Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 122

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 122

Light Novel: Volume 5 Episode 22

Manhwa: N/A

“What the hell?”

“My god!”

Jin Geum-woo and his colleagues uttered expletives.

They were climbing Mount Qingcheng to visit the Qingcheng sect. But by the time they reached the gates they suddenly recognized the smell of blood. They sensed that something must have happened and so they decided to rush in.

In front of them a great devastation was unfolding.

Muryeongjin was lying on the floor in the arms of the Muhwajin while the other disciples of the Qingcheng sect struggled to protect them.

The warriors of the Thunder Clan High Sky sect and Jinseong sect launched an all-out offensive attack.

It was already difficult to block the three sect’s collaborative attack. And to make matters worse the Qingcheng sect also had to deal with traitors among their ranks.

The disciples of the Qingcheng sect did not know how to appropriately respond to the sudden change of their colleagues. Until yesterday they had been talking and laughing with their fellow disciples but now they’re fighting each other to death.

This prevented them from attacking properly and as a result allowed them to suffer great damage.

It was only after many had fallen at the hands of their comrades that they started to work together. But they were still in a precarious situation they were barely holding on and they didn’t know how long they could last.

Jin Geum-woo’s eyes widened.

“The Qingcheng sect is being attacked?”

“We have to help them!”

“Come on let’s go!”

Won Ga-young and Neung Soun agreed with Jin Geum-woo.

They couldn’t afford to hesitate. If they left them as it is the Qingcheng disciples will suffer more damage. They had to prevent that scenario from happening.

Jin Geum-woo Won Ga-young and Neung Soun ran like the wind and plunged into the battlefield.

“Everyone stop it!”

While roaring Jin Geum-woo blew a thunderbolt between the Qingcheng sect and Thunder Clan disciples.


With a deafening sound a huge crater was formed on the floor. Stone fragments and soil had splattered in all directions striking the warriors who had been fighting for a long time.



At the lightning strikes the warriors screamed and bounced back.

In the meantime Won Ga-yeong and Neung Soun also faced the disciples of the High Sky and Jinseong sects respectively.

Although only three people joined their presence was enough to turn the tide of the war.

While the attackers rushed out Jin Geum-woo hurriedly spoke to Muhwajin.

“I am Jin Geum-woo of the Golden Heavenly Hall. How did this happen?”

“Oh! So it was Mister Jin. They suddenly joined forces so we were rather helpless against them. It seems that they have been subjected to black magic.”

“What do you mean?”

“Before they attacked us we could sense that they were being manipulated by looking through their eyes. The sudden betrayal of our disciples— there is no better explanation other than the use of black magic.”


Jin Geum-woo let out a sigh.

Those were the words coming from an elder of the Qingcheng sect and not anyone else. There was no room to refute.

Jin Geum-woo looked at the Qingcheng sect disciples who had betrayed their own sect. He couldn’t find anything strange just by looking at their external appearance.

However as Muhwajin said the situation did not look normal.

Most of all as they attacked their fellow disciples they showed no sense of remorse or guilt. This would never have occurred if it was just a normal situation.

“It’s magic—”

His gaze suddenly turned to the corpse of Cheong-gyeong who had fallen nearby.

The sight of Cheong-gyeong bleeding from different parts of his body was terrifying. However what Jin Geum-woo paid attention to was not Cheong-gyeong’s body but the blood the latter had spilled on the floor.

Jin Geum-woo could see something microscopic wriggling in the blood. It was such a weak movement that no one would have noticed not unless they paid close attention.

The cultivation that he learned was one of the purest kinds in the world. He would never miss anything out of the ordinary even the smallest detail.

“What is that in his blood— is it cursed poison?”

Jin Geum-woo remembered that depending on the type of cursed poison it can have a different effect on a person’s psyche.

If cursed poison was really used then the sudden betrayal of the Qingcheng disciples now makes sense.

Jin Geum-woo shouted loudly.

“It’s cursed poison! They’re being controlled by cursed poison!”

Neung Soun was the first to respond to his voice.

“If it’s cursed poison someone must be nearby. We have to find him and get rid of him. We’ll take care of this place so you need to find the caster and get rid of it.”


Jin Geum-woo radiated a net-like aura and scanned the surroundings with sharp eyes.

One of the effects of the Transcendent Cultivation Technique1

is that it emits internal qi in all directions like a net to detect any abnormal presence. Since the qi net is as sensitive as a spider’s web any foreign entity in the area of his senses would surely be detected.

Jin Geum-woo already mastered the Transcendent Cultivation Technique at the highest level.


An intangible qi was spread out in all directions.

