Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 138

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 138

Light Novel: Volume 6 Episode 13

Manhwa: N/A

The children’s names were Soma Guian and Eunyo respectively.

They were all abducted from nearby villages and forcibly turned into becoming wolf children.

Despite being well over ten years old Soma only looked about seven or eight years old. His clothes were loose and he didn’t even wear shoes so he looked like a beggar.

But his face was strange.

It was the so-called smiley face.

His eyes were bent like a half moon and there was a young smile on his lips. While it is said that it is natural for a child to live with a smile it was not suitable for a child whose personality was destroyed like Soma.

On Soma’s neck seven wheels were uniquely hung. The iron wheel made a clattering noise whenever Soma moved.

Guian and Eunyo moved behind Soma’s back.

Guian’s eyes were all black. Originally his eyes were normal but after removing the restrictions on his brain because of Heukam his entire eyes turned black.

Eunyo was a blind girl.

Her eyes were originally fine but after receiving treatment from Heukam she suddenly became blind. Although she suddenly lost her sight and lived in a world of only darkness Eunyo did not show any emotional fluctuations.

The monks of the Xiaoleiyin Temple looked at the three children with puzzled expressions.

The moment Heukam’s command was issued the children immediately scattered among the monks.

Guian’s black eyes flashed and looked over at the monks while Eunyo moved with her ears and nose twitching. Soma followed them behind them and murmured something over and over again.

Hyeolbul looked at the three children with an interesting expression.

Heukam came before Hyeolbul and said

“According to what we have done so far he must be hiding among us.”

“I suppose so.”

Hyeolbul shook his head.

“Even at this moment he is watching us using someone else’s identity.”


“That’s his weakness.”


“He has never failed a single mistake so his confidence is at its peak. No I’d say it’s arrogance. The pride that he will never get caught.”

“Keep talking.”

“That’s usually the cause of the defeat of those high above. He must have come here because he thought that he’d never get caught no matter what. But now all the doors are blocked from the outside and all the experts of the Xiaoleiyin Temple are gathered here. Is there an even more perfect trap than this in the world? He truly has nowhere to run now.”

The scary thing about assassins is that they attack while hiding their identity and presence. But if the identity of the assassin is revealed they would no longer be a scary being.

“Are you saying that those children can expose the identity of the assassin?”

“Of the ten children only those three survived. And each has their senses enhanced.’


“Guian is a person wh can see the flow.”


“He is able to read the flow of qi. The headquarters has a unique flow of qi and he is able to read it.”


“No matter how much the assassin disguises himself he will not be able to imitate the flow of energy contained in the headquarters.”

“That’s right!”

Hyeolbul hit his thigh with the palm of his hand.

Seeing his response Heukam continued speaking with a proud smile on his face.

“That girl’s ability is also great. In exchange for losing her eyesight her hearing and other senses have developed abnormally.”


“When a human lies there are various bodily signs that change. A rapid heartbeat a rising body temperature or sweating. She can pick up on those signs.”

“That’s amazing. If you say that then we can use the guy called Guian to identify the assassin who has a different flow of qi while Eunyo is tasked to find out the truth.”

“That’s right.”

“If that’s the case what’s the role of that Soma?”

“His murderous intent has been greatly amplified. I don’t know what his true abilities are but as of now his head is only filled with killing two warriors.”

“Really? What a useless ability.”

Hyeolbul immediately devalued Soma’s abilities.

Among those who entered the Xiaoleiyin Temple there was no one who had a weak intention to kill. If someone is to learn the martial arts of the Xiaoleiyin Temple their murder intent automatically increases.

Heukam had nothing to rebut Hyeolbul’s words. Since he himself had not yet fully grasped Soma’s abilities.

The three children carefully walked among the monks.

Guian looked at the monks one by one with his black eyes and Eunyo carefully followed behind him. Soma chuckled as the seven wheels hung around his neck jingled.

Despite Soma’s seemingly innocent appearance none of the monks laughed.

Finally the three had passed over the Demon Blood Monks.

At least according to Guian no assassin was hiding among them.

The Demon Blood Monks breathed a sigh of relief.

“Huu…! As expected he is not among us.”

“Even he wouldn’t have dared to sneak among us.”

Hyeolbul beckoned to the Demon Blood Monks. Then the Demon Blood Monks quickly retreated and guarded the exit in the hall.

Now that there are only a few suspects left they were trying to block off the escape route.

“He’s not here or there.”

Guian scanned the rest of the people at high speed.

There are now a few monks left.

The monks who passed through the eyes of Guian were watched by the rest with nervous eyes. They were ready to launch an attack at any time.

‘There is no more hole for him to escape.’

‘I’ll definitely kill him and avenge my colleagues!’

The monks burned their grudge against the assassin. All this time the monks had to worry tirelessly about being killed by the assassin.

As such their resentment towards the assassin was so great.

That was then.


“What do you mean he isn’t here?”

The monks lamented in unison. Because even the last remaining monks have passed through the eyes of Guian.

The only people left now were Hyeolbul and Heukam.

It was impossible for them to be swapped.

The monks looked into Guian and the other children with disbelief.

“Is there something wrong with their eyes?”

“Isn’t he supposed to be in here?”

The monks roared. As their agitation grew Hyeolbul frowned.

He asked Heukam.

“Is he not inside?”

“No way. He’s definitely in here.”

