Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 137

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 137

Light Novel: Volume 6 Episode 12

Manhwa: N/A

In a room without a single window Heukam murmured

“I already warned them. He’s not human.”

Even though he didn’t take a step outside Heukam was aware of what was going on inside the Xiaoleiyin Temple.

Several monks from the Xiaoleiyin Temple were dying every day. This senseless slaughter will never end until all of the living things in the Xiaoleiyin Temple are killed.

“You can never catch him in a normal way.”

Heukam murmured and looked at the workstation in front of him. N.a.k.e.d children who looked to be about ten years old were lying on his workstation. They were referred to as the wolf children1 in the Xiaoleiyin Temple. These wolf children were those who had been abducted from nearby villages.

There were quite a few crazy people in the Xiaoleiyin Temple besides Heukam.

One of them was Mokwon.

Mokwon injected various drugs into the kidnapped children to increase their physical abilities. Since it would take a long time to lay the foundation and pass on basic martial arts one way to improve the physical abilities of a child in a short period of time is through drugs.

As he expected the children’s bodies developed at a very rapid rate.

But there were some problems.

While the body might become suitable for learning martial arts the mind became weak. A fragile mind was bound to interfere with learning martial arts.

So Mokwon came up with a terrible plan.

He made all the children fight each other in front of their parents. Then the parents of the children who would lose were all killed.

As this situation was repeated several times the children’s minds were thoroughly destroyed. Their human emotions are worn out and only their destructive desires remain.

It’s exactly what Mokwon wanted.

He passed on one of the martial arts of the Xiaoleiyin Temple to the children.

It was the Demonic Art of Guanyin2 which was the inverse interpretation of the Shaolin Temple’s Guanyin.

Theoretically the technique could exert tremendous power but in reality it was impossible. This is because the Demonic Art of Guanyin is an incomplete martial art.

The essence of the Demonic Art of Guanyin is that it stimulates the human brain unlocking its full potential and thus exerting great power.

But the human brain is not as simple as anyone might think.

While the brain’s potential is limitless if a person unlocks all of its abilities then the brain itself would not be able to stand the pressure making it melt.

This is the reason why the human brain places a limit on itself.

It prohibits itself from exerting abilities beyond a certain level. As long as there is a limit set by the human brain it is impossible to overcome the Demonic Art of Guanyin.

Even if a person succeeds there is no guarantee that his brain would remain safe.

If he makes even one mistake there is a high possibility that he will become a person who does not have even a handful of reasons left.

That’s why any sane monk would not dare dabble on the Demonic Art of Guanyin. It was only Mokwon who was crazy enough about the Demonic Art of Guanyin that he ended up researching the said topic on children.

However his research was lagging behind.

Even though he had already blown away the rationality of the children he was able to make them break through the limits of their brain.

“Are you really able to break through the wolf children’s limits?”

A small person approached and looked up at Heukam.

The owner of a face as ugly as Heukam was Mokwon.

“Yes. It’s possible if it’s me.”


“Have you forgotten what my specialty is?”

“Kekeke! Manipulating human minds is your specialty. So what’s the connection?”

“To manipulate the human mind you must first take control of the brain.”

It was then that Mokwon’s eyes lit up.

He knew what Heukam was aiming for.

“Extraordinary! So you’re trying to forcefully lift the limit by manipulating their minds. But if you do their brain will collapse because they can’t stand the excessive pressure.”

“It’s still worth a try.”


“Think of the wolf children whose limits have disappeared. The senses of their whole body will obviously develop abnormally. If that happens they will be able to find the assassin who is hiding like a rat.”

“So that was your purpose… Finding and getting rid of the assassin.”

“That’s how it is.”

“Heh heh! I like it!”

Mokwon smiled sullenly.

The wolf children were children who had not yet matured. No matter how strong they were because of the various drugs their physical abilities were inferior to that of the monks.

If the limits of such a child were suddenly lifted their brain and body could not bear the effects and their ego could collapse.

If something goes wrong all the dozen wolf children who Mokwon had painstakingly raised will die. Nevertheless Mokwon willingly participated in the plan of Heukam.

