Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 140

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 140

Light Novel: Volume 6 Episode 15

Manhwa: N/A

All the monks of the Xiaoleiyin Temple knew that Dugong’s residence was in the basement of the Manbeop Palace. However there were only a handful of people who had personally entered the Dugong’s residence before.

They were wary because Dugong dealt with poison. This is because anyone who is subjected to poison even if it’s the most skilled warriors could have their lives in danger.

For that reason at some point Dugong’s residence was treated like a forbidden area in the Xiaoleiyin Temple so only few people knew about its internal structure.

It was the same with Hyeolbul.

Although he was the sect leader of the Xiaoleiyin Temple he never visited Dugong’s residence.

He would just summon Dugong whenever he needed him. So today was the first time Hyeolbul had entered the residence of Dugong.

The first thing that came to his mind when he followed Pyo-wol into Dugong’s residence was that the place was filthy and spacious.

He never knew that such a huge cave existed in the basement of the Xiaoleiyin Temple. But he could not afford to admire the view.

He currently needs to catch Pyo-wol.

Dozens of monks have already lost their lives to Pyo-wol and the wolf children. It was difficult to estimate how much more damage he would cause if he was left alive.

“Kill him!”

“You must catch him!”

The Demon Blood Monks chased after Pyo-wol with bloodshot eyes. The anger of the Demon Blood Monks who had already lost dozens of companions pierced the sky.

All they had in their minds was the idea of catching and killing the cowardly assassin.

Anger makes a person blind and blindness consequently narrows a person’s vision.

That was the current state of the Demon Blood Monks.

They only had Pyo-wol in their sight.


A ghost flying sword came out from Pyo-wol’s waist.

The Demon Blood Monks who were chasing after him faltered.

They thought that the flying sword was aimed at them. However contrary to their expectations the place where the ghost dagger flew was the ceiling of the underground cave.

Dozens of small pouches hung from the ceiling.


The ghost daggers pierced the dozen pouches all at once. The pouch ruptured. Then a fine powder spread inside the underground cave.

Pyo-wol sent a message to Soma and the other two children.

—Hold your breath and cover yourself with a blanket.

In the basement there was a quilt used by Dugong and his disciples.

Soma and the children followed Pyo-wol’s instructions without asking why.


At that moment the powder sprinkled from the pouch and landed on the floor.

The Demon Blood Monks and the other monks who were rushing towards Pyo-wol were covered in powder.



At that moment screams erupted from among the monks.

Dark red blood flowed from their noses and mouths.

“It’s poison!”

“Everyone hold your breath!”

The Ten Monks belatedly exclaimed but by the time they did it was already too late.

Many monks were struggling with poison. Many of them died before they could even take three or four steps.

The powder they inhaled was the Seven Step Soul Chasing Acid produced by Dugong.

The terrifying poison that would kill anyone before they can even take seven steps easily took the lives of the Xiaoleiyin Temple monks.

“H help me!”



The cries of the monks echoed in the underground cave.

The effect was even more fatal because they were caught off guard and had immediately inhaled the Seven Step Soul Chasing Acid.

The venomous poison melted their internal organs in an instant and took their lives.


Hyeolbul flared up at the horrors happening in front of him.

Everything was falling apart right in front of his eyes.

The monks who have led the Xiaoleiyin Temple up until now and even those who will lead the sect in the future were all struggling with the Seven Soul Chasing Acid.

The tragedy is not over yet.


A cracking sound that cut through the darkness erupted from everywhere.



The monks who were barely avoiding the Seven Soul Chasing Acid fell down screaming.

“Hidden weapons!”

“He’s throwing weapons!”

The bodies of the dead monks had sharp daggers stuck in their bodies. It wasn’t directly thrown by Pyo-wol. It was fired using an engine device made of items from Dugong’s residence.

There was no need to complicate or elaborate it. The darkness of the area and extreme chaos obscured the monks from locating the engine device.

Hyeolbul rushed into the middle of the hall.

The Seven Soul Chasing Acid was still falling around. However the Seven Soul Chasing Acid was all burned down before it could even reach the body of Hyeolbul.

A red dragon from his Supreme Layer of the Heavenly Dragon technique was swirling around Hyeolbul’s entire body. The red dragon-shaped qi burned all the poison.

