Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 148

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 148

Light Novel: Volume 6 Episode 23

Manhwa: N/A

White Clan1 is an emerging sect in Yibin Sichuan Province.

After Lee Seonyeop made a big contribution to the War of the Demons and Heaven he returned to his hometown in Yibin and established a sect. Young people who supported Lee Seonyeop given his fame gathered and formed a large group.

The White Clan is classified as one of the three clans of Sichuan along with the Thunder Clan and Golden River Clan.

The main reason why the White Clan manage to avoid the great bloodbath in Chengdu is because the area of their activity is in the faraway land of Yibin unlike the Thunder Clan and Golden River Clan which are based in the vicinity of Chengdu.

Although the White Clan is classified as one of the three clans its power is greatly lacking compared to the Thunder Clan and Golden River Clan.

Paradoxically the only reason the White Clan was able to survive to the end so far was because he knew the lack of power and acted like a benefactor.

When the bloodbath occurred in Chengdu the White Clans’s sect leader Noh Kang-myeong did not mobilize his troops until the end. This is because he was cautious and he hated taking risks.

Such prudence saved the White Clan.

Following the Qingcheng sect and Emei sect the White Clan was able to survive despite the collapse of the Thunder Clan and the Golden River Clan.

Lee Seonyeop who was the first sect leader of White Clan urged Noh Kang-myeong to always be cautious. He was taught that prudence is the only weapon that can save themselves from the brutal Jianghu.

Noh Kang-myeong never forgot the teacher’s teaching and thanks to that he was able to take care of their sect.

Many sects in Sichuan were caught up in the bloodshed where they suffered heavy blows. Naturally a tectonic shift occurred in Sichuan Jianghu.

The Qingcheng and Emei sect chose to close their gates while the Thunder Clan and Golden River Clan were destroyed.

The White Clan which had survived became the new center of Sichuan.

It was like blowing your nose without touching it.

However Noh Kang-myeong did not feel relieved at all.

While their sect has become the center of Sichuan by doing nothing he knows that their prestige is only an outward appearance.

That man is still in Chengdu.

The man who managed to shake and overturn the order of Sichuan Province which has been firmly established for hundreds of years and created a new board.

No matter how many people raise the White Clan Noh Gang-pyeong is an average man knowing that it will be over when the man steps forward.

‘If we bother him for no reason the White Clan will be swept away.’

Noh Kang-myeong strictly forbade his disciples from entering Chengdu without his permission. Noh Kang-myeong knew the exact size of his bowl so he was afraid that he would be the target of his resentment without knowing about it.

Noh Kang-myung knew the exact size of his bowl.2

No matter how hard he tried people continue to insist that their sect should lead the future of Sichuan Jianghu now that their sect is at the center.

‘It’s easy for a sect to collapse if they’re full of greed.’

Noh Kang-myeong just wanted to live as they are for a long time.

His gaze suddenly turned to the candlestick lying next to the table. A large incense candle was lit and as it burned a very nice scent was spreading out.


Noh Kang-myeong took a deep breath of incense.

His mind and body seemed to be at peace.

That was then.

“Sect leader I brought you your tea.”

A female servant’s voicewas heard outside.

At the familiar voice Noh Kang-myeong allowed her to enter without any doubt.

“Come in.”


After receiving his permission the female servant cautiously entered.

In an instant Noh Kang-myeong’s eyes lit up. It was because a mysterious scent pierced his nose. The sweet aroma made his heart race.

The female servant put down the teacup and kettle she had brought on the table.

As she leaned forward her breastbone was slightly exposed.

Noh Kang-myeong was slightly bewildered by the unexpected situation.

‘Was this child always this mature?’

The female servant who brought his tea was a child he knew well.

She had a pretty cute face and pale skin so he knew that she was popular among the warriors of White Clan. But he was not interested in her because he knew her since she was still a child.

She was just like a daughter or niece to him. But today for the first time his heart jumped at the sight of the female servant.

Noh Kang-myeong was surprised by his own reaction.

He thought that his s.e.xual desire had already decreased a lot recently because he had a lot of things to pay attention to. But now he found his heart was racing for a female servant.

“Come here.”

Noh Gang-pyeong unknowingly took the female servant’s hand.

“Oh my!”