It was because his research hasn’t had any further development anyway.

Mokwon didn’t feel any regrets despite putting all of his heart and soul into making the wolf children for several years.

There would always be new children available somewhere.

Heukam approached the children.

‘It’s a pity that I abandoned that girl. She was the best ingredient–’

Heukam regretted leaving Won Ga-young alive. But it was impossible to go back.

He now had to focus on the children.

“To catch a demon we need to create our own demon too.”

* * *

Hyeolbul was sitting cross-legged on the highest platform.

With his eyes closed red mist was swirling all over his body. The red mist that was swirling around his body formed into the shape of a dragon.

It was a phenomenon that only occurred when the greatest martial arts of the Xiaoleiyin Temple the Supreme Layer of the Heavenly Dragon3 was executed.

Ever since the Xiaoleiyin Temple was established in Namling Forest there were only about three people who had learned more than the composition of the Supreme Layer of the Heavenly Dragon. With such capabilities they all completely ruled over Xizang Jianghu.

Hyeolbul became the first Buddhist monk to completely master the Supreme Layer of the Heavenly Dragon.

As he opened his eyes the red dragon that was spinning around his body was absorbed into his nostrils and disappeared.


Although Hyeolbul made great progress his expression was still not at ease.

It was because of the assassin who roamed the interior of the Xiaoleiyin Temple like it was his own house. Because of a single assassin the entire Xiaoleiyin Temple was shaken.

It was like a clear crystal pond had become muddy water because of one loach. If the assassin named Pyo-wol continues no fish will be able to live in the huge pond called the Xiaoleiyin Temple.

Until now Hyeolbul had left the monks under his command to search for the assassin on their own. He expected that they would be able to overcome such an ordeal.

However contrary to his expectations they still haven’t caught the assassin. Furthermore the damage and fear brought by the assassin to the Xiaoleiyin Temple only continued to grow.

They really had to find and destroy the assassin before it was too late.

But there was one strange thing.

“Why the hell is he aiming for our sect? What kind of grudge does he have with us?”

Heukam only told him that an assassin was chasing after him. Heukam didn’t tell Hyeolbul why because even Heukam also does not know the reason.

He would have never thought it was because of a prostitute who died in the hands of Seo Mun-pyeong.

Hyeolbul stopped thinking there.

There were as many as the stars in the sky who had a grudge against the Xiaoleiyin Temple. Some of them may have achieved what they are today with exceptional talent. Perhaps another sect who was jealous of the Xiaoleiyin Temple may have contacted him.

“Anyway we just have to catch the assassin. Then we will be able to find out who’s behind him.”

That was then.

“Hyeolbul. Heukam asks to see you.”

The voice of a monk standing guarding outside was heard. For a moment a deep displeasure appeared on Hyeolbul’s face.

All of the things that happened so far arose because Heukam came with someone chasing after him. Because of him all of the Xiaoleiyin Temple monks including the Demon Blood Monks did not like Heukam.

Furthrmore after returning to the Xiaoleiyin Temple Heukam hid in his dwelling and did not appear. They heard that he was plotting something together with Mokwon the head of the wolf children but the details have not been reported yet.

“Come on in.”

As soon as Hyeolbul gave permission the door opened and Heukam entered. When Heukam entered the room he immediately prostrated himself before Hyeolbul.

“I see the great monk of the Xiaoleiyin Temple.”

“What did you come here for?”

“There is a way to catch the assassin.”

Heukam answered in a confident voice.


“I lifted the restriction on the wolf children.”


“An interesting thing happened to them. We can use them to catch an assassin.”

“Are you sure?”

“Why would I lie to the sect leader? I’m even willing to risk my life.”

Heukam grinned.

A black mist engulfed the body of Heukam but Hyeolbul knew he was smiling.

There weren’t many cases where Heukam showed his confidence to this extent so Hyeolbul was curious.

“Risk your life?”

“I didn’t see his face even once while he was chasing me. No one can imagine the disgrace I felt at that time.”