The hands of Hyeolbul swelled greatly.


He swung his hands wildly. Then a strong air current arose and gathered everything around him.

The Great Imprint of Vajrayana1 Wheel of Fire.2


The venom of the Seven Soul Chasing Acid which had spread in the underground cave flowed towards Hyeolbul along with the air current.

Thick drops of sweat were forming on Hyeolbul’s forehead. Even though he had reached a high point in martial arts it was not easy to collect all the poisons that spread throughout the underground cave.

But he had to.

Even at this moment his disciples were all bleeding and collapsing. If he delays collecting the poison in the air the injuries on his disciples will increase.

Even though it was Hyeolbul who reigned in the Xizang as an epitome of fear he could not bear to watch the disciples of the Xiaoleiyin fading away.

The Ten Monks also moved to save at least one more of their disciples.


“Go here!”

Some avoided the Seven Soul Chasing Acid with their qi while others found refuge in places where the poison did not reach.

At the same time Soma and the children who were avoiding the poison by covering themselves with a blanket began to move.

“I’ll kill you!”


Soma used the seven rings hanging from his neck. Guian and Eunyo attacked while holding their breath.



The seven wheels fired by Soma immediately stopped the monks from breathing.

The seven wheels were called the Seven Rings3. It was a demon soldier2 used by a monk of the Xiaoleiyin Temple a long time ago. However Mokwon handed it to Soma because everyone had forgotten how to use it since it was so difficult to use.

The demon soldiers which were supposed to be used for the Xiaoleiyin Temple were instead tearing up the monks.

“I’m going to kill everyone. Everyone–”

The innocent smile on Soma’s face was no longer present.

His usual bright smile was just a mask to cover his pain. After being kidnapped here Soma did not have a moment where he did not feel pain. If he was not being physically abused he was being abused mentally.

Mokwon committed numerous sadistic and inhumane acts towards Soma and the other children. Because of that Soma and the rest of the children were mentally exhausted.

Soma lost even his last remaining humanity when Mokwon killed the parents of the children who lost. Soma still remembered the moment when he had cut off his father’s arm. He deliberately cut off his father’s arm to save his father but the memories remain painful for him.

He made up his mind after that.

He will get his revenge against the Xiaoleiyin Temple no matter what.

It was the same for Eunyo and Guian.

They don’t care anymore about what would happen to their lives. They already had no attachments to life. The only thing that drives them to move is their desire for revenge against the Xiaoleiyin Temple.

If they could get their revenge they’re even willing to lay down their lives.

“You crazy b*stards!”

“How dare you bite the owner who raised you?”

The monks who barely escaped the Seven Step Soul Chasing Acid rushed towards the children. The children stood their ground and did not avoid them.

A hell of a mess unfolded.

Seeing the scene Hyeolbul’s eyes lit up. But he could not afford to move right now. The Seven Step Soul Chasing Acid was still agglomerating in between his palm.


The Seven Step Soul Chasing Acid became a round sphere in between his palms.

Hyeolbul raised his qi even more. Then the Supreme Layer of the Heavenly Dragon was executed and wrapped around the sphere that was circling between the palms.

Fire was the opposite of poison.

No matter how terrifying the Seven Step Soul Chasing Acid was it could not withstand the Supreme Layer of the Heavenly Dragon.

The Supreme Layer of the Heavenly Dragon burned all the poisonous air of Seven Step Soul Chasing Acid in an instant. But Hyeolbul couldn’t even afford to celebrate.

Because even at this moment his subordinates were dying.


Hyeolbul who was about to move let out a groan involuntarily. Because something had tightened around his neck.


Taking advantage of the extreme confusion Pyo-wol hung a noose around the neck of Hyeolbul.

Many people have lost their lives in this way. However Hyeolbul was different from any other warriors Pyo-wol had ever dealt with.


Hyeolbul grabbed the thread with both hands and easily cut it off. This was the same thread that usually cuts off the skin of Pyo-wol’s enemies. But it did not leave a single scar on the hands of Hyeolbul.

However Pyo-wol was not disappointed.

This kind of reaction was within his expectations.


A ghost dagger was released.

It was a ghost dagger that took the lives of many people until now. However Hyeolbul managed to block the attack by executing the Supreme Layer of the Heavenly Dragon.


