Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 149

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 149

Light Novel: Volume 6 Episode 24

Manhwa: N/A

‘How did this happen?’

Yu Gi-cheon couldn’t understand the current situation.

Soma was babbling about something next to him while a man who was presumed to be ‘him’ was walking beside Soma.

Yu Gi-cheon had cold sweat running down his body. He could also feel his heart beating so violently as if it was about to explode.

All of this was because of the man walking by Soma’s side.

Since the man’s face was half covered with a scarf Yu Gi-cheon couldn’t see his face. But with his perfectly still eyes and refined atmosphere he was sure of the man’s identity.


On their way back home Soma and Pyo-wol met Yu Gi-cheon. Soma was curious when he saw Yu Gi-cheon rushing out in the middle of the night with his escorts since the Yu Gi-cheon he knew was not the type of the person who would leave his abode no matter how urgent the situation was.

So Soma persuaded Pyo-wol and headed to Yibin where the White Clan is located along with Yu Gi-cheon.

Pyo-wol realized that Yu Gi-cheon had figured out his identity.

But he didn’t really care. Because he knows that Yu Gi-cheon is not someone who will reveal his identity to anyone.

Yu Gi-cheon is a very cautious person and he hated seeing others be harmed because of him. He would never reveal Pyo-wol’s identity since he knows that it might bring Pyo-wol’s resentment to the people of the Snow Cloud Villa.

Yu Gi-cheon had already been in Chengdu for a long time so he was sensitive to the situation in the area. While he was aware of the situation through the news and rumors he had heard there’s still a difference from seeing the said person face to face.

Soma was still smiling.

Pyo-wol realized that Soma was genuinely feeling happy. Soma had only stayed in Chengdu after leaving the Xiaoleiyin Temple. He was very excited at first but as time passed he got used to the environment so he didn’t feel the same excitement as before.

So now that he had the opportunity to go out of Chengdu he began to feel excited again.

It didn’t matter why Yu Gi-cheon is going out to Yibin for. The important thing is that Soma is going to Yibin with Pyo-wol.

Soma’s emotions were clearly visible on his face.

Pyo-wol looked at Soma without saying a word.

Soma was a child who believed in Jashin and followed him. So it was nice to see him smiling like this rather than being depressed.

At that time Yu Gi-cheon carefully spoke to Pyo-wol

“From here on we have to go by boat.”

In front of them was a pre-prepared ship was waiting at the pier. It was a fairly large boat that could accommodate more than 30 people.

Pyo-wol asked

“Did you say you were going to Yibin?”

“Yes. If we take a boat we will be able to arrive tomorrow morning.”

Yu Gi-cheon replied cautiously.

Although Pyo-wol could as well be his own son given his young age Yu Gi-cheon’s attitude toward Pyo-wol was very polite.

This is because he knows that if the man in front of him makes up his mind his life as well as his base can be completely destroyed in one night.

Pyo-wol looked at him and said

“There is nothing to be so nervous about. After going to Yibin we will move separately.”

“Oh? Yes! Thank you.”

Yu Gi-cheon unconsciously thanked him. That’s how nervous he was.

Pyo-wol was such an existence. A person who brings fear to others just by being with them. Anyone would feel reluctant to travel with him.

Meanwhile Yu Gi-cheon’s bodyguard looked at Pyo-wol with distaste. He didn’t know why his employer was shivering so much.

‘Who is that b*stard to make Lord Yu so frightened?’

He had great respect for his employer Yu Gi-cheon. Seeing Yu Gi-cheon who he respected shivering like that towards an unknown person made him want to kill the other man.

The escort warrior vowed to take care of Pyo-wol when the opportunity comes.

The ship carrying Pyo-wol sailed through the river at high speed. Dozens of sails hung on the ship. This allowed the ship to move forward at high speed even in the dark night.

“This is nice.”

Soma sat on the deck and smiled broadly.

The cool night breeze blew and swept through his body. The cold sensation he felt on his body could not feel anymore good.

Pyo-wol sat next to Soma and looked at the river without saying a word.

