Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 131

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 131

Light Novel: Volume 6 Episode 6

Manhwa: N/A

Jin Geum-woo hurriedly released Won Ga-young.

“Are you okay?”

“I… I’m fine.”

She tried to pretend she was calm but she couldn’t hide the trembling in her voice.

Jin Geum-woo sighed softly while holding her in his arms. He was relieved to see her unharmed.

No one knows how worried he has been all this time. He pretended to be calm on the outside but on the inside he was greatly worried about her well-being.

Fortunately Pyo-wol put pressure on Heukam so the latter didn’t even have time to think about anything else. Thanks to him Won Ga-young was released safely.

For a long time she had been carried like luggage so her body was as stiff as a tree.

Jin Geum-woo injected his qi in Won Ga-young’s body. He was trying to ease and comfort her body from the inside using qi.

After a while Won-young’s complexion returned to normal as if to confirm that Jin Geum-woo’s efforts worked. It was a phenomenon that only occurred when qi was circulated smoothly.

“I can do it by myself now.”

Won Ga-young said with a shy expression.

After being treated as a burden by Heukam for several days her body became very dirty and stinky. She didn’t want to show Jin Geum-woo her disheveled figure.

Jin Geum-woo nodded and stepped back.

Won Ga-young sat cross-legged and concentrated on recovering her internal strength.

After one hour has passed Won Ga-young completely recovered her physical condition.

Won Ga-young stood up and said

“Thank you brother… for coming to rescue me like this.”

“Be more grateful to him than me. Without him I would never be able to save you.”

“He is…”

“I know. He killed Pyeong. But it’s also true that he saved you. I wouldn’t know how to find you if not for him.”

“I have become a burden.”

“Don’t think like that. You have never been a burden. It’s just bad luck.”


Won Ga-young sighed at Jin Geum-woo’s words of consolation. Her nickname as the Phantom Swordsman felt meaningless.

‘Why did they even call me a master? I’m so pathetic now.’

She felt ashamed. Rather than helping the person she liked she ended up being a burden. Furthermore her appearance right now was so shabby. She can’t believe she got so intoxicated by her title as the Phantom Swordsman.

Jin Geum-woo asked

“How’s your body?”

“I think I can move around now.”

“Can you go back to Chengdu alone?”

“What about you?”

“He has to pay off his debt.”

Jin Geum-woo raised his head and looked in the direction where Pyo-wol disappeared. Without Pyo-wol he wouldn’t have been able to reach this place and save Won Ga-young like this.

He was definitely a person who would pay back his resentment.

Seo Mun-pyeong’s death could not be offset by the fact that Pyo-wol helped in saving Won Ga-yeong.

Both events must be distinguished separately.

Some may say that he was being too uptight but that was the nature of a person called Jin Geum-woo. Knowing that fact Won Ga-young did not stop Jin Geum-woo.

“Alright brother! I’ll go back to Chengdu alone.”

“I’m sorry and thank you.”

“No don’t be. I should be the one sorry since I ended up being on your way. I promise I’ll never show you such an unsightly side next time.”

“You never looked unsightly.”

Even with Jin Geum-woo’s comfort Won Ga-young could not raise her head.


Her sighs mingled in the wind.

* * *

‘This demon-like…’

Heukam trembled.

The black mist on his body had long since disappeared without a trace.

The black mist is operated by his internal qi but he couldn’t use his qi as carelessly as before. That’s why he removed the black mist that covered his ugly appearance in order to preserve even a little bit of his qi.

In the last few days he hadn’t slept well nor had he taken a break.

It was all because of Pyo-wol.

Pyo-wol had left a scar on his body by attacking him with his flying swords whenever Heukam would rest.

Since Heukam couldn’t detect nor stop the barrage of weapons the scars on Heukam’s entire body gradually increased.

Furthermore the Demon Eyes which he was proud of did not work on Pyo-wol.

If he could look into the eyes of Pyo-wol his Demon Eyes might have worked but since he couldn’t even see Pyo-wol it became useless.

But even if Heukam managed to look into Pyo-wol’s eyes there was no guarantee that his Demon Eyes would work. Especially since Pyo-wol had a strong and firm spirit.