Fifteen meters thirty meters—

Beads of sweat started to form on Jin Geum-woo’s forehead. This was his limit. However Jin Geum-woo pushed himself and sent his qi even further.

When his qi reached forty-five meters Jin Geum-woo’s eyes lit up.

“Found you.”

He felt a presence hiding from a particularly large tree. Without hesitating for a single moment Jin Geum-woo flew toward the tree and pulled out his sword.

A strong energy soon was engraved on his sword.


As he swings his sword the sword filled with energy easily cuts through the tree.


At that moment a black shadow popped out flustered.

It was Heukam.

The unexpected attack by Jin Geum-woo cut his side.

“Reveal your identity!”

Jin Geum-woo shouted and attacked Heukam.

Heukam’s face contorted. Someone had sprinkled ashes on his already cooked rice. Heukam felt great anger towards Jin Geum-woo.

Jin Geum-woo’s sword strikes hit him like a storm.

‘You’ll see!’

Heukam vowed revenge before fleeing.


Jin Geum-woo tried to pursue him with a frightening force. However the movement of Heukam was so fast and stealthy that it did not allow Jin Geum-woo to track him.


Heukam quickly disappeared from Jin Geum-woo’s line of sight. It was impossible to find Heukam who had already disappeared into the forest.

“Since I lost him there will be no end to the repercussions.”

Jin Geum-woo’s face became distorted.

The martial arts of Heukam were not weak. Nevertheless as soon as he realized that the situation was turning unfavorably against him he didn’t feel bad about retreating without looking back.

He is the kind of person who values his life more than his pride.

These kinds of people are extremely protective of their own lives so even if they feel the slightest danger they hide deep into places where people’s eyes cannot reach. That made them difficult to find and even harder to deal with.

They were the worst kind.

Jin Geum-woo turned around while struggling to suppress his uneasy heart. It was a pity that he couldn’t catch Heukam but there was something more urgent that he still had to solve.

Jin Geum-woo flew towards the warriors who attacked the Qingcheng sect.

Even if Heukam disappeared the warriors were still attacking the Qingcheng sect. It was proof that Heukam’s order was maintained even without the caster.

In the eyes of Jin Geum-woo Wu Jinghua entered the Thunder Clan.

Wu Jinghua was the only man who could not hide his bewilderment when Heukam revealed his identity.

Jin Geum-woo was sure Wu Jinghua would know about Heukam. If Jin Geum-woo can subdued Wu Jinghua it was clear that the truth behind today’s incident would be revealed.


Jin Geum-woo rushed towards Wu Jinghua with all his power.


Pyo-wol’s eyes shone sharply at the news brought by Steward Go.

“The Qingcheng sect–”

The final destination of the Thunder Clan was Mt. Qingcheng.

Steward Go confirmed that the Thunder Clan warriors entered Mt. Qingcheng. However men of the Red Villa including Steward Go could not actually go inside the Qingcheng sect.

Because Mt. Qingcheng itself is considered as Qingcheng sect’s territory they thoroughly prohibited access from outsiders. If by any chance Steward Go or the other men of the Red Villa secretly entered Mt. Qingcheng and were caught by the Qingcheng sect this could put great pressure on Pyo-wol.

For that reason only the final destination of the Thunder Clan was confirmed and was reported to Pyo-wol.

Steward Go also reported in writing.

[But there was something strange.]

“What is it?”

[The warriors of the High Sky sect and Jinseong sect were with them.]

“You mean they went with the Thunder Clan?”

[That’s right.]

Pyo-wol clasped his chin with his right hand and tapped his chin with his finger. After realizing that Pyo-wol’s behavior was a habit that comes out when he was in deep thought Steward Go quietly went outside.

‘The Thunder Clan has a grudge against the Qingcheng sect. I was the one who killed Nam Hosan the successor of the Thunder Clan but what they know is that he was killed by the Qingcheng sect.’

It was what Pyo-wol intended.

To make them think that way he deliberately killed Nam Hosan by using one of the Qingcheng sect’s techniques.

‘Moreover Tae Yeonho the sect leader also died at the hands of Mu Jeong-jin so their resentment against them is overflowing. The problem is their abilities.’

Because he killed Nam Hosan himself he knew the power of Thunder Clan better than anyone else. They were never strong enough to take revenge on the Qingcheng sect.

If they had that kind of potential the members would not have been so scattered after their sect leader’s death.

‘What if they’re not scattered? If they really were inorganized they wouldn’t have been able to get together again would they?’

Thoughts followed one after the other.