The female servant trembled in surprise. However the appearance contained a rather strange color which made Noh Kang-myeong even more excited.

“How old are you this year?”

“I I’m seventeen.”

“That’s a good age.”

Noh Kang-myeong buried his face in the servant’s neck.

The female servant was so startled that she couldn’t resist.

She has been serving Noh Kang-myeong for a very long time. However Noh Kang-myeong had never crossed the line or done anything rude to her. So now that he suddenly turned like an animal and treated her harshly she didn’t know what to do.

“Stay still.”


Noh Kang-myeong tore the female servant’s clothes roughly.

The female servant did not dare to resist.

But at some point the female servant’s eyes changed. The female servant who looked at Noh Kang-myeong with hazy eyes soon began to actively cooperate with his actions.

The two intertwined like snakes and let out harsh breaths.

Their actions continued into the night.


Finally with Noh Kang-myeong’s rough breathing he poured out everything he had on the female servant.

The female servant closed her eyes and hugged Noh Kang-myeong.

Noh Kang-myeong calmed his rough breathing while embracing the female servant. He could feel the female servant trembling in his arms.


Noh Kang-myeong smiled with satisfaction.

He soon fell into a deep sleep while hugging the servant. The female servant too could not resist and fell asleep in his arms.

As the both of them fell into deep sleep the candle that lit the room was also extinguished.

The night passed and morning came.

But the two who were still embracing each other still have yet to wake up.

When Noh Kang-myeong did not come out of his room even though the sun was already out his disciple Kwak Jeonghan became suspicious. This is something that hasn’t happened in years.

“Master! This is your disciple Jeonghan. May I come in?”

He spoke carefully but there was no answer from inside.

Kwak Jeonghan who could not wait long opened the door of his master’s room and entered with the other sect members.


“Oh my–!”

They saw Noh Kang-myeong sleeping while hugging a young female servant.

It was a common occurrence for people in power especially as high as Noh Kang-myeong to have many concubines. This is because it was a common occurrence for those in power in this era to have a relationship mediated with money.

The problem is that Noh Kang-myeong was not that kind of person at all.

It was Noh Kang-myeong who could have any woman he wanted if he wanted to. But if it becomes known that Noh Kang-myeong forcibly embraces a female servant his reputation will greatly be reduced.

Kwak Jeonghan had a hard time figuring out how to fix the current situation. He had to prevent this situation from causing damage to the master’s face as much as possible.

Suddenly Kwak Jeonghan thought that something was strange. Noh Kang-myeong should have woken up immediately the moment he and the other disciples had come in.

It didn’t make sense for Noh Kang-myeong to be still in deep sleep after so many people coming in.

“Master get up!”


He and the other disciples rushed in and woke up Noh Kang-myeong.

HoweverNoh Kang-myeong did not move. It was the same with the female servant.

It was because both have already ceased breathing.

“Oh my! Did he die while having s.e.x?”


Kwak Jeonghan and the other disciples were appalled.

They couldn’t believe that the sect leader of the White Clan would die while having s.e.x with a female servant.

If this fact is known to others the faces of the White Clan and Noh Kang-myeong will fall to the floor.

They had to stop that from happening.

“Damn! We should be the only ones to know what happened today. If the truth comes out we will not be able to raise our faces again in Jianghu and continue with our activities. Do you understand?”

“Yes senior brother!”

The other disciples responded in unison.

The female servant’s death was not of interest to them.

No one cared about her death and no one wondered why she died.

They thoroughly hid the case to keep the honor of the sect leader and the White Clan.

Externally it was announced that Noh Kang-myeong died after experiencing qi deviation while practicing martial arts.

Many people mourned Noh Kang-myeong’s death and prepared a grand funeral.

* * *

Yu Gi-cheon frowned heavily.

“Lord Noh has died?”

On his desk was a letter asking him to attend the funeral.

Yu Gi-cheon had formed a deep friendship with Noh Kang-myeong for a long time.

Yu Gi-cheon was a successful merchant while Noh Kang-myeong was the owner of a large sect called the White Clan. Of course the two had no choice but to take care of each other.

After returning to his hometown Yu Gi-cheon maintained a close relationship with Noh Kang-myeong by supporting him. Although he didn’t intend to grow his merchant company anymore it was still better for him to be close to people in power such as Noh Kang-myeong in order to live comfortably in Sichuan.