All he had left was cursed poison and the Dream Dispersing Drug where in both could only be used if he could subdue Pyo-wol.

If Heukam couldn’t even get a glimpse of Pyo-wol’s face it would be ridiculous to think that he can subdue him.

However it did not mean that Heukam could not do anything. The influence of the Xiaoleiyin Temple applies to the entire Xizang. Not quite as much as the entire Jianghu but there were quite a few sects in the Xizang.

Some of them possessed quite a powerful force.

The Red Tree Pagoda1 was one of those places.

It was independently established long ago by a monk of the Xiaoleiyin Temple and the current owner of the pagoda maintained a close relationship with the Xiaoleiyin Temple.

Heukam believed that they would help him so he desperately fled to the Red Tree Pagoda.

The Red Tree Pagoda stood tall and alone on the plain. The pagoda had seven floors and martial artists were practicing on each floor.

The owner of the pagoda Yulmok-ah was in charge and he was training on the seventh floor which was the highest floor.

Yulmok-ah is a martial arts master who was also recognized by Hyeolbul the sect leader of the Xiaoleiyin Temple. Heukam thought that Yulmok would be able to stop Pyo-wol who was constantly tormenting him.

Heukam sprinted towards the Red Tree Pagoda with all his power.

After running for a while he saw a huge red tower in the distance.

That was his goal the Red Tree Pagoda.

“Who are you?”


When the figure of Heukam appeared the warriors of the Red Tree Pagona who were standing on guard pointed their weapons and shouted.

“I came out of the Xiaoleiyin Temple. I came to see sect leader Yulmok-ah so hurry and open the door.”

“Are you saying you’re from the Xiaoleiyin Temple?”

“Yes. I will tell Yulmok-ah about the details so please open the door.”

Heukam took out a small copper plate from his bosom and threw it in their direction to prove that he was a monk of the Xiaoleiyin Temple.

The attitude of the warriors who confirmed the copper plate became polite.

“You may go inside.”

They opened the only door leading to the Red Tree Pagoda.

The Red Tree Pagoda is a fortress where outsiders could never enter if the door was locked. Although there are windows on each floor there was no room for anyone to break in because of the numerous experts who stood guard.


As soon as Heukam entered the Red Tree Pagoda the door closed tightly.


Only then could Heukam breathe a sigh of relief. But he didn’t have the time to relax like this.

‘We have to stop him from entering.’

Heukam hastily ascended to the seventh floor.

On the seventh floor Yulmok-ah was waiting for him.

Yulmok-ah is six feet tall. Her whole body was adorned with numerous ornaments. Only a few people knew that the splendid ornaments that only women could use are actually weapons with lethal power.

Yulmok-ah stared at Heukam with fierce eyes.

“You said you’re from the Xiaoleiyin Temple?”

“Yes. My name is Heukam.”

“Heukam? I’ve heard of you. You’re the hunting dog raised by Hyeolbul.”

“That’s right.”

Even with the insulting words the expression of Heukam was not disturbed at all. Because now was not the time to worry about such trivial insults.

“So what did you come here for?”

Yulmok-ah asked in an arrogant manner.

Although they were affiliated with the Xiaoleiyin Temple Yulmok-ah’s pride was great. Even if there were only about a hundred warriors in the Red Tree Pagoda each of the individual’s skills were not in any way inferior to the sects of Xizang.

Yulmok-ah’s martial arts also didn’t lose to the proud experts of the Xiaoleiyin Temple the Ten Monks of Blood Thunder.3

In the southern part of Xizang she was even more feared than the Xiaoleiyin Temple. Due to this Yulmok-ah had no choice but to become arrogant in nature.

She thinks that no one can dare to take precedence over him except for Hyeolbul of the Xiaoleiyin Temple.

If it was the usual Heukam he would never have left Yulmok-ah’s arrogance alone. But now he was in a position to ask for help. He had no time to argue about the little things.

“There is someone who is tracking me right now.”

“The Xiaoleiyin Temple’s hound is being pursued? Heh heh! That’s really interesting.”