The boat ran through the river overnight and arrived at its destination Yibin.

When they arrived at the dock in Yibin the warriors of the White Clan appeared. They were already waiting to welcome the guests arriving by boat from afar.

“Welcome Lord Yu!”

The person who greeted Yu Gi-cheon was Seok Jongsan a disciple of Noh Kang-myeong.

“What happened? Did he really die by qi deviation?”

“That’s what happened. Let’s go to the White Clan. Senior brother will explain it to you.”


Seok Jongsan led the group of Yu Gi-cheon to the White Clan.

The White Clan was full of people who had come to express their condolences. Every single person who had even a little bit of a relationship with the White Clan attended.

The great disciple Kwak Jeonghan was welcoming people who came to offer condolences.

Yi Gi-cheon approached him and held his hand.

“How did this happen?”

“You have come to Lord Yu. I can’t help but be embarassed.”

“Is it true that sect leader Noh died because of qi deviation?”

“It’s true.”

“You’re lying.”

“Lord Yu?”

Kwak Jeonghan’s eyes shook. He was not accustomed to lying and Yu Gi-cheon is a man skilled in detecting lies.

Yu Gi-cheon whispered quietly

“Show me the body of your sect leader.”

“What for?”

“I will swear to keep this a secret. I already know that sect leader Noh did not die of qi deviation. So please don’t lie to me.”

“Lord Yu you’re asking for a difficult request.”

“If you don’t show me Lord Noh’s body the White Clan will be in even more trouble. I will end our relationship now.”

Kwak Jeonghan bit his lip at Yu Gi-cheon’s resolute words.

The Snow Cloud Villa is the White Clan’s greatest supporter. If the Snow Cloud Villa’s support is cut off the downfall of the White Clan which recently lost its sect leader will be even more devastating.

“You must keep this a secret.”

“I promise.”

Kwak Jeonghan sighed for a moment at Yu Gi-cheon’s answer.

He carefully guided Yu Gi-cheon to the room where Noh Kang-myeong’s body was enshrined.

“Our sect leader died in this room.”

“What’s the real cause?”

“That is…”

“Tell me.”

“He died… while having s.e.x.”

Kwak Jeong-han bit his lip with a shameful expression.

“During s.e.x?”

“Yes! He died after doing it with a female servant”

“What? Really?”

“If it wasn’t for that would I have dared to say that he died of qi deviatiton? It’s hard to believe but it’s true. He died on the bed over there with a female servant. There are still traces of that time at the mattress.”

At Kwak Jeonghan’s words Yu Gi-cheon looked at the mattress.

The traces of the love that the two shared remained vividly on the mattress.

“Oh my god! Did he really die while doing it?”

Yu Gi-cheon let out a sigh.

It was hard to believe the fact that a great man as influential and powerful as Noh Kang-pyeong would die while sleeping with a young servant. However there was no reason not to believe it given the traces which were clearly left.

That was then.

“It’s poison.”

Suddenly a cold voice was heard.

“Who are you?”

Kwak Jeonghan was startled and grabbed his sword.

He clearly made sure that it was only him and Yu Gi-cheon in the room so how could he hear someone else’s voice?

Thinking that his master’s shameful secret might be exposed he drew his sword without hesitation.

“Why did you come in without permission?”

He pointed his sword in the direction the voice came from.

There stood a man whose face was half covered with a scarf.

The man who had his face covered with a scarf didn’t care whether Kwak Jeonghan was aiming his sword at him. He only looked at the area where the candle melted.

Kwak Jeonghan raised his voice as he held his sword to the man’s neck.

“Who are you?”


Yu Gi-cheon tried to stop Kwak Jeonghan. He stopped in front of Kwak Jeong-han and said to Pyo-wol a man whose face was covered with a scarf.

“Forgive me. This guy doesn’t know anything.”

“Lord Yu!”

“Can you put back your sword? Come on!”

Since Kwak Jeonghan remained silent despite his shout Yu Gi-cheon took the sword from his hand.

