Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 124

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 124

Light Novel: Volume 5 Episode 24

Manhwa: N/A

“Go home safely.”

Soo-hyang sent off Pyo-wol with bittersweet eyes.

Pyo-wol turned his head for a moment and looked at Soo-hyang.

Soo-hyang’s face turned red at Pyo-wol’s gaze. They had already shared several nights together but still every time she would see Pyo-wol her chest never stopped pounding.

No matter where the courtesan was Soo-hyang couldn’t stop herself from looking for Pyo-wol.

“I’ll come again next time.”

“I’ll be waiting.”

Soo-hyang sent Pyo-wol with a smile.

After leaving the Divine Fragrance Pavilion Pyo-wol walked down the dark street. The street that was dreary. But Pyo-wol was familiar with such a scene.

He came up from the underground cave and managed to adapt well so the darkness was more comfortable for him. In the dark his senses were more sharpened and sensitive.

He felt someone’s gaze with his spread out senses.

Heavy eyes and a strong presence that can be clearly felt even in the dark. It was as if a great mountain was standing there.

Pyo-wol had once met a man with this kind of presence.

‘Jin Geum-woo.’

As he expected in the distance Jin Geum-woo was leaning against the wall while looking his way.

Pyo-wol’s eyes narrowed.

He was currently the Master of the Night.

After Seo Mun-pyeong’s visit he always came to the Divine Fragrance Pavilion using the face of Yaju. He did it to completely hide his identity.

‘Is he here to meet Yaju?’

That was the only reason for Jin Geum-woo to stand in front of him.

At that moment Jin Geum-woo came to Pyo-wol taking his back off the wall.

Jin Geum-woo approached Pyo-Wol and said

“My name is Jin Geum-woo the Blood-Weaving Warrior. Are you Yaju the owner of Divine Fragrance Pavilion?”

Jin Geum-woo looked straight at Pyo-wol.

He asked for help from the Hao clan and Yu Shinfeng to capture Heukam. Since they recognized the seriousness of the matter they actively cooperated with him.

The Hao clan and Yu Shinfeng and others searched Chengdu thoroughly. However no traces of Heukam were found whether he ascended to heaven or fell to the earth.

They needed more people to help them with the search.

At that time the person Jin Geum-woo remembered was Yaju.

Strong enough to subdue Seo Mun-pyeong at once a wild nickname of the Master of the Night and the owner of Divine Fragrance Pavilion would have a considerable influence on the courtesans.

It was a situation where even a cat’s hand had to be borrowed.

After much deliberation Jin Geum-woo came to meet Yaju.

Pyo-wol nodded his head without saying a word. Then a smile appeared on Jin Geum-woo’s lips.

“I came here just in case but to think I get to meet you like this.”

“What is it?”

“Actually I want to ask for your help Yaju…!”

Jin Geum-Woo suddenly blurted out the end of his words. He then kept his mouth shut and looked intently into Pyo-wol’s face. In the darkness an intense light erupted from his eyes.

Pyo-wol did not avoid it and looked into his gaze.

Their eyes met in the air.

Jin Geum-woo was the first to speak.

“I’ve definitely seen your eyes before. But back then it wasn’t that face so your face right now must not be your real face.”

Jin Geum-woo was immediately convinced that Pyo-wol’s appearance was not real.

Pyo-wol was honestly surprised. He had only seen Jin Geum-woo once. Even back then he met Jin Geum-woo using a different identity.

Lim Kwon-ok.

It was when he was learning music from a band teacher. At that time he only saw him once but even Pyo-wol did not expect that he would remember his eyes and be so sure.

“Who are you with different faces?”

“Who do you think I am?”

Pyo-wol no longer hid his true colors. For some reason hiding himself in front of Jin Geum-woo felt meaningless and shabby.

Jin Geum-woo was the first to notice his multiple identity. No one has ever noticed before so Pyo-wol thought he was noteworthy.

Jin Geum-woo stared at Pyo-wol.

His eyes were as hot as the sun and as fierce as the waves.

On the other hand Pyo-wol’s eyes were completely stationary. It was impossible to read his thoughts from his eyes that did not show any movement or emotion.

Paradoxically however such an appearance convinced Jin Geum-woo.

“Before I came here I heard a story about a man. It was about an assassin who played around the sects in Sichuan Province alone. When I first heard of the rumor I couldn’t believe it. Because it was too unrealistic.”

“Is that why you’re looking for him?”

“So you know about that? As expected you’re really capable. That’s right! I’m looking for him.”


“I’ve been tracking a group for a long time. I’m trying to find out if he might be a member of that organization.”

The two of them were talking naturally as if they had known each other for a long time.

“What if he belongs to that group?”

“I will fight and subdue him. Then I will dig out the truth.”

“That’s reckless.”

“I hear that a lot.”

Jin Geum-woo revealed everything. It was a proud attitude that expressed that he has nothing to be ashamed of.

Pyo-wol narrowed his eyes and looked at Jin Geum-woo. Perhaps even after waking up after death Pyo-wol will not be able to reveal himself so proudly.

He even wondered

‘How should I live to be able to reveal myself without hesitation like that?

Jin Geum-woo asked.

“Now answer my questions. Who are you? Lim Kwon-ok from the Celestial Music Hall Yaju from Divine Fragrance Pavilion or…”


“The assassin who caused bloodshed in Sichuan. Who is your true self?”

Jin Geum-woo was convinced that the man in front of him was the one he was looking for. It was ridiculous to deny it any longer.