‘No matter how good the warriors of the High Sky sect and Jinseong sect are they are only subsidiary sects. I don’t trust them to get things done. They must have another person helping them. Someone who the Thunder Clan can truly trust and depend on. A place where they would not hesitate to ask for help… It’s the Xiaoleiyin Temple.’

Pyo-wol came to a conclusion at once.

The sects in Jianghu were reluctant to fight against the Qingcheng sect one of the prestigious sects in Jianghu. Even if the Qingcheng sect is going through a period of decline because of Mu Jeong-jin it is still a prestigious sect that has continued for hundreds of years.

It was burdensome to fight against such a prestigious sect because even if they won there would be no point. There is not much to gain by getting the backlash and opposition of the people of Sichuan.

If so Jianghu’s sects had to be excluded from the list of suspects.

Pyo-wol recalled the record of the Chengdu’s Directory of Martial Artist.

In the Chengdu’s Directory of Martial Artist it was written that the origin of the Thunder Clan was the Xiaoleiyin Temple.

It has been a long time since the Thunder Clan became independent and established itself in Chengdu but the fact that their root lies in the Xiaoleiyin Temple did not change.

Just as a child beaten by a friend of the same age seeks its parents it was clear that the warriors of the Thunder Clan who lost their sect leader must have asked for revenge for their behalf from the Xiaoleiyin Temple.

‘Without the support of the Xiaoleiyin Temple they would not have dared to dream of revenge against the Qingcheng sect.’

Supporting the Thunder Clan was not a bad thing for the Xiaoleiyin Temple.

It could be said that it was actually a good opportunity for the Xiaoleiyin Temple because they can now try to expand their influence in Chengdu and Sichuan through the Thunder Clan.

The question was how much support the Xiaoleiyin Temple gave to the Thunder Clan.

‘They wouldn’t have sent a large army. They have to be wary of the eyes of the other clans.’

The Xiaoleiyin Temple is a force outside of Saibei.2

No matter how strong the enmity and fight between two sects when an outside force intervenes in their fight they would unite and fight back against the third party.

Jianghu’s two major wars proved that fact.

It was clear that the Xiaoleiyin Temple was also aware of that fact.

Then they had only one choice left.

‘A small number of elites that can support the Thunder Clan.’

Still a question remains.

Even if a small number of elites were dispatched if traces of the Xiaoleiyin Temple remained then they would have no choice but to incur the wrath of the other powerful sects.

If the other sects were to intervene it was bound to become difficult for the Xiaoleiyin Temple as well. In particular their ambitions to expand their influence especially in Sichuan Province would be severely affected.

The Xiaoleiyin temple is surely aware of that fact.

Then they had only one choice left.

‘They have someone who they don’t mind being caught or someone who will never be caught.’

The scope gradually becomes narrower.

Pyo-wol did not stop thinking.

‘It is not easy to change the situation with a small number of people. So the person they dispatched must possess an overwhelming force or he has other abilities.’

Pyo-wol thought it would be the latter.

Even if the person possessed an overwhelming force if he performed the Xiaoleiyin Temple’s martial arts a trace would inevitably be left behind.

The possibility of dispatching a small number of elites is fading.

Pyo-wol paid special attention to the fact that the warriors of the High Sky sect and Jinseong sect accompanied the Thunder Clan.

The two sects had no significant contact with the Thunder Clan. Nevertheless there was a high probability that the two sects moved together because they had a certain kind of agreement with each other or that there was a huge benefit involved.

However no matter how much Pyo-wol thought about it he found no benefit for the High Sky sect or the Jinseong sect. It was difficult to say that the two sects were bound by a strong bond.

‘How did they move the two sects? Concession or intimidation?’

Pyo-wol frowned.

Neither of these premises really convinced him.

After settling down in Chengdu Pyo-wol collected rough information about the powerful sects through Steward Go which includes the Xiaoleiyin Temple.

Among the contents of the Xiaoleiyin Temple reported by Steward Go there was a particularly memorable passage.

—In Jianghu there’s a person who is good at various magic tricks that have been dead for a long time.

‘Magic? What if there is a certain magic that can control the mind?’

Every assumption he’s ever had started to make sense.

Finally the scattered beads of truth were pierced with a single thread and completed.

Editor’s Notes

Hope you enjoyed the chapter~

Transcendent Cultivation Technique. Raws: 초연심공(超然心功)

超jump over leap over surpass

然 yes certainly

心 heart mind

功 achievement merit

Saibei. Raws: Saeoe 새외를 塞北 or 塞外

Saibei in ancient times refers to the north of the Great Wall. Today it refers to the northwestern part of today’s Shanxi most of Inner Mongolia Gansu Ningxia Shaanxi and the area north of the Great Wall outside Hebei.

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