The ghost dagger was blocked by the intangible wall.

“Have you used up all your tricks?”

Hyeolbul roared in anger and flew towards the Pyo-wol.

He raised his right fist. Like a meteor that cuts through the night sky a bright red light appeared in his fist.

It was Qi Fist.4

The Supreme Layer of the Heavenly Dragon is one of the most powerful martial arts in the world. If the said technique is mastered it was possible to use qi as if breathing.


The space where Pyo-wol was hiding was destroyed. But Pyo-wol wasn’t there. When Qi Fist showed signs of manifestation he already moved using Black Lightning.

The dark underground cave had the best conditions to unfold the Black Lightning.

Pyo-wol had his ghost daggers in both of his hands.


The ghost dagger with the Soul-Reaping Thread attached was aiming for Hyeolbul.

“Your tricks won’t work on me!”

Hyeolbul continued to unleash the Supreme Layer of the Heavenly Dragon.


The ghost daggers bounced off. However the Soul-Reaping thread skillfully manipulated the dagger and attacked again.

The ghost dagger danced.

Hyeolbul could not advance any more and had to swing his arms to stop the ghost daggers.

“You dare!”

Hyeolbul raised his qi to a new level. Then the strong force swirling around his body grew stronger.


The ghost dagger could not stand the force and crumbled to dust. However the Soul-Reaping Thread that was hanging on the dagger was fine.


The Soul-Reaping Thread wrapped around Hyeolbul like a snake.


At that moment the Supreme Layer of the Heavenly Dragon repelled the Soul-Reaping Thread. The Soul-Reaping Thread could not do anything at all against Hyeolbul’s technique.


Judging that Pyo-wol had been disarmed Hyeolbul executed the Heavenly Dragon Flight3 to narrow the distance in an instant. Like a heavenly dragon flying the movement of Hyeolbul was smooth and delicate.

Pyo-wol used Snake Steps in response.

It was like a battle between a dragon and a snake.

By all accounts it was Pyo-wol who was at the disadvantage. In fact the war was leaning towards Hyeolbul’s favor.


Every time Hyeolbul would swing his hand an explosion would break out destroying the whole area.

Hyeolbul’s eyes gleamed.

He thought that he was about to win.

‘If I push him a little more I will be able to catch him.’


His qi that he released was dodged by Pyo-wol by a hair’s breadth.

‘A little more—”

Hyeolbul changed the trajectory of his attack and tried to hit Pyo-wol. Yet he missed him again by a narrow margin.


Hyeolbul had struck again with all his strength.


The place where Pyo-wol had been had exploded. But Pyo-wol was nowhere to be found since he escaped yet again by a narrow margin.

“You b*stard! How long are you going to run away?!”

Hyeolbul erupted in anger.

Pyo-wol didn’t answer. He only stared at Hyeolbul.

Seeing Pyo-wol’s appearance made Hyeolbul even angrier.

“You b*stard!”

Hyeolbul attacked Pyo-wol.

This time Pyo-wol deflected his attack.

It is possible to win by exchanging attacks with your opponent.

Through the exchange of blows the opponent gets impatient little by little. This causes the enemy to fall under the illusion that if he can get a little closer he would be able to win.

‘Just one more step.’

‘If I reach out a little more.’

‘I can win.’

‘If I just push harder.’

It induces the enemy to move beyond their limits and eventually falls into an ant hell from which they cannot escape.

Devil’s Hell.

Hyeolbul was sinking into the pit of hell created by Pyo-wol without realizing it.

Editor’s Notes

Thank you for reading!

The Great Imprint of Vajrayana. Raws: 밀종대수인(密宗大手印).

密宗 Vajrayana or Tantra

大手印 Mahamudra which literally means great seal or great imprint.

Wheel of Fire. Raws: 역륜화(易輪火).

易 change easy

輪 wheel revolve

火 fire flame

Heavenly Dragon Flight. Raws: 천룡비행(天龍飛行)

天 sky heaven; god celestial

龍 dragon

飛 fly go quickly dart high

行 go walk move

Qi Fist. Raws: 권강(拳里)

拳 fist

里 unit of distance internal inner

Devil’s Hell. Raws: 아귀도(織鬼道)마의지옥(蚂似地狱).

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