“Why are you doing this? Lord Yu!”

“Look at your neck.”

“Why–? Heuck!”

Kwak Jeonghan who casually looked at his neck was horrified. All of a sudden a wheel with a blackened blade was attached to his neck.

“W when?”

Kwak Jeonghan’s face turned white.

The owner of the wheel was Soma.

Soma sat on Kwak Jeonghan’s back and held the wheel to his neck. But he didn’t feel any weight at all. It was clear that if Soma applied even a little bit of force his neck would be severed.

Soma whispered in Kwak Jeonghan’s ear.

“Don’t move brother! Don’t talk and don’t even take a deep breath.”

Kwak Jeonghan turned into a stone statue. But his eyes were trembling like mad with fear.


Yu Gi-cheon sighed at the sight of Kwak Jeonghan.

Compared to Noh Kang-myeong who was the previous sect leader Kwak Jeonghan was clearly lacking in many areas.

The future of the White Clan already looked bleaked.

Yu Gi-cheon looked at Pyo-wol.

Pyo-wol was still looking at the candlestick.

“What do you mean by that? Poison? Do you mean that the sect leader was poisoned?”


“How do you know that?”

“Because there is a poisonous scent coming out of the candle. Most of the poison has disappeared since the candle has already melted but there is still a little bit of remains.”

Pyo-wol touched the candle wax with a look of interest.

The hardened candle wax melted as he rubbed his fingers. Then a little bit of poison came out. The amount was so weak that an ordinary person could not detect it but it could not deceive Pyo-wol’s sensitive nose.

Pyo-wol approached the coffin containing No Kang-myeong’s body. He opened it. Then the body of Noh Kang-myeong with his hands on his chest was revealed.

Pyo-wol carefully examined Noh Kang-pyeong’s body.

After a while he got up and muttered

“Really well done.”

“What does it mean?”

“The culprit hid the poison in the candle. It’s a great way of disguising the assassination. It made the others think that the person died while having s.e.x.”


Yu Gi-cheon was at a loss for words.

If anyone else had said it he would never have believed them. But the guy who said it was Pyo-wol.

These were the words from the man who was called the reaper. There was no way such a man would speak nonsense.

Pyo-wol looked at Kwak Jeonghan.

“Where is the female servant’s body?”


“Tell me it’s still intact.”

At that moment Soma gently lifted the wheel that he had placed closely on Kwak Jeonghan’s neck.

“We burned it.”


“We did it to protect Master’s honor—”

“You made a mistake.”


“Wasn’t the female servant responsible for managing this room? If that’s the case then the female servant might have been the one to bring the candle.”


Only then did Kwak Jeonghan realize the reason and let out a sigh.

In order to protect the honor of Noh Kang-myeong he didn’t hesitate to burn the body of the female servant. He didn’t know that his action was actually a big mistake.

The girl might have something related to the assassination. But since he had her body burned all possible evidence has disappeared.

His impatience ruined his chance to catch the culprit who poisoned his master.

He couldn’t lift his head in guilt.

“Who the hell is Master?”

Kwak Jeonghan trembled.

Pyo-wol didn’t even look at Kwak Jeonghan and asked Yu Gi-cheon.

“Were you suspicious of his death from the beginning?”

“Yes! Sect leader Noh recently mentioned that he lost interest in practicing martial arts. So it doesn’t make sense for him to die because of it. Most of all there have been a couple of people who have died the same way as sect leader Noh.”


“Their declared cause of death are the same. Qi deviation.”

“What about their bodies?”

“I’m thinking of going there to see it myself.”

“Let’s go together.”

“Are you sure? But why are you interested in this? I don’t think it has something to do with my Lord?”

“I just don’t like having someone else messing around in my area.”

Editor’s Notes

Thank you for reading!

If anyone is curious about the appearance of Soma’s wheel which is frequently mentioned in the s– i think it looks something like this:

This is called the wind and fire wheels (풍화륜 but in the raws they use the term 륜). This is one of the Chinese weapons and is used in various martial arts.

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