The assassin thoroughly used Heukam. He pushed Heukam into a corner while showing that he could kill him at any time.

The memories of that time were so shameful that Heukam did not want to recall them again. Because of that even after returning to the Xiaoleiyin Temple he couldn’t sleep.

He had spent many nights staying up with his eyes open. He was trembling not knowing when the assassin would come.

If he fails to kill the assassin he’ll have to suffer without ever being able to escape from his shadow. So he went to Mokwon and asked him if he could leave the wolf children to him.

“I planned to break the wolf children’s prohibition against Demonic Art of Guanyin. And I was half successful.”

“Are you sure?”

“I will die anyway if I fail. So I’m willing to risk everything.”


Heukam hit his head on the floor and answered.

The assassin who entered the Xiaoleiyin Temple chased Heukam. That meant that the situation would probably be over if he died.

So Heukam risked his life for this matter.

Hyeolbul looked at Heukam for a moment without saying a word.

The resolution of Heukam was conveyed.

‘You’re going that far as to risk your life?”

If a subordinate says that he was willing to stake his life and he fails then he would lose his face.

Hyeolbul rose from his seat.

He gave orders to the monks guarding his dwelling.

“Summon all of the disciples to the Full Moon Hall right now.”


The order of Hyeolbul was delivered to all of the Xiaoleiyin Temple disciples at once. Even though they were puzzled by the sudden order they all gathered in the hall.

Although the disciples were in a mess because of the assassin the order of Hyeolbul in the Xiaoleiyin Temple was absolute.

The Full Moon Hall was so huge that even the former monks of the Xiaoleiyin Temple could gather. In addition the interior can be seen at a glance because there are only thick pillars supporting the ceiling with no other structure.

A large red cushion was placed on the highest platform.

It was the seat of the sect leader of the Xiaoleiyin Temple.

When Hyeolbul sat on the red cushion about a dozen old monks came in and sat down on the platform just right below.

After them the Demon Blood Monks and other monks attended one after another.

When all the monks from the Xiaoleiyin Temple had entered the Full Moon Hall the doors were firmly shut. In addition iron shutters came down from the windows.

Thud! Thud!

All doors leading to the outside were closed.

The Full Moon Hall is now completely isolated.

The head of Hyeolbul’s Ten Monks asked Hyeolbul

“Did you gather all the disciples because of the assassin?”

“It was Heukam who requested this.”

“What? Heukam?”

“He said he had a secret plan to find the assassin.”

“A secret plan? Can we trust him?”

“Well since he said that he is even willing to risk his own life he must be confident about his plan.”

“I’m looking forward to it.”

The old monk shook his head.

He did not like Heukam very much. He hated that Heukam’s prowess relies on manipulating the human mind. But apart from that he knew that the ability of Heukam was outstanding.

When all the exits were closed Heukam appeared. But he wasn’t the only one.

Three children were following him.

Two boys and one girl.

They were the wolf children. To be precise they were the survivors among the wolf children.

The moment the restriction on their brain was lifted most of the children died by bleeding from all of their seven orifices. It was the price of releasing the prohibition that was naturally formed to protect the body.

But three of them survived.

All the surviving children had abnormal abilities.

By removing the restriction on the Demonic Art of Guanyin the latent characteristics of children were greatly opened up. A sense as sharp as an animal and a mysterious ability that cannot be explained in words.

Heukam was confident.

That they’d be able to find the assassin.

Heukam gave the command.

“He’s definitely among us. Find him.”

Editor’s Notes

Thank you for reading!

Wolf children. Raws: Arang 아랑(兒狼)

兒 son child

狼 wolf

Demonic Art of Guanyin. Raws: Ban Guanyin 반관음마공(反観音魔功)

反 reverse opposite

観 see observe view

音 sound tone pitch

魔 demon evil spirits magic power

功 achievement merit good result

Supreme Layer of the Heavenly Dragon. 천룡층층무상강(天龍層層無上理).

天 sky heaven god celestial

龍 dragon

層 story layer floor

層 story layer floor

無 negative no not lack

上 top superior

理 reason logic

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