“He experienced qi deviation and died?”

Yu Gi-cheon muttered with a look of disbelief.

He had just met Noh Kang-myeong around two weeks ago. Noh Kang-myeong looked in good shape and he showed no sign of undergoing qi deviation.

Furthermore when Yu Gi-cheon asked about his achievements these days Noh Kang-myeong even said that he doesn’t care much about his life nor is he concerned about his own progress in martial arts.

So Yu Gi-cheon couldn’t help but be puzzled to hear that such a Noh Kang-myeong had suffered from qi deviation.

Only those who work hard at learning martial arts will suffer from qi deviation.

So how could someone like Noh Kang-myeong who had almost given up on his martial arts die from qi deviation?

“Wait a minute—”

Yu Gi-cheon suddenly stopped.

Because something came to mind.

He hurriedly opened the drawer. Inside were piles of invitations he received recently.

Yu Gi-cheon took out some of them.

As in the case of Noh Kang-myeong most of the letters asked him to attend a funeral.

Lord Ok of the Golden Fist Village3

and sect leader Jin of the Star Palace.4

They are all known externally to have died from qi deviation.

Both of them were people who were close to Yu Gi-cheon. And both had recently lost their lives due to qi deviation.

Yu Gi-cheon tapped the desk with his finger.

“Is it a coincidence? For three people to die in the past few days due to qi deviation?”

There was a deep crease in his forehead.

He didn’t believe in coincidences.

One of the lessons he learned from his decades of being a merchant is that when something happens there is always a sign or omen to match it.

There was no prior indication for the death of those three people.

It was as if the impossible had happened.

“What if the deaths of these three people are a harbinger of an event? Or is someone deliberately disguising their deaths?”

Several assumptions came to mind in an instant.

If it were an ordinary person they would have dismissed it as a useless idea but Yu Gi-cheon didn’t miss a thing no matter how trivial.

After thinking for a while Yu Gi-cheon summoned a man who was guarding his residence.

“Come here.”

“What’s the matter my Lord?”

The warrior was now in his early thirties and had a strong impression.

He was a mercenary known for his strong martial arts skills in Jianghu so Yu Gi-cheon spent a lot of money in order to recruit him.

Yu Gi-cheon said

“Accompany me to the White Clan.”



“This late at night?”

“The sect leader of the White Clan has passed away.”

“What how did he die?”

“They say that he suffered from qi deviation. Let’s go.”

“I’ll go out first to make the necessary preparations.”


After his escort went out Yu Gi-cheon changed into his outdoor clothes.

When he went out his guards were already waiting for him.

“Let’s go.”


Yu Gi-cheon hurriedly went out of the Snow Cloud Villa with his escorts.

As he opened the door someone saw him and shouted loudly

“Oh it’s grandpa!”

It was Soma who screamed as he was about to leave.

Soma jumped at the sight of Yu Gi-cheon.

But Soma was with a man Yu Gi-cheon had never seen.

A man with half of his face covered with a scarf.

Yu Gi-cheon instinctively recognized the man’s identity.

‘It’s him.’

The man who dyed Chengdu with blood that particular night.

The ruler of the night who was feared by all warriors in Sichuan was right in front of him.

Yu Gi-cheon’s face froze involuntarily.

“Grandpa where are you going?”

Not knowing that Soma asked innocently.

Editor’s Notes

Thank you for reading!

White Clan. Raws: 백선문(白善門).

白 bái bó – white pure bright

善 shàn – good virtuous kind

門 mén – gate door

Exact size of his bowl. Raws: 노강명은 자신의 그릇 크기를 정확히 알고 있었다.

Meaning: This is a saying which means that people have different uses because of their different sizes. Similar to a bowl there are different kinds– rice bowl soup bowl and side dish bowl. Since each person has a different use the person needs to understand their own personality and inclination before strategically immersing themselves in it. In simple terms you have to know yourself and work.

Golden Fist Village. Raws: 금권장(金拳荘)

金 jīn jìn – gold money metals in general

拳 quán – fist various forms of boxing

荘 zhuāng – village hamlet villa

Star Palace. Raws: 복성무관(復星武館)

復 fù fòu – return repeat

星 xīng – a star planet any point of life

武 wǔ – military martial warlike

館 guǎn – public building

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