol thought the light was dazzling.

So he felt like it didn’t suit him.

It was for that reason that he pushed away Jin Geum-woo who called and treated him like a friend without hesitation.

This is because the closer he got to Jin Geum-woo the less he could feel his darkness.

Still he thought that one day he would be able to share his heart with Jin Geum-woo.

When the darkness that exists within him dies down and his closed heart opens even a little.

But that will never happen now.

They already took away Jin Geum-woo.

The only man who called himself a friend.

Pyo-wol hasn’t called him a friend yet.

And never would he have a chance to do so.

‘They will pay the price for his death.’

Editor’s Notes

me when translated this chapter…

but not gonna lie tho kinda laughed when Jin Geum-woo asked about the children ( ^ิ艸^ิ゚) he was like a man going to war and leaving his wife behind wahahahha

All hail the Jin Geum-woo x Pyo-wol ship

Dark Dragon Robe. Raws: Amryongpo 암룡포(暗龍袍).

暗 àn – dark; obscure; in secret covert

龍 lóng lǒng máng – dragon

袍 páo bào – long gown robe cloak

White phosphorus fire. Raws: 백린화(白焼火).

白 bái bó – white; pure unblemished; bright

焼 shāo – burn; bake; heat; roast

火 huǒ huō – fire flame; burn; anger rage

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