Pyo-wol’s facial muscles moved little by little.

And his true face was revealed.

Jin Geum-woo was surprised by his white skin and beautiful features that seemed to glow in the dark.

“Is that your true face?”


“That’s definitely worth hiding. If you have that kind of face you’ll get attention anywhere.”

“You didn’t come to me just to talk about that did you?”

“Oh right! My bad. I was just surprised by your appearance. Anyway that’s not what I came here for.”

Jin Geum-woo meekly admitted his mistake.

Pyo-wol asked

“Who are you looking for?”

“The Nine dragons.”


Jin Geum-woo took a gold coin from his pocket and threw it at Pyo-wol.

On the surface of the gold coin nine intertwined dragons were elaborately engraved.

“What is this?”

“You don’t seem to know.”

“I asked what it was.”

“Recently people using these marks have been discovered.

” In recent years people have been found wearing this pattern. Those who have no connection or contact use this mark in common and they are like a lapis lazuli blooming everywhere and intervening in various interests. It’s different from the traditional sects in Jianghu. The Jianghu sects cares about their own reputation and the interests of the people but this new organization doesn’t care about their group’s own reputation at all. What they want is only their own profit.”

“That’s new. And practical.”

Pyo-wol was sincerely in awe.

“Yes! It’s the emergence of a completely new class that has never existed before and their appearance resembles merchants in a way. It’s similar to the blind pursuit of wealth. But it’s different in a way that they possess power.”


“I’ll ask bluntly. Do you belong to this organization?”


“I see.”

“Do you believe me?”

“I believe you.”


“It’s because it’s hard to believe that a person with eyes like you would live and interact with other people.”

In a way it was said that he felt good but Pyo-wol didn’t really care. Rather he was quite surprised at how accurate Jin Geum-woo’s eyes were.

“Are you disappointed? You came all the way to Sichuan and you didn’t make any progress.”

“No I thought this trip was quite fruitful. Would I not have been able to meet you if I hadn’t come this far?”

“That’s strange. Don’t people like you usually take sides of the Emei or the Qingcheng sect?”

“Because the crayfish shop is on your side? Of course it could be but I don’t like those two sects very much. Both sects locked their doors during the War of the Demons and Heavens because they were afraid of the enemies. In my opinion before they can earn my respect they need to be qualified.”

From Jin Geum-woo’s words Pyo-wol understood how straight forward he was.

“You won’t live long.”

“Who? Me?”

“People with such an uncompromising personality tend to be short-lived.”

“Haha! Maybe!”

Jin Geum-woo laughed out loud regardless of Pyo-wol’s venomous remarks.

Pyo-wol furrowed his brow.

The more he looked at him the worse he felt.

That dignified figure that does not hide himself for even a single moment greatly stirred Pyo-wol’s heart.

“My name is Jin Geum-woo. What is your true name?”


“Good! Pyo-wol why don’t we become friends? I think we could become true friends regardless of your status.”

“I refuse.”

Pyo-wol refused with a snap.

He felt even worse.

What the hell does he know about him that he wants to be friends?

The appearance of Jin Geum-Woo who came into his territory without any notice repulsed him.

Despite Pyo-wol’s rejection Jin Geum-woo wasn’t disappointed.

“Can’t you reconsider? I like you.”



Jin Geum-woo exclaimed. But he did not give up easily.

“If you change your mind come to me anytime. I really want to get acquainted with you friend!”

He called Pyo-wol his friend until the very end.

Pyo-wol stepped forward and said coldly

“If you’re done talking nonsense can you get out of the way?”

“Our business is not over yet.”


“Help me. A dangerous man has hid in Chengdu. He is believed to be a person from the Xiaoleiyin Temple but I don’t know where he is hiding. If we leave him like this something big is sure to happen. Help me find him. That’s why I came to you.”

Pyo-wol didn’t answer.

Because he had no reason to listen to Jin Geum-woo’s request.

Pyo-wol casually passed by Jin Geum-woo.

Jin Geum-woo did not stop Pyo-Wol.

“I know well that you’re not a bad person. Please help me.”

Pyo-wol thought that Jin Geum-woo’s voice was just passing noise.

A loud and useless noise.

In an instant Pyo-wol disappeared into darkness.

Jin Geum-woo looked at Pyo-wol’s back with a sad gaze.

Before coming here he had thoroughly researched about the blood shed that recently happened in Sichuan.

Most people paid attention only to the number of lives lost caused by an assassin named Pyo-wol but he investigated why things escalated to that point.

‘He’s not just a bloodthirsty man he’s a victim. If I had been in the same situation as him I would have also acted the same.”

The more he dug into Pyo-wol’s history the more he was surprised.

He was sure. He’s not a bad person from the bottom of his heart.

Now that he met Pyo-wol in person his confidence has grown stronger. That’s why he said that he wanted to be friends for a nonsensical reason.

Even after being rejected in a single go his heart did not change.

“We’ll see each other again.”

He turned around and spoke.

Chengdu which was immersed in darkness came into his eyes.

A deep night when most people are asleep.

But someone is awake.

Jin Geum-woo hoped it wasn’t the one he was pursuing.

Rather he wished that the person he was pursuing escaped to the Xiaoleiyin Temple. Because it was clear that if he remained in Chengdu and plotted something it would have terrible consequences.

“I’ll catch him before that happens. Definitely.”

Jin Geum-woo bit his lip and walked into the darkness of the city.

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