“He’s truly a terrifying person. Since his martial arts and stealth skills are great we have to thoroughly guard the Red Tree Pagoda and prevent him from entering.”

“Hahaha! Who would dare to break into the Red Tree Pagoda? Even Hyeolbul will not be able to enter without destroying this place.”


“Anyway. If you find us safe just stay calm and go. It’s unsightly to see a runaway dog barking.”


Heukam’s ugly face became even more distorted. But he soon regained his original expression.

“Okay. Then I will be indebted to you.”

Heukam bowed his head deeply to Yulmok-ah.

In the last few days Heukam wasn’t able to rest for a single moment. Fatigue reached its peak so he did not even have the strength to fight Yulmok-ah.

“Yes. I just need to get enough rest. Hopefully this place won’t be infiltrated.”

Yulmok-ah’s condescending appearance was annoying to see but she was still capable. Right now her martial arts skill is second to none. With Yulmok-ah’s ability she will be able to protect him even for a day.

Before Heukam left the door he said a word to the old woman.

“He’s an assassin. He’s great at hiding and infiltrating so please strengthen your defenses.”

“Heh heh! Even though it looks so ordinary there are several machinery and traps operating on each floor and the masters of the main tower guard the main road so no one would dare enter. You can rest easy hound!”


“Your body stinks so hurry up take a bath and rest.”

“Thank you for your consideration. Then…”

After saying his farewell to Yulmok-ah Heukam came out.

One of the warriors of the Red Tree Pagoda was waiting for him to escort him to the dormitory. His accommodation was a small room in the corner of the third floor of the Red Tree Pagoda. Although the room was small there was a wooden bathtub so he could enjoy a bath.


Heukam undressed and dipped into the bathtub. The water wasn’t heated so it was cold. But to Heukam it was heavenly.

After taking a bath Heukam ate a light meal lay on the bed.

‘Would he dare come after me here?’

Heukam tried to deny his thoughts.

Even though Yulmok-ah was blind it was certain that the Red Tree Pagoda was an impregnable fortress. It was impossible for anyone in the world to sneak into this place even if it was Pyo-wol.

Heukam thought that Pyo-wol was watching the Red Tree Pagoda from somewhere.

‘Even he won’t be able to listen here. I’m sure he’ll watch over me and press me again when I come out.”

Goosebumps came back up in his back at the thought of being pressured by Pyo-wol again.

‘It’s a pity if only I had that girl I would be able to subdue her and use her as a weapon.’

He found it a pity that he had to abandon Won Ga-young to preserve his life. It would have been an added bonus if he could subdue her heart and turn her into a weapon. He could also had a good time as a bonus.

But everything is the past anyway. It was too late for him to regret his decision and the situation at the time was too urgent. He had to be satisfied that he manage to preserve his life.

Before he knew it Heukam fell asleep. Heukam did not resist and was swallowed by his dreams. It’s been a really long time since he slept.

This was the first time he slept so sweetly since he came out of the Xiaoleiyin Temple.

Heukam opened his eyes.

The room was silent.

The silence was strange but that made him more reassured. It was proof that nothing had happened overnight.

‘As expected even he wouldn’t dare to infiltrate here.’

Heukam smiled.

He had slept well so his condition improved. At this rate he thought he would be able to fight him back even if he met Pyo-wol again.

He sat and got off the bed.


At that moment a strange noise was heard from inside the bed.

Heukam lifted the blanket with a puzzled expression.


The eyes of Heukam looking inside the blanket became so wide that it looked like his eyes were about to be torn apart.

He could see colorful ornaments placed in between the blanket and the bed.

He had clearly seen these splendid ornaments which have now been dyed red.

“You can’t be serious?”

Editor’s Notes

Thank you for reading!

Red Tree Pagoda. Raws: 적목탑(赤木塔).

赤 red

木 tree wood

塔 tower spire tall building

Yulmok. Raws: 율목아(栗木我).

栗 chestnut tree surname

木 tree wood lumber

我 our us i me

Ten Monks of the Blood Thunder. Raws: 혈뢰십승(血雷十僧).

血 blood

雷 thunder

十 ten

僧 buddhist priest monk

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