“Are you saying that he’s one of us?”

The voice of Hyeolbul made it difficult to breathe. The Ten Monks looked at each other with an expression of disbelief.

After a while they stared at Heukam.

“How dare you doubt me now?”

“In the first place it was wrong to entrust the identification of the assassin to those little children.”

“Hmpf! I shouldn’t have trusted the words of a loner.”

Despite their accusations Heukam did not waver.

‘Dirty old men! Do you think I’ll be intimidated by that?’

Heukam was also at the end of his life anyway.

He had nowhere else to retreat.

“The children should check you too. If he’s really not among you then I’ll accept any punishment.”


“Damn it!”

The Ten Monks got angry at the unyielding appearance of Heukam.


“Everyone be quiet!”

Hyeolbul struck the podium with his hand.

The hall became quiet.

Hyeolbul said as he looked at the Ten Monks.

“No one is exempted. All of you should be looked over by those children.”

“I will obey your orders.”

“Yes Hyeolbul!”

The Ten Monks became silent at once.

No matter how much they disliked Heukam they could not disobey the order of Hyeolbul whose words are like the law in the Xiaoleiyin Temple.

Guian finally stood in front of the Ten Monks and everyone in the hall looked at them while holding their breaths.

Guian looked at each of the Ten Monks followed by Eunyo and Soma.

Suddenly Guian stopped in front of someone.

It was Myeongak.

Myeongak was recognized by his disciples as a tyrant because he was one of the Ten Monks of Hyeolbul and he had an impatient personality and strong martial arts.

Guian titled his head continuously as he looked at Myeongak as if he found something strange. At the same time Eunyo frowned deeply.

At that time Soma who had been quietly following the back of the two children came forward.

Soma looked at Myeongak with his characteristic smile.

“It’s him right?”


“That’s right!”

“What’s your name?”

At that moment Myeongak opened his mouth.

It was a calm voice not the hoarse voice typical of an old man.


The Ten Monks of Hyeolbul that were around Myeongak hurriedly retreated back.

“It’s him!”

“So he really did disguise himself as one of us?!”

The Ten Monks were startled. They raised their power.

Not only them but everyone at the Xiaoleiyin Temple looked at Myeongak or specifically Pyo-wol with murderous gazes.

Although everyone’s gazes were focused on him Pyo-wol looked at Soma without moving from his spot.


“You’re Ah-myung’s younger brother.”

“Did you… meet my brother?”

“With your father.”

“How… are they?”

“They’re okay so far.”

At Pyo-wol’s answer Soma’s eyes shook.

Soma was the real birth brother of Ah-myung whom Pyo-wol met in the village he had visited before infiltrating the Xiaoleiyin Temple.

Soma was the child who was kidnapped and turned into a monster while Ah-myung was out.

Soma lowered his eyes and muttered.

“I’m glad I didn’t die.”


“Did you come here after being asked by my father and brother for a favor? Are you trying to save me?”



“To kill everyone.”

“Everyone? All of the people here?”


At Pyo-wol’s short answer Soma frowned.

Other children may have forgotten their parents but for some reason he still remembered them clearly. Maybe it was because the memory when he cut off his father’s arm was too strong.

That was then.

“Show your true self you rat!”

Heukam pointed his finger and shouted.

Pyo-wol looked at him with a blank face.

For a moment Heukam flinched without realizing it. Because the fear of the past has resurfaced into his mind.

Pyo-wol’s face changed.

From Myeongak’s old face to his original face.

Everyone was astonished when his pale yet beautiful face was revealed. Because they did not expect that the face of the assassin who terrified them would have such a handsome face.

But that was only for a moment.

They soon came to their senses and rekindled their murderous aura.

“You dare to commit murder in the Xiaoleiyin Temple! I will never forgive you!”

“Tear him to death!”

The inside of the hall was filled with the murderous intent of the hundreds of warriors. No matter how strong the expert is anyone would feel like their heart would stop if they faced such intense killing intent from many people.

However Pyo-wol did not have a change in his expression despite receiving their killing intent.

At that moment Hyeolbul opened his mouth.

“Kneel down assassin!”


His voice echoed through the hall.

Many of the monks had a distressed expression on their faces. The formidable internal energy contained in Hyeolbul’s voice had penetrated their eardrums and hit their brains.

The voice of Hyeolbul contained enough power to subdue the spirit of anyone. Even the Ten Monks had no choice but to take a blow from Hyeolbul’s voice.

However Pyo-wol’s expression didn’t change. He didn’t even pay Hyeolbul any attention.

Pyo-wol’s reaction made the monks of Xiaoleiyin Temple even more angry.


The energy radiated from the monks caused tremendous tremors in the hall.

But Pyo-wol’s gaze remained fixated on Soma and the other two children.

Soma asked

“Are you crazy? Are you really going to kill them all by yourself?”

“Why can’t I?”

“That’s absurd!”

At that time Eunyo who had been quiet until now opened her mouth.

“It’s real!”

“What do you mean?”

“What he’s saying is true! He’s really confident he can do it!”

Eunyo’s unexpected words left Soma at a loss for words.

Soma usually doesn’t believe what others say but if it’s coming from Eunyo even if she says that stones grow on trees he would probably believe it.

Suddenly his expression turned serious.

“Are you serious? Are you really confident to kill them all?”


Soma smiled broadly.

“Then I’ll help you